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I thought I should start a thead that will hopefully be pinned indexing as many as the unsusual but useful building tequniques using technic, and sometimes system with technic.
These can be useful for example.  when either there is no such part to do the job on its own, or if there are space limitations.

Here are some of my ideas (more to come) and feel free to add your own!:

1. Meshing a single bevel gear with a regular gear gear:


Useul when a doube bevel gear would be too wide but needs to be driven  by a normal gear or even a normal gear with a clutch (shown above)

This was also useful when the new 20 tooth double bevel idler gear did not exist yet. This should also be possible with other sizes of gears other than the ones shown.

2. 1L or 0.5 L offset to a 3L differential or turntable:


This is useful for drivetrains where you might want your wheel axle lower or higher than the driveshaft, eg F1, off roaders.

3: Advanced connectors


You can make advanced structures by utilizing the fact that connectors such as the orange one above double as axle joiners and you can also put something in the gap and it will be quite strong.Useful for gearbox housings, etc

4: Half bushing with pinhole:


You can use a minifig utensil ring to act like a 0.5L 1x1 beam, i.e a half bushing with pin hole. Useful for all sorts of things.

5: Offset liftarms, steering arms, etc,


This technique utilises the 1 brick high bar with a ball joint on the end, this can also be used with pistons or by putting the bar inside the hole of a pin.

More to come soon

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Here's another one:

This could be used as a trailer hitch because it has two nubs that have slight give in them, so something should be able to snap in between them such as an axle or a 1L bush. So for models such as the lego technic 42078 mack anthem.


Edited by SNIPE

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I found a way to use the Porsche and Bugatti hubs/wheels with each other:

Here is how to use the Porche wheels with the Bugatti disk brakes:


As you can see, I just used x3 lego technic handle pieces on x3 black 3L pins ( I forgot good those pins looked in black :wub: )

And presto, the pins shapped in exactually in the wheels pin holes, not sticking out or in at all like previous solutions.

More photos here

Here is how to use the bugatti wheels with the normal 3 pin hubs:


More photos here

Here is a slight alternative if you want a fatter looking disk brake/drum:


Regards, Snipe

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