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    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    An excellent build! Despite its simplicity (or because of) it looks quite beautiful! I'm gonna let you in on a little trick: re-build it between every photo. I see you have roof parts on both sides; remove them from one side and build a complete roof on the other, then take picture of only the completed side. If you then want a picture from the other side just reverse it.
  2. I think it's a very nice ship! We need more merchants, so on you for building some! The hull technique I particularly like! I think you could have been a bit more varied in your colour scheme, it seems you're always using the same colours. This is not a naval vessel so there is no need for uniformity.
  3. Flavius Gratian

    [COR FB] Temple battle

    Sorry for late responses, but I've been away on vacation! Thank you! No, unfortunately not Thanks! As long as it's visible I'm happy. Glad you like the mood! Thank you! I agree, but people keep calling off all the wars Thanks! This is a bit of a redemtion for me, as my temple for Cha 1 Cat C was disappointing. So I'm happy you like! Thank you very much! It was hard to pose them but I also think it worked. I was a bit afraid about the photos first, but for me, too, they look much clearer on the computer screen. Thank you! Since that was the point I'm very happy it got through!
  4. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - FB] Port Raleigh Harbour

    Thank you very much! Glad my intentions got through! Thank you very much
  5. Fantastic little lighthouse! I like how you managed to make a rounded shape! I thought about it when buildning my own, but couldn't come up with a good solution, guess i should have asked you. The details on the top part as well as the light are also nice! and the little pier and cliffs are well done. The flag looks a bit oversized, though :) I look forward to seeing more real brick builds!
  6. I forgot to comment when you posted this, so now's the time I guess. This was a very nice conclusion to your story, it definitely fulfilled expectations! The rock work is very nice, same for the trees. I particularly like the daemon design, it really looks like a terrifying ghost. My only criticism whould be the camera work. In your previous builds you managed to capture the story clearly in just one image using angles and such to convey the actions. This time I think it is a bit dull, since it's just from the side. The size of the build also makes it a bit harder to see what's going on. I would suggest using more than one picture. Otherwise, as I said, great story and I look forward to your future adventures!
  7. Flavius Gratian

    Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    The final part of my Celestia story is out: Temple battle
  8. Flavius Gratian

    Settlement, Jameston, Celestia, Corrington

    In the jungles of Celestia a great threat to Jameston is gathering. The final build in my Celestia story is done: Temple battle
  9. Flavius Gratian

    [COR FB] Temple battle

    The information gained when interrogating the captured natives was very disturbing. Apparently, their chief intended to unite the tribes of Celestia in an vicious assult on Jameston to drive all new settlers from the island. It would all begin with a sacrifice of the captured expedition both to gain favour with their feline gods and to send a message that the colonists were weak. Thankfully, Ohtli had managed to learn the path to the ruined temple where the sacrifice would take place. Lawliet had ordered a forced march through the jungle and they arrived just in time at sunset. As they gathered below the ridge on top of which the temple was located they could here the noise from the gathered natives. "I don't like the tactical situation", Lawliet said. "The only path up is the stairs, and it will put us at a significant disadvantage." "It's perilous, indeed, sir", agreed Sergeant Ferris. "We must hope that Mr Swift's scouting mission will bring some success." While they waited they could hear the shouts from the temple, particularly the native chief who made some sort of speach. Ohtli tried to understand as much as he could. At that moment Tom Swift returned out of the jungle with his two scouts. "Good news, sir!" he said after a quick salute. "Further down the ridge lowers and gets flatter. It's possible go around and then return to the temple from a better direction." "Well done, Tom! How far down is it?" "Probably a half hour, and then you have to go back through the jungle at the top of the ridge." Lawliet looked troubled. "That's too long. We can't leave Barlow and his men alone for so long; they could be sacrificed by the time we return." After a moment of thought he decided. "Sergeant Ferris, take your marines and a few of our gunmen and move around the way Tom described! When you're in position we'll start the attack. Be quick! We might have to start without you." "Yes, sir!" Ferris said and moved out with his men. They waited in silence, the only sounds coming from the temple. It was a good thing that the chief had to shout to be heard, as Ohtli continued to listen intently. Suddenly, something changed among the native. The atmosphere turn tense and expectant. Another voice took over the shouting. "It's the priest", Ohtli wispered. "It sounds like some sort of ritual." Then the terrified screams of a Corlander reach their ears. "It's begun!" Ohtli cried. "They're starting the sacrifices. "It's time!" Lawliet shouted back to the men. "Don't we need the element of surprise?" Tom asked in a lowered voice. "No, we must draw their attention. Charge! Come on men! For the Queen! They pushed up the stairs and despite their noise they managed to achieve some bit of surprise. As they had feared, the height difference of the ridge and the bottleneck caused by the stairs quickly negated the surprise effect and training of the Corlander seamen. The battle turned to a stalemate. Just when it seemed hopeless and the men started to tire, a flash of fire and smoke erupted from the natives flank. Ferris's marines had arrived. This turned the tide of battle. The sudden loss of so many of their comrades with the chock of enemy reinforcements caused the natives to break. Ferris and his men pushed from the flank while the Lawliet and Tom charged up the stairs. Lawliet stormed into the ruined temple where he was immediately met by the chief himself and the native high priest. Lawliet fired his gun at the priest, which hit him right in the chest, and then went for the chief. Their duel was short. Seeing all his men falling around him, the chief realised the battle was lost and surrendered. As a gesture of his defeat he offered Lawliet his sword. The chief's surrender ended the battle. He and the remaining natives were taken prisoners and moved out from the temple. While the bodies of the fallen were taken care of, the prisoners meant for sacrifice were released. The first to approach Lawliet was a man in his thirties with noticeably finer clothes than the others, although they had been worn out by his recent experiences. Recalling the famous words uttered by Don Isaac Montoya, Lawliet smiled and said: "Mr Barlow, I presume?" "You would be correct, Lieutenant...?" "Lavendwood, Lawliet Lavendwood. I trust we didn't arrive too late?" "Not at all, Lieutenant! I must say I owe you my gratitude!" After Mr Barlow walked away to rest, Lawliet finally met his boatswain. "Higgs, reporting for duty, sir!" "Indeed, you and your men have been assigned to my command on the HMS Intrepid. I'm glad to finally meet you! This whole endeavour has been for your sake. I'll be expecting your report when we're back in Jameston, but for now I think you've deserved some rest. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is the conclusion of my Celestia storyline. Although it has been fun and I've built at least few things I like, I'm glad it's over so I can move on to other things. It was a real challange to do this build, as so many things were going on, and to be honest the build is too small for the amount of minifgs I used. But it was really fun to do a battle sequence, which as far as I know are a bit rare here in BoBS. I wanted it to be a night scene but my camera isn't the best so I fear the quality in some of the pictures might have suffered, tell me if something is particularly bad! Comments and criticism is always welcome! Pictures in daylight:
  10. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - FB] Port Raleigh Harbour

    Thank you! I usually do write in the story between the pictures, but for this build I really didn't have one. I just posed the minifigs in a way that seemed natural and implied action to me. Though I may insert some comments if I come up with anything. I'll do more builds in Port Raleigh in the future.
  11. A fantastic build! I think you've done a really good job of including a lot of detail to a quite small build! From the uneven ground, the vegetation, custom tree to (of course) the idol itself. And as others have said, the lighting of the gunpowder is truly terrific! You really captured the moment there! Will we get to know what happened to those who hung up the heads? or were they already gone when Padre Francois arrived? Looking forward to part 3!
  12. Flavius Gratian

    The foundry

    A great build! As said the level of detail is very impressive, especially for the ground; all those plates must have taken ages. I'm always amazed by the diffferent parts of the process in factory builds and yours is no exception! I also like the discinct differences in style between the office and the warehouse! My only criticism would be that the round 1x1s used as the stone base for the office blends in with the street, which looks a bit strange.
  13. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - FB] Port Raleigh Harbour

    Thank you! Yeah, I initially had an even more irregular design, but sadly I have very few roof pieces so it din't work out. Thank you very much! That's kind of what I went for, glad you like it!
  14. Flavius Gratian

    Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    A harbour for Port Raleigh
  15. Now that Port Raleigh had a working lighthouse to guide shipping into the settlement it needed a proper harbour to take care of the shipping once arrived. This was something that had been recognised by the previous Mayor, Lord Erie Flynn, who had ordered the construction of a few wooden docks and quays. However, again his disappearence had left the public works without funding and supervision, which had lead the wodden harbour to decay. George Sterling saw this as his next project. He hired workers and bought stone for the construction of a new permanent harbour. He even managed, after much debating, to convince the remains of the local government bureaucracy to open a harbour master's office to keep track of shipping. The new harbour immediately became the most bussy part of town. Ships docking, goods being load on- and offshore, merchants selling fish and other products from their stands, and locals just enjoying the commotion. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: This will be licenced as a medium commercial. As far as I recall this is the last build that was planned by Sca (or at least Erie Flynn) originally. We'll see what comes next, I have a few ideas. Comments and criticism are always welcome!