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  1. [SR-FB] Becoming a Landlubber

    That's a really nice looking house. I particularly like the roof, it looks old and worn out, indeed! Also, your solution for the lower windows is very clever!
  2. [COR-FB] The HMS Beagle

    That's a nice little ship! As always the rigging is excellent, though I wonder if it isn't a little small for two masts? Maybe it's just my tendensy towards size deflation. I'm still impressed that you manage to connect all the masts and sprints just using ropes. I would probably have liked it better without prefabs, as the proporions between the upper and lower deck is a bit off now. Otherwise, I like the grey-green colour combination! Regarding Lavendwood I hope to launch my own class 3 naval vessel before the next MRCA, so then he would get that as his command. I'm trying to follow your lead in terms of rigging, would you recommend tying the sails to the sprints before tying the sprints to mast, or the opposite? I also plan to make a small reaction build on the defence of King's Harbour to give him more credentials.
  3. Thank you! Stay tuned and you'll find out... Thank you! You're right, it could probably be better. The problem is that I don't have that many slopes and I had to rush this build a bit. But I'll keep it in mind for the future!
  4. Thank you! I try to make the minifigs come alive in my stories, glad you liked it! Since I don't know (or care) that much about plants and animals I had to get motivated some other way! Thank you very much! I found those animal pieces while sorting through some of my bricks and got the idea. I'm happy that the dense jungle came across, no it's just 32x16 (you can see it in the spoiler), so I had to use a lot of different angles for the different shots.
  5. An absolutely stunning build! At first I thought the main building was a little disappointing with no roof and just one wall, but then I saw the interior! All the furniture looks really nice and the staircase just blew me away!
  6. You've really out-done yourself this time! I can but echo the (well earned) praise of previous comments! All those plant-pieces make it look just like a thick jungle, and all those flowery details. I'd also like that you've made the temple look much larger in the story pictures (when they're entering) that it actually is. It took me some time to realise it, good work!
  7. It's confirmed: Montoya's on Celestia! I think you hinted at it recently, but I can't remember where. Anyway, it's fun to have him back in the action! You really should be happy with the build, it's really well done! So many details and colours that just make it come to life, the rocks worked out nicely, and as you say, the temple fits in naturally. I particularly like the leaves on the trees. Like all lego builders I have tons of those leaf parts, but never could figure out how to use them properly. Now I know!
  8. More gunboats! Some really excellent work! I escpecially like the artillery sloop, she's a real heavy hitter. I'm also taking notes on the rigging, you always do it so well!
  9. Excellent rock work! I will use this as inspiration for improving my own
  10. Settlement, Jameston, Celestia, Corrington

    Licenced as a small recidence
  11. Thank you! Hope you have enjoyed the following entries! Thank you very much! I'm glad that you think it works! Thanks! Yes, I was think about what colours had already been used and thought it would work. I will licence it as a recidence, yes. Thank you! I try do make my minifigs look as alive as possible, and I think I've gotten the hang of it!
  12. After travelling North-East for about two weeks and no signs of any native settlements, they ran into a great ridge. Both Edward and Samuel quickly decided that it would be too difficult to climb, instead they tried to go straight North in hope the hope of going around it. That hope seemed misplaced. Rathar than slowly falling and making and eventually become traversable, the ridge continued has tall as ever, it even seemed a bit taller after a few day's. Edward was could not understand it, "The temple is supposed to be due East, but this ridge is impossible to cross." After about a week they were ready to give up and return to Jameston, when they saw a gap ahead. It was a gorge, seemingly leading straight through the ridge. "This must be it!", Edward exclaimed, "This must be the way to the temple!" "There is only one way to find out", said Samuel, "Mr Higgs, send one of your men to take the lead!" The bottom of the gorge was covered by thick undergrowth so it was hard buissness to get through. After a few hours they finally spotted the end. Outside they found a small vallley, surrounded by low hills to the North and South, offshoots from the ridge. In the centre of the valley stood som crumbling stones, the ruins of an old temple. "I guess the stories were true, this surely must be a thousand years old!" said Samuel "There's almost nothing left!" Mr Higgs lead his men around the temple to secure a perimeter, in case there were any hostile native nearby, while Samuel and Edward walked in to what was left of the temple. They both stopped simultaneously. In the centre of the the ruined walls there stood a lone, huge red flower. "That's the largest orchid I've ever seen!" whispered Samuel, "It must be the rumored Superb Orchid" Both stood stunned, and knew neither what to do nor say. Suddenly, they were awakened by a yell from Mr Higgs: "Somebody's coming!" OOC: I had forgotten about the clarification that it didn't have to be a single build, had I done so it would probably have been two: one for the gorge and one for the temple (come to think of it, the gorge could perhaps have been a geography for Cat B?). Unfortunatly, I don't have time to re-do it, so it'll have to do. Also, I don't know anything about flowers, I googled "orchid" and did my best, @Roadmonkeytj won't be surprised! Can they grow in single flowers? Is a big orchid really nothing special? Do they even what look like that? Is red a colour? What am I doing here? In retrospect, I notice that the temple (or ruins, rather) is barely visible. But I promise it is there, it looked bigger in reality. I just went for the idea of it being completely destroyed. I will be away for a few days so I won't respond to comments until I'm back. The conclusion of the story will not be part of the challenge (hopefully they'll actually meet some natives after all their travelling), so I'll finish when I have the time. An overview of the build, for those interested:
  13. Since nobody actually knew where the natives of Celestia lived the mission had to head into the jungle. Edward had heard that there was a settlement near the old temple (if it existed), so he lead them in the direction the rumors pointed. At night fall they made camp and the crew and sailors started talking about what kinds of animals they were likely to encounter. "There must be some pretty fantastic creatures around, why else would all those explorers be here?", said one. "I have been in port on Cascadia and over there it's crawling with tigers and jaguars and other dangerous predators", a sailor added. "The Paradise Isles are so similar that Celestia's bound to have some too." At this talk of feline predators, Edward started telling the story of a great tiger spirit, haunting the jungles of the island. "Apparently, it used to be worshipped by the natives a long time ago. But they became pround and arrogant and stopped the sacrifaces." "So one full moon (just like this one) the Spirit took revenge and destroyed their city. All ran to the temple for protection, and pleaded to him too spare their them. But the temple was where they had once worshipped him and then rejected him. Nobody, who entered the temple left alive and the entire city disappeared from the face of the Earth. Except for the Spirit's temple, which stands for all enternity as a reminder of what happends to those who disrespect him." It was all silent around the camp fire. Some glanced uncomfortably at the full moon above them. Suddenly, the silence was broken by Tom laughing. "That was really a great story Edward, but nothing more. If you old women are just gonna sit here afraid of the moon, I'll go and take a piss." He left the camp and went into the jungle, chuckling. When he had just finished and turned to go back to camp, he heard something from the underbrush. As he nervously looked around, suddenly he saw a feline tail. Letting out a heartpiercing scream he high tailed it back to the camp rambling about spirits and predators. Mr Barlow and Mr Higgs followed his trails to see what Tom had seen. At first they found nothing, but then they heard a mewing and a small white cat came up to them. "A terrifying spirit, indeed", Samuel said, as the cat licked his hand. "To the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy During my mission to establish relations with the natives on Celestia I have heard rumors that large feline predators stalk the island, in much the same way as on Cascadia. As I've understood that many adventurers and government officals want accurate news regarding this issue I thought it prudent to give any help that I can. I have travelled exstensivly through Celestia's jungle and can confirm that there are feline creatures, but that they are of a small and peaceful kind that pose no threat to any travellers. They are white of colour and their size and fur is like that of a normal house cat. I hope that the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy can now quickly spread the information that no adventurers, or inhabitants of Jameston for that matter, need worry themselves about feline predators. Yours respectfully, Samuel Barlow" OOC: It's a bit funny that just after writing in the main thread about not having any ideas for categories B and C I went to bed, and as soon as I woke up I now had ideas for both. So, well, here is the first! An overview of the set if anybody is interested.