Alright, I hope I'm doing this right.   My tree is a bit overhanging, I hope that's ok, I read that a little bit wasn't a big problem, I don't know if this is.   Wilfred Sigurds, Tree, right by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr     Wilfred Sigurd, Lord of Oxenfurt and father of 1 son(Robert Sigurd, my sigfig), wants to lay claim on the throne of Avalonia!   This tree, planted by Wilfred and his wife, is the only thing that keeps Wilfreds mind peaceful. 
Wilfred´s wife died, years ago, when Robert was only a child.   Wilfred was once like Robert, let the sword talk, politics are for boys and war is for men.   Wilfred was always away from home. Conquering land in name of Avalonia. His way of fighting was frightening for most of his opponents. When Wilfred came home one day, on his horse, pride as he was, he saw many of his citizens and batallions were sick. He rode to his stronghold, and ran, he ran as fast as he could to the dining-room, his wife, his little boy, they weren’t there. He ran on the great stairs to the bedroom. There she was, laying sick on their bed. Surrounded by maids and a medicine man. Wilfred walked up to their bed, he kneeled and took his wifes hand. He couldn’t believe his eyes.    She asked him, with her last breath :  “ Please my dear husband, lay down the sword, find your peace here on our land and take care of our son.”   Wilfred answered with trembling lips and tears in his eyes : “My dear, dear wife, if that is what you wish, consider it done. I will lay down my sword and I will find a peaceful life. I love you so much.”   Wilfred had never shown so much emotions.   His wife smiled and looked him in the eyes, she said to him : “It’s ok my dear husband, I love you too, and take care of our first planted tree.” She closed her eyes and the once so warm hands started to get cold.   She was gone.   Wilfred kept his word. He walked up to the little tree, took his sword and shield and layed them in front of it.  The days, months, and years after this unknown desease he started to learn politics, he learned it can be useful in some cases. He did this as tribute to his wife. His beloved wife, who always told him that war isn’t always the right answer.   Now, years later he still goes to that tree, as it keeps his mind calm and clear. His sword and shield still stands on the same spot where he put them that day.   Loved by his men, by his inhabitans, he made Oxenfurt a sparkling place.   Wilfred Sigurds tree, left by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr     Thanks :) Contest thread