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  1. I may have misunderstood how settlements and factions earn money, I assumed that both had to do it through in-game means and just get it out of thin air
  2. The the account of the settlement. I havn't actually looked at the accounts, just assumed that they would have some money. If they only have enough to meet expenditure then it's not practically feasable, though it would be interesting if a successful raid one turn limits the ability to maintain upkeep of forts the next, and so on until the settlement is ruined and there's not point in raiding it.
  3. I'm not sure I see the problem. Obviously, it would not be allowed to game the system. If formal rules are required you could cap the amount of money settlements can transfer, or prevent it entirely if the settlement isn't getting anything in return. Also, if the mayor were to move all the money out from the account the settlement wouldn't be able to pay for it's expenses, which are now increasing.
  4. Oh my, many interesting discussions! I think these changes are overall very good! At the moment I have two points, though: 1. The fact that royal palaces still only cost 300db undermines the intended purpose of the royal properity requirements for increasing settlement size. This should be solved either by increasing the price or excluding them from counting towards the settlement limit. 2. I think money earned in raids should come from the settlement account rather than the faction account, as that is more realistic and makes it more of a game for the mayors if they are the ones paying the costs.
  5. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - Raising troops] Vernon's Company

    Who's saying we don't do both? Maybe we have loads more troops than you blucoats expect Thank you very much! I really tried to go for an as historical look as possible. I agree that the spear isn't perfect, but I havn't found one that fits better either. Thank you! Every Corlander is proud to serve Her Majesty. Thanks very much! I didn't know that either, up untill a few days ago, so I was really lucky with that timing! Each to his own I guess! I've always prefered uniformity overvariety, but I don't know about them looking simpleminded, that's just the standard face.
  6. Flavius Gratian

    [COR aMRCA] A Diplomatic mission

    Chapter 2: Mission briefing ”Gentlemen, Corrington is falling behind,” Rear-admiral Fletcher began, somewhat abruptly. “While we have spent the last year bogged down in conflicts with pirates and our own firebrand the WTC, the other Oleon and Eslandola have been building diplomatic relations and exploring new lands. Now the foreign office has decided it is time for us to get in the game. Therefore, we will be sending a diplomatic mission to Terraversa.” The words had not entirely the intended effect. Most of the men assembled were either partly aware already or had their suspicions. “The mission will be commanded by Captain Cooke on the HMS Greyhound. On arrival, the negotiations will be led by Consul Montoya, whom we are very happy to have safely back to civilization. In his absence, preparations have been cared for by Mr Barlow.” “Indeed,” Mr Barlow responded. “The diplomatic vessels Amiable and Concord are supplied and fully crewed. I have also collected list, maps and other information that will be of use, to share with Consul Montoya.” As he finished, Captain Cooke continued: “The civilian vessels will be escorted, apart from the Greyhound, by the Diligence, commanded by newly promoted Commander Lavendwood (Congratulations!), and the Intrepid. Additionally, they will carry Major Vernon and his company of regulars. Make sure your men are prepared! We sail tomorrow with the tide.” As the men started leaving, Rear-admiral Fletcher shouted: “Captain Cooke and Consul Montoya, please stay for a private word!” Finally, they were alone, but for a younger officer who had been standing in the back by the window during the briefing. “This is Commander Sir Andrew Drake, naval intelligence,” Fletcher said. “He will travel with you on a mission of his own. Though he will be formally under your command,” he said to Cooke, “Commander Drake reports directly to me and you will assist him as far as he requires. Consul Montoya, as the ranking authority on diplomatic matters you will be kept informed of the broad lines of Commander Drake’s mission. Thus, you will have full discretion during negotiations. Needless to say, this matter is strictly confidential." _________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: This is the delayed build to start off the aMRCA. Picture of the room without figs:
  7. Flavius Gratian

    [SR-FB] Driftwood Heart

    Your welcome! For me it's actually the opposite, I find it diffucult to make a natural looking transition. For ships during this period, ca 1600-1820, masts would only have three parts. So I would suggest making all part taller, particularly the topmast which should fit both topsails and the flag. I noticed on second viewing that the masts have quite a few spars. That is closer to mid 19th century ships, which used many small sails, whereas ships in the BoBS era never had more than three large sails. That's not critique; choose whatever style you like better! Having an interior is really impressive, I never manage that on my ships. They're only meant to be viewed from the outside. I, too, rarely attach the decks accurately, but cheat a little. I know what you mean. Rigging is the worst part of LDD ship building, takes forever!
  8. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - Raising troops] Vernon's Company

    Yes, seems everybody is arming these days. Thanks, please be as inspired as you like! In game I think we have only named 3 regiments, but they're not close tt being fully raised. In lore, I expect a large Empire like Corrington to have many thousands of troops. How else would you count? That may be true, I don't think we have any lore for that I always like to imagine my troops as an impersonal wall of soldiers, so I use the standard head. Glad you appreciate it!
  9. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - Raising troops] Vernon's Company

    Thanks! I also think they're very good, bought them years ago and now I don't remember where It took way longer than it shold have to fastned that string on the drum, so I'm glad you like it! Well, I can't help but notice that Eslandola is raising at least twice the amount of troops this turn Thanks you!
  10. Flavius Gratian

    [SR-FB] Driftwood Heart

    A very nice ship! You've done a great job of evenly destributing the curvature of the ship (perhaps with exeption for the bow which is a bait too acute), and the slope hull technique is working out fine for you! Adding to that you have added a good amount of details and decoration, particularly on the sterncastle! I agree with Bart that the bow is a bit too long in proportion to the ship. In part in think that this due to the ship itself being a bit short for a two-decked vessel. Captain Dee is right that the mast are too short. The main mast should be just a bit taller than the length of the ship, and the other just about the length. It's a common problem that I've seen most people doing. Masts on sailing ships seem ridiculously tall, but one must remember that the sails had to pick up enough wind to push the entire ship, and that requires a lot of power. I also think you should move away from using the prefab rigging, they are limiting by being so short.
  11. Flavius Gratian

    Introducing BoBS Cards!

    Wow! Glad his hard work is paying off!
  12. In these increasingly uncertain times in the Brick Seas it's better to be safe than sorry. The Crown's forces defending the colonies have now been reinforced by the 41st Regiment of Foot. Only just arrived on Cocovia, the 2nd Battalion have already recieved orders. The 1st Company, commanded by Major Arthur Vernon, known as "Vernon's Company" are to embark on a Royal Navy squadron in King's Harbour. Though he is happy to be part of some action, Major Vernon is slightly annoyed that he has been informed of neither the purpose nor destination of this mission. Here Vernon's Company are seen marching to King's Harbour from their camp in the countryside: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just a small build to raise a company in King's Harbour.
  13. Flavius Gratian

    MRCA Deadline January 8

    Thanks! Will do!
  14. Flavius Gratian

    MRCA Deadline January 8

    I would like to ask for an extention for starting the aMRCA "A Diplomatic Mission". I am waiting for some parts that never seem to arrive. The previously mentioned 12th January would probably work.
  15. Flavius Gratian

    [COR-FB] Departing Jameston

    A very nice dock scene! I particularly like the warehouse door, it's always fun to see everybody's different custom ones! A comment on presentation: keeping the blue plate on both sides of the dock makes it seem as if it is right in the water. You have even built some waves on the side.