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I've done a bit of work on a new shuttle after my previous build:


This is the Zeta-class shuttle Infernum. So, the Zeta-class already exists so I guess this is a small error when classifying shuttles.

This shuttle appeared on wiki somewhere and I thought it looks nice. In fact, it looks like a modified Sentinel. So I thought: a new shuttle? Again? So similar? But that would imply all TIEs look alike and there is no shortage of those...


Apparently this shuttle only appears in the comics


The outside is pretty much the same as the previous build, but a lot smaller. Here one main difficulty was doing the cockpit window in transparent red with so few good parts available.

Getting the front and side windows aligned was a bit tricky. You can also see a colourful display of the aft wings. I want the smallest slope possible, here 18 degrees (so, 72) in the cheese grate parts; I needed at least five steps for continuous alignment and these bricks are also upside down.


The main structure is a bit different with the linking bars integrated into the walls, rather than at the sides. The main girder in the center consists of thin linkers.

These linkers support no weight when the model is carried; they only support the roof. Getting the (12!) troopers inside without bumping their heads was a puzzle.


The corner was the most difficult piece; not a lot of room. Rather than curved bricks I selected round parts to ' suggest'  a rounded corner.

I really enjoy getting the smallest parts aligned. Having a lot of bricks to play with would be nice, but I have none lying around so it's all Studio work.


So, the official Lego shuttles like Tydirium have rather boring wings, even the UCS set is mainly linkers. So I wanted to cram in as many small details as possible.

I use the thin and thick ringed clips for flush and raised panel detail, respectively, plus a few dishes on red bricks to represent the.. shields? repulsors pads? comms device?

Anyway. I also 'stole'  the idea of a few plates wrapping the entire wing that so many people use on their TIE wings to great effect.

Getting them to align properly is a major pain, but I managed using some robot arms similar to the UCS TIE; the round plates with handles really help me out, giving some vertical freedom (the clips grab the handles at different heights).

No idea if this wing will be a viable build but so far so good.

To be continued.



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Looking great! I would suggest the cockpit still needs a bit of reworking though.

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The canopy is more is less done with some extending required; the cockpit itself is a " pilot here"  sketch atm. Trying to get the main wings done but that cheese grating order makes them... tricky...

UCS scale? :look: I really wanted to go small with this one...

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I am not digging the design of the craft in... expanded universe I guess, but I really dig some bits of your building. The top wing in particular as it packs nice details while still looking very sound in structure. Not sure about the side wings as they line up so far - looks like a lot of 1 stud connections to get these grill slopes attached. The corners made of inverted rounds are interesting, but I think very inappropriate for this purpose. There is a difference between approximating the shape and making the shape look like it is a part of a solid hull surface. here I would absolutely prefer having something believable against some geometrical marvel :D It is very cool looking assembly though, I can imagine using it as a design feature on some more freelance builds.

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The corner is indeed a bit... hollow... but so far I've not been able to replace these round inverted domes (attached to part 74698 ) with something equally nice.... I'll leave it in place after the main wings are 'done' because... I'm quite happy with everything actually fitting!

The grill slopes need a 12 LDU offset per step so getting that all done is tricky because it weakens the structure. I've done some more work getting it sturdier but it's not going to be toy-proof :)  Using the new 1x1 (inverted) bracket is another method of adding 4 LDU height difference, perhaps they can help a bit. Additional linkers will go farther up the wing with either studs of pins 1/2 (or 3/4) helping to keep the parts in check against the linkers; introducing another alignment problem as well (err, challenge).

Plus, the higher the wing, the broader it gets near the hull; the main fuselage will be partially covered, but I think I'll have to drop the wing tips a bit.... I tried getting the same mechanical arm below the barrels but that may add even more wing length... more puzzling required.

I also found out a collision detection error in studio with the 1x2 grille plates; there's a small slat in the bottom attached to the center grill that is intersecting the 1x1 clip (ring) that Studio doesn't mind, so half of them have to go. Would be nice if that slat isn't there but the only part that does that is a normal 1x2 tile.

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