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[MOC] The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx

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Hello, everyone!

After 2 long years of testing the pieces in the LDD and in the ABS, slow international deliveries, lack of opportunity of building due to my intense work routine and creative gaps, I finally have the pleasure to share my last creation with you: The 4 faces of Giza.

I am very passionate for ancient civilizations and since I was a Kid I have always wanted to build something that could refer to the ancient Egypt and nothing more appealing to reproduce than the The Great Pyramid at Giza and its iconic Sphinx. This is not new in the Lego world. There are works with similar techniques on layouts full of scenes and miniatures. As the focus has always been the works and not the surroundings, the final visual impact is very beautiful to my eyes and I am pleased with the outcome. This project supposed to be exhibited at the LUG Brasil Expo in 2016, but due to the reasons mentioned above it will only be possible to show this year. I guarantee that seeing it live is even prettier than the pictures.

The name MOC is due to 4 different moments in the history: a more remote, at the time of the sphinx inauguration in the presence of the Pharaoh, a past one when the Middle East commercial routes passed through the ancient Egypt, a scenarium which represents the current touristic flow in the surroundings of the pyramid and a fictional future which addresses the theory that this mysterious construction was and will be again, a mean of communication between the human race and the stars beings.

Enjoy the pictures! :)

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 1 by Adolfo, no Flickr

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 2 by Adolfo, no Flickr

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 3 by Adolfo, no Flickr

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 4 by Adolfo, no Flickr

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 5 by Adolfo, no Flickr

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 6 by Adolfo, no Flickr

The Great Pyramid at Giza and Sphinx 7 by Adolfo, no Flickr



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Fantastic MOC my fellow Egyptology Enthusiast, but,This is not the great Pyramid of Cheops, but Cheops' successor's, Chefren (Khafre), and the Sphinx is a part of Chefren's Burial Complex, not Cheops'. Also, and this is just my Nitpicking, the Moc is still great, but the scene of Sphinx inauguration, the Pyramid should still have it's white outer shell, and a golden tip, since it was just Built, and the Caravan scene should depict the Pyramid and the sphinx nearly completely buried in sand. Also Also, the IRL Sphinx of Giza has a votive granite stele placed there by Thotmes IV, which is absent from your depiction of the Monument. Also also also, I Think you should also make the scene depicting Napoleon Bonaparte's famous speech to his soldiers in front of the Pyramid, just before battle during his 1799 campaign, ratther than the magical sky people scene. But, these are just suggestions, Historical Innacuracies or not, I still like it. Oh, Also also also also, the latest two scenes should feature the Sphinx without it's nose and beard.

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Thanks for the messages and suggestions, guys! I hope keep building and improving my techniques.

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Wow it looks fantastic and the scale is impressive.

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