My entry into category B of Challenge 2.   Our group of adventurers set out into the jungle, not following the beaten path. This was not because they chose to do so, rather, none of them had brought a map and they had been walking for days in any direction. Just as the party morale had reached its lowest yet, they stumbled across what seemed to be a shrine to 'the god of water', something the native at the mill had mentioned.  "Hold on, didn't that native at the water mill talk about the god of the sea?" asked Lady Enia. Looking down upon the god's gaze was a desecrated Bluecoat.  "I hate bluecoats, but that's just too far" added Angus Spud. It appeared the body had been dead for some time, the skin had turned into a bluish grey. "No mere man could have done this" said Joshua, sickened by the sight of the poor man's entrails. "There is a note", stated Jacques le Méchant, "It is in Oleonese. 'I have been separated from my company, running from that thing. I was fleeing with Gustave when that beast lept from nowhere and tore him to shreds. I fear I will share the same fate. I'm not sure if it's exhaustion or hunger, but I can hear it in the bushes, waiting to pounce on me. Perhaps I shouldn't have became a soldier, I would be at home with - ' and that is where the note ends" While the others had been mourning the loss of this stranger, Angus Spud had climbed atop the statue, carrying a hammer. "Take this!" The noise seemed to unsettle distant birds. The idol's legs began to crumble until - SMASH Everything became quiet, Joshua felt a chill run down his spine, followed by a heavy feeling of fear down to his stomach. They were no longer alone. Rev. Wesley MacJohn stated he wished to bury the body, the others would follow a trail of blood leading into the dense vegetation of the jungle. Angus Spud remained upon the statue for a few minutes, demanding offerings from the group before agreeing to come down and follow the rest on their journey into the dangerous unknown.   More pictures: