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Hey Guys,

Here's my latest GBC module D.R.O.P (dark red olive pusher).  It's not the most exciting module, nor did I do the original engineering of the mechanics.  I did however choose the colours and changed up the original design so that this is a bit more sleek looking.

untitled_01.jpg untitled_02.jpg

It's kind of slow, and somewhat unexciting, but I did manage to hook it up to a shared power system (later in the video) which runs 3 modules off 1 M motor with a simple axle chain using universal joints.  Its reliable up to around 22 balls, any more and the arm may not be able to get underneath the balls to sweep them out.  Having said that it *should* be able to clear the 1BPS rate of the GBC standard.


I'm planning on running this at BrickCan next week and if the module does seem a bit slow I will regear it from 8-40 to 24-40 at the lift-arm.

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