Update: Rendered pictures In response to the Crown's call for new cruiser squadrons to protect Corlander trade in Terra Nova, the Lavendwood family of Wentham has commissioned a brig-rigged sloop-of-war. HMS Wentham is armed with 18 guns: broadsides of 8 4 pounders and 2 "long-nine" stern chasers, to be handled by her well drilled crew and officers. This combined with her speed makes her suitable for both patrol and escort missions. The ship is ready to be licenced by the Crown @Bregir, my recommended stats are: R5, M5, G4, C4, $0, H3. I expect to recieve my 50DB compensation, as well as @Ayrlego's 200DB! Comments and critisism is much appreciated as this is my first time using the hinge technique for the hull. I have scoured various BoBS threads for guidence but can always use more! The design is inspired by HMS Speedy.   Original pictures: