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  1. [COR FB] Nobody to be found in Jameston

    Thank you very much! Please, help yourself! It's not like I came up with everything to begin with. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with the curtains myself, and flag was necessary as the wall just looked empty and dull otherwise. Thank you very much!
  2. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    My adventures on Celestia continues:
  3. When Lawliet was given command of the HMS Intrepid, he been ordered to pick up more crew, and in particular a boatswain. Arriving safely in the port after an uneventful journey, he sent his men to start looking fo the man in question, Mr Higgs. This seemingly simple task proved diffucult, however. He was nowhere to be found, and the general confousion caused by the recent race into Celestia's jungles did not help. After about a week searching they heard that Mr Higgs had apperantly been ordered to escort a diplomat in search of the local natives. To find more information, therefore, Lawliet and his midshipman Tom Swift went to the temporary diplomatic office. "Yes, it's true that a Mr Higgs and a few drydocked sailors were sent with Mr Barlow into the interior", the clerk explained. "Unfortunately, I cannot help you further, since Mr Barlow has now been missing for over two months." "You don't know anything else? Where they were headed? Maybe the governor has recieved some diplomatic correspondance?" Lawliet asked. "Sadly, as far as I know, Governor Allcock is himself still missing in the jungle. This search buisness has really turned the entire town upside down. However, you might actually be what we need, Lieutenant. Mr Barlow's long disappearance has started to worry us, and we have been thinking of organising a rescue mission. We havn't been able to find many men willing to do the job, but since you're now here with a crew and marines I think you could do it. Since Mr Higgs will most likely be with Mr Barlow you would thus also achieve your own goal." Lawliet thought about it for a minute and then said: "Well, considering nobody else is capable of doing anything else around here, I suppose that would be necessary. I will have to consult with my officers, but I expect we will leave in about a week's time." And with that, another expedition was to be sent into the jungles of Celestia. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's an overview of the build: And a closer look at the furniture: I don't build that many interiors, so it was fun to try out a few pieces of furniture. And to do the inside of a building that I've already built.
  4. [META] Trade Route Visaulization

    I've never doubted that a tremendous amount of work and care has gone into the game design, I just noticed an aspect that I think might be improved. However, I'd be interested to know what game balancing purpose the large ocean zones serve, and what the negatives of dividing them would be, because I can't think of them myself? I'm not sure I understand what you mean. That's true, but I think my main point still stands. It is, in my opinion, too easy to travel from the old world to the new without making port to resupply along the way. I wholeheartedly agree! @Mesabi has done a fantastic work! I really appreciate these meta analyses!
  5. [META] Trade Route Visaulization

    I actually think this points out a weakness in the zone design. Right now zones 13-15 each cover an equal distance of 3-5 zones in the colonised world, which seems unrealistic. Lore-wise the entire reason we can now travel across the sea is because Terraversa can be used as a staging point, but that is undermined by the fact that in-game it's quite easy to travel right across the ocean with even a small ship. I think those zone should be at least cut in two, preferably three, to more accuratley reflect this. I understand why it is the way it is, many zones that are never used may seem redundant, but isn't that exactly the point? That they are never used; you can't sail straight out into the sea. Could leadership possibly look into this, @Bregir for example?
  6. [COR] HMS Windblown - Class 2

    Yes, I've had a quick look, it's very impressive! I don't think I have the dedication to spend that much time, so I'll probably stick to basics .
  7. [COR] HMS Windblown - Class 2

    I should hope they're appreciated! I managed to drop my phone onto the ship while taking them, breaking the mast and everything Thankfully only two small string actually broke! Yes, I folded the edges and stiched the topsail to avoid them tearing apart. Ideally I'd have done the same to all the sails, but I didn't think about it until they were already cut out so they wouldn't have fitted. Also, it's harder with non rectagular shapes.
  8. [COR] Museum Of Natural Sciences, Jameston

    That's a very nice microbuild! I've no more praise that hasn't been said already! Those plants inside the museum look huge though
  9. [COR] HMS Windblown - Class 2

    Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the name and I'm quite happy with the naval jack as well! I've always prefered the British blue squadron colours so I wanted to bring it to Corrington. Thanks! Glad you like it! Thank you! I wanted to add some detail to my otherwise sleek ship! Thank you! I'm also happy with the flag, glad it's appreciated! Thank you! What aspects would be a more advanced rigging? I agree with both of you, but couldn't figure out a good solution. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you very much! I wanted get some adornments in there as I usually don't have any. It's always fun to add some life to the build, glad it worked! I'm also happy with the divided mast. I feel particularly proud of using the grid for the platform (do they have a name, by the way?), though somebody else may have done it before. The sails and flags are just cut out of cloth, it's quit easy although they sometimes fall apart at the edges. The main jack consists of two pieces that I've just sewn together, one blue and the other white. Then I just painted the white one using textile pens, though it's not very good when you look closly because the paint keeps spreading where you don't want it. Both flags and sails are fastned using string: Hope they're usefull, I had some problems getting the camera to focus! I agree with most of it. She's straight because I find it hard to make ships more curve more when they're this small. I also used the base from the Western Wind so I didn't think about it that much. I hadn't realised about the topsail, I'll see if I change it, but will at least keep it in mind for the future. I had wanted to mount them as you suggest and looked at some of the pictures you've posted but I didn't have enough parts to make it work. I'll have to invest in some! Thanks again! I'll have to think about whether I'll keep it or give it to the Navy. I've become a bit attached now that I've worked on it!
  10. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I've posted a new ship for HM Navy: HMS Windblown
  11. The Royal Navy continues its ship expansion in light of continuing pirate raids on merchant shipping. The latest vessel out from the shipyards, HMS Windblown, is a small cutter built for speed, armed with six 4-pounders, and served by a well drilled crew. She's thus perfectly suited for hunting down small pirates or smugglers, going on patrol missions, or carrying dispatches. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: I was inspired by the Sloops for the Royal Navy project but I wanted to build a smaller vessel so I don't think it quilifies. I'll probably licence it myself. This is my first time doing a complete rigging. I now understand why some of you consider such a hassle, but I thought it was fun and I'm happy with the result! C&C is appreciated!
  12. By the Gods! 'Tis truly a great and fearsome beast! Excellent work Drunknok! With her(?) accompanying our navies the seas wil be ours! As to hull sections, I would say this is equivalent to 8 hull sections, but leadership can overrule me
  13. [COR-FB1] Embarking on towards Adventure.

    A very promising start! Secret plans, mysterious payments, I definitely look forward to seeing where your story will go! The build is also very nice, you have done a good job adding details to what could be a fairly standard build. I particularly like the roof with its different sections, despite the small scale of the house. Welcome to BoBS and to Corrington!
  14. I never doubted that, and I probably came off as more concerned than I really was. It's hard to communicate through text. I just think the kind of people who join Corrington are the kind of people who care about rules and regulations, even if they are silly and unimportant Thanks for changing the regulation!
  15. As my closing statement I'll just say that I had not seen the need for any regulation to this extent before. I thought our standards for epauletts were enough, but very necessary to display rank uniformally. I wish @Bregir would have consulted with the rest of Corrington's members before announcing it, as you did with the epauletts. Even though I'm free to ignore the regulation, it's still there in game, so on some level I have to accept that my sigfig is knowingly disobeying them, which feels out of character. I think the colour combination looks very strange, and don't think faction colours should be viewed as having to apply everywhere and all time. For example, Corrington's most prominent inspiration, Great Britain, had navy blue uniforms for their naval officers, even though they are and were primarily identified with the colour red. @blackdeathgr You don't even have a standard uniform! How could I possibly have gotten the idea from Oleon? No sir, this was an entirely original Corlander innovation based on our science and sense of order. I may even go so far as to suggest that if anybody has stolen the idea of white breeches it's Oleon's military.