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  1. Flavius Gratian

    [COR-FB] Gun barge no. 1

    This ought to makes any pirates think at least twice before attacking King's Harbour! I could never have imagened such a "vessel". Despite it's simplicity you've done a good job with the details: archor, mast, gunwails etc. The figure posing is also very dynamic; it really feels like a busy gun line. Also, how many barrels can you possibly have? Class wise I think 3 is correct. I counted it as being 52 studs long, compared to my HMS intrepid and the HMS Otter which are both 46 (at least that's my estimation from the pictures). Given the lack of sails it seems reasonable.
  2. Flavius Gratian

    [W - OKT] Fest Noz

    This is a party I would not want to miss! Fantastic! The minifigs are flawlessly posed; those are some impressive dance moves! Of course the song is a true highlight!
  3. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - Medium Residence] Plantation workers' quarters

    Thank you! I would have liked to use slopes for all of it but sadly those are the only brown one I have. Thank you very much! Thank you! At least they have somewhere to sleep that's not out in the open. Haha! I'm not sure if there are any lego rocking chairs or banjos. I hadn't thought about it as a distinct Port Raleigh design, more for the sugar plantations. But who knows where the next architural craze will come from Thank you! What part of the roof do think should be improved, the tiles or the railings?
  4. Flavius Gratian

    Settlement: Port Raleigh, Annetta, Corrington

    A plantations workers' quarters have been licenced as a medium residence
  5. One of the problems that had been plaguing Port Raleigh during last few years was a severe lack of houseing. Despite the fair amount of businesses in the settlement, ranging from commercial to artisan there were very few residences. This had been inhibiting the settlement's economic growth even before George Sterling arrived. Now, with the town bustling with trade and and new arrivals thanks to the new lighthouse and harbour, the shortage was worse than ever. Whether it was due to insolvancy, government bureaucracy, lacking development planning, or all three, George wasn't sure. To this alliviate the situation somewhat, he had funded new workers' quarters for his friend Hugo Lavendwood's sugar plantations. He met with the Hugo's local representative, Rick, to inspect the new residence. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have been thinking about building a workers' barracks for months and now I finally got around to it. Despite it's relative simplicity I'm very happy how it turned out! As always, comments and criticism are welcomed!
  6. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - Ship level increase] New warehouse

    Thank you! Thanks! I've been trying to have some more variations in my builds late, instead of just plain brick, glad it worked!
  7. Hurray! It's back! I find it funny that my free class 2 brings in substatially more money than my new class 4.
  8. Business had been very good of late for the Lavendwood Commercial Trading Agricultural and Manufacturing Enterprise Limited. Hugo Lavendwood had payed off loans and credits he had been forced to use at the start of his business a year ago. It was now time to expand. To do so the company needed a new warehouse to store goods and supplies for its ships. He had come by a building colose to the Belson docks for a very reasonable prise. Currently he is inspecting the new property together with his trusted man Malcolm as the workers are already making use of the storage. OOC: Just a small build to increase my ship level +25 to 35.
  9. Flavius Gratian

    Settlement: Port Raleigh, Annetta, Corrington

    Seems I forgot to post this back when it was built so: a harbour has been licenced as a medium commerce
  10. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - FB] Nathaniel Goodwin introduction

    A very warm welcome to BoBS and Corrington! You have chosen faction well, even though Mr Goodwin may have some doubts! Your character looks to bring some promising stories. As others have said, if you need help or have any other questions, just ask!
  11. Flavius Gratian

    All-faiths chapel, University of Tiberia

    An excellent build! Despite its simplicity (or because of) it looks quite beautiful! I'm gonna let you in on a little trick: re-build it between every photo. I see you have roof parts on both sides; remove them from one side and build a complete roof on the other, then take picture of only the completed side. If you then want a picture from the other side just reverse it.
  12. I think it's a very nice ship! We need more merchants, so on you for building some! The hull technique I particularly like! I think you could have been a bit more varied in your colour scheme, it seems you're always using the same colours. This is not a naval vessel so there is no need for uniformity.
  13. Flavius Gratian

    [COR FB] Temple battle

    Sorry for late responses, but I've been away on vacation! Thank you! No, unfortunately not Thanks! As long as it's visible I'm happy. Glad you like the mood! Thank you! I agree, but people keep calling off all the wars Thanks! This is a bit of a redemtion for me, as my temple for Cha 1 Cat C was disappointing. So I'm happy you like! Thank you very much! It was hard to pose them but I also think it worked. I was a bit afraid about the photos first, but for me, too, they look much clearer on the computer screen. Thank you! Since that was the point I'm very happy it got through!
  14. Flavius Gratian

    [COR - FB] Port Raleigh Harbour

    Thank you very much! Glad my intentions got through! Thank you very much
  15. Fantastic little lighthouse! I like how you managed to make a rounded shape! I thought about it when buildning my own, but couldn't come up with a good solution, guess i should have asked you. The details on the top part as well as the light are also nice! and the little pier and cliffs are well done. The flag looks a bit oversized, though :) I look forward to seeing more real brick builds!