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  1. @Ayrlego It's looking good so far! Interesting choice to build below the sea line. I usually build a cross structure that is connected to the hull at the sides, but not at the bow and stern. The hinges are then moved as close as possible. The drawback is that it often leads to small gaps between the keel and hull, particularly at the bow.
  2. WTC Monthly, Issue 1

    Excellent write up! I've also had ideas about starting a news paper in the future. We'll see if it happens now, I have to figure out a competing perspective first
  3. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    A gun sloop has been launched for the defence of the Colonies Gun sloop No 1
  4. Gunboats for the Colonies

    Another ship is ready for the defence of Her Maesty's colonies - Gun sloop No. 1
  5. As one of his first assignments on arriving at King's Harbour, Lawliet Lavendwood has been responsible for overseeing the launch of a gun sloop as part of the Crown's increased efforts to defend her colonies. After a few weeks the work is finally done. Gun sloop No 1 Gun sloop The gun sloop is armed with a 24-pound gun at the bow that is enough to pierce through even lower rating ships-of-the-line, and a 100-pound mortar at the aft for additional firepower. Bow gun crew Aft mortar and crew Commanded by a Royal Navy boatswain and an experienced crew manning the guns and oars, giving her excellent mobility in all weathers, she is more than capable of defending Corlander harbours. Rowing crew Gun sloop from behind So I also decided to participate in the gunboat project. I really must say, it's an excellent initiative @Bregir! The idea of gunboats had never occured to me but my imagination went off immediately when you released it. I havn't solved the rendering issue yet (although I'm not sure it would have mattered in this instance), so you don't have to yell at me again, I'm aware. The only thing I'm not that happy with is how to integrate the keel with the rest of the bow, suggestions are appreciated! If you don't have any criticism or ideas for improvement, Bregir, she's ready to be licenced by the Crown! My recommended stats are: R: 1 M: 6 G: 3 C: 2 $: 0 H: 0
  6. [COR] WTC Brown Bear & WTC Grey Wolf

    A definite impovement over the previous gun boat! I think you really got the shape right! And it's always nice to have enough parts for two ships! I had thought about commenting on that one too, but never got around to it. For both versions I particularily like the technique to make the oars longer. My only criticism would be the "gap" created by the stern hinges. I know it's unavoidable to some extent, but I personally think there is a point where it starts to look odd. A solution could be to not use hinges and instead just have the sides right next to the stern, but then you need some support underneath. Also, to participate in the Gunboats for the Colonies project they have to sold to the Crown (unless I have misunderstood things). Obviously you don't have to participate to build gunboats if you don't want to, just thought I should point it out.
  7. The Riverside Palace in Londa, Mardier

    Absolutely stunning! The more I look at it the more impressed I become, noticing all your clever design choices!
  8. [OCT] Charcuterie at Octoberfest

    The corners I borrowed from existing Weelond build, but like the Romans I guess my greatest quality is to recognise good ideas and learning how to do it. I try to give the minifigs life in my builds, and think I've been successful so far. Thank you!
  9. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Wentham - Class 5

    Fine! I'll really get on with it since you guys can't seem to shut up about it! Edited! Maybe... I don't think so, but tell me what you think! HMS Wentham above by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr No, I don't think smaller ships really had that elaborate headrails, at least not figureheads. Though, the real reason I didn't add any is that I don't know how to do it I'm not sure if they aren't too broad, particularly the foresail and topsail I know, right? I have been struggling with it a lot, before I came up with this. The only draback is that they can't be moved sideways I must admit that I ripped off that design from somebody else Thank you! Though, to be honest, I have built other ships before this, which may or may not end up in BoBS in the future. Thanks again! If it's something in particular you would like to know just ask! I'll do my best to give interesting answers If that ever happens, I'll get back to you! Thank you very much!
  10. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Wentham - Class 5

    Thank you! Yeah, I'm a sucker for that British blue and yellow combination! Ok, thanks! I'll look into it Well, we're not the ones who decided to hand out money willy nilly!
  11. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    @Bregir It can wait, I don't need it at the moment
  12. [COR - Cruisers of Terra Nova] HMS Wentham - Class 5

    Thank you very much! It's not the will that's lacking, more the funds. My brick supply is somewhat limited. Thank you! I hope it will serve with distiction! Well, each to his own I guess. I think the brick sails work pretty well in LDD, at least it's better than no sails, in my opinion. Though real sails would be preferable! Thank you! I was initially a bit worried about the size, but I think worked out well. Rendering programs sounds good, I didn't know they existed. Will look into that! Oh, that's a lot of pressure! But thanks! Thank you! Yes, I started a few weeks back with the base of the hull, but then got into some troubble and took a paus. Then, yesterday I looked into it and got on a roll so I finished in 12 hours straight Looking forward to see your ship! Thank you very much!
  13. Hugo read through the letter again as he walked down to the "Carter Shipbuilding's" office. It didn't improve this time either. Walking to the Carter's Shipbuilding by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr "Dear Hugo, I read about Your misfortune in the Kingsport Advertiser. Though I naturally find to be a regretable situation, I can help but think that this is exactly what I warned You about all along! Trading and commerce is uncertain buisness, meant for indivduals of rash dispositions, who are quick in temper. It is not suitable for those of us of Noble lineage to engagein such tedious and strenuous occupations. Our call should that which require either temper and responsible consideration, or daring and fortitude. I know You must be facing difficult circumstances given that You invested everything in this venture. If monetary issues are holding You back, I am willing to pay off any amout of debt or future responisibilities, so that You can return home to our Family. You would be welcomed by all of Us as if nothing has happened, and You can continue Your proper career in law. Please, I beg You togive up this absurd farce! Make me proud! As always, I remain Your Father, Lord Wentham" As always, father was stuck in outdated sentiments and couldn't accept him for who is. That status and propriety are still worth more to him than his own son! Father was right about something, though, Hugo was in finacial trouble! Talking with Mr Carter by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr When he entered the office he saw Steven Carter, owner of "Carter Shipbuilding", sitting on a stool behind a tall desk. "Oh, Hugo!", he said as he stood up to talk with him, "I'm so sorry about the Western Wind! You really chose the wrong month to start in the trading buisness." "Thank you! It has been difficult to bear", Hugo answered. "But you are not alone in your troubles, this month was a disaster! It's all anybody can talk about! And to think we even lost Captain Branson, unbelievable... he really was one of our finest!" "That's why I'm here. If I recall correctly your were building another ship of same the design parallell to the Western Wind?" "Yes, her sister! That's quite right! We just finished her up a few days ago, actually. I suppose you're interested in buying her?" "You know me well! The problem is, though, that I can't pay for her at the moment. I had really counted on the last shipment. But the sea will be much calmer this month, and the Royal Navy are dealing with the pirates in Bastion, so this run should really pay off. And with that profit I can pay you! "Hm, a credit?" "Yes! You know you can trust my word. Otherwise I would have to return to home, but I will never give up! Please, just give me this chance?" "Fine! This time, because of this unthinkable month, to not let Captain Branson have died in vain. And because I would hate your father to win." "Thank you! You are a true friend!" With a much lighter heart, Hugo went back to his office to write a reply to father that he would not like. Not one bit. Writing a reply by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr Just a small build for sistershipping, the original can be found here. I only have access to some of by bricks at the moment so the build is nothing impressive, I try to develope the story instead. It's a bit fun that Hugo is my secondary character but I seem to be spending all my time on him.
  14. Cruisers of Terra Nova

    Here is my contribution, a class 5 brig-rigged sloop-of-war!
  15. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I have built a brig for Cruisers of Terra Nova