Captain Brickdottir didn't follow the path's crafted by the other expeditions into the wilderness. Instead she decided to lead her platoon a few days down the beach, before turning into the wilderness. they had been going three weeks now. The mood of the platoon was good, the temperature was pleasant and there was enough food to find. The trekking also didn't seem very hard, yes the plants created severe obstacles but nothing a quick slash of a sabre could fix. Or otherwise the monstrous blade of the Lieutenant would get trough it. But mostly they just bend the branches away or go around. As to leave as little of a track as possible, no need to draw unwanted attention on themself. They still hadn't found any sign of any monster or something else, no sign of victims either.  Hidden in the jungle growth, so that hey would probably had passed it where they just a few meters off to the side, they found a pagan temple. EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 1 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 2 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 3 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 4 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 5 by Bart, on Flickr After making a round around it to check it out, Captain Brickdottir went up the stairs to check out the inside. There where several statues, symboling different aspects of live, or gods she wasn't sure. In the center there was a big piece of purple glass, or at least the lieutenant said it was glass, his father was a glazer. The whole temple breathed some sort of calmed. One of her soldiers with a native heritage carefully asked the captain if they had to report this to the Order now, remembering the blazing speech they had in the town.
the Captain thought about it for a moment, no we don't, we didn't see this and even if we did we can't locate it. Another of her soldiers asked if there was Gold there, there where rumours there was gold on the Île d'Or and if there was any for sure it would be in a temple. They only saw rock, finely crafted rock of different colours, but it all appeared to be just rock. EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 6 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 7 by Bart, on Flickr This is my category B entry for the second Challenge.