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  1. [COR - FB] Small sugar plantation

    Thanks! To be honest I've stolen the general concept from other people around here, but I think it works Thanks! I'm not very adept at working in LDD so I havn't actively chosen a style. I just maxed all the graphic settings and assumed it would look good.
  2. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    A small sugar plantation for Port Raleigh
  3. To Hugo Lavendwood of the Lavendwood Commercial Trading Agricultural and Manufacturing Enterprise Limited, My mission has been a success. As per your instructions I have inquired as opportunity for sugar production at Port Raleigh. I am pleased to report that the fertile land along the River Queens is perfect for sugar. Using the funds you sent with me I have already bought a suitable piece of land. Further, the colony is experiencing an influx of new settlers so there has been no trouble hiring able workers. In summary the plantation is up and running and can be expected to turn profits in about a month. Your obedient servant, Richard So this is my first property, establishing the Lavendwood etc. Enterprise Limited operations in the colonies. It will be licenced as a small plantation in Port Raleigh. Sugar plantation by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr Here are some of the workers harvesting sugar canes, Workers by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr others loading barrels with sugar juice, Loading barrels by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr and some keeping the horses happy while waiting to transport the sugar to town. Transport cart by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr Finally, I added a small, improvised sugar mill inside the house as I thought it would be more efficient to produce the juice on sight, but I'm not sure how accurate that would be Small scale mill by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr
  4. @Drunknok Yes, plot size. You can find the details here:
  5. [OL - FB] The 114-gun Ship-of-the-Line 'Royal Philip'

    Wow! Just wow! Absolutetly stunning! You're definetely gonna tip the power balance in New Terra with her!
  6. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I'm working on it as we speak write
  7. Corrington: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I up-loaded my first ship yesterday but forgot to share it here, so now that's fixed
  8. Malcolm had brought good news: the ship was finished and out of drydock. Captain Branson, whom Hugo had hired to lead Lavendwood Commercial Trading Agricultural and Manufacturing Enterprise Limited's first trade run, had already prepared the cargo and was currently loading it onto the ship. He further invited Hugo to the docks to look over the final preparations for the journey. Hugo could feel the salt coming from the sea as he got closer to the Belson docks. He walked by ship after ship, all with crews buzzing around getting ready to leave for the New World. Oh! How many times had he not watched them set sail and return with cargo holds bursting with wealth? It was in those moments that he truly understood Lawliet's love for the sea, the endless opportunities it offered. And now, finally, one ship heading off past the horizon was his. Hugo recognised Captain Branson from the other end of the pier, a large, barrel chested man with a brown, closing on red, beard. He had sailed the Brick Seas for fifteen years and had only lost his cargo thrice. Hugo arrives at the dock by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr "Sir Hugo, welcome!" Branson shouted as he noticed him. "As you can see she's quite ready. She's fine ship, sir, she truly is!" "I'm glad you approve, Captain. Your expertise is highly regarded! When will you be able to set to sail?" "We're just loading the last of the cargo, so we just have to wait for the wind and tide, but that won't take long. We'll be away in three days at most!" Hugo and Captain Branson by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr "Good! Hugo answered, then he added anxiously: "And you're sure about the route, no fear of pirates?" "Ha! Pirates! I have only once been cought by those lowly scum, and look at her!" and they both turned toward the ship. The Western Wind by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr "The Western Wind is the fastest ship this side of Terraversa, and with me at the helm no ship will even get close! The route is nothing complicated, quite standard" Branson said with a smile, "but lucrative, of course!" Hugo felt relieved, Captain Branson was right. In month's time she would have made a sizable profit for the Lavendwood etc etc Enterprise Limited. His business venture was ready to start. She's larger in real life than she looked in LDD, but I still think she qualifies as a class 2. I'm trying to build my ships closer to real life scale compared to the minifigs, so even a small cutter like the Western Wind would be quite big. C&C appreciated
  9. Era II Trade MRCA

    And that is decided by the "Strength of enemy" part of the MRCA Trade form, right?
  10. [COR-Shiplimits] The future of Corrington

    Very good build! I really liked the podium and the pillars by the door! It's also nice to see Fletcher getting represented outside of sending orders and communiqués in the comments! Although I can't help but notice one of the young officers seems to have a quite severe wound to the side, hopefully he'll recover!
  11. Era II Trade MRCA

    A question about the Weather Gauge, on the "About Ships" page it says: but here it seems like maneuver only grants a bonus to one side's battle performance. Can trade ships still outrun their predators?
  12. [COR - FB] Last service on the HMS Redoubtable

    Thank you! Sadly, there's nothing more to the ship than what's in the picture! Ships of that size are still out of my league, but I see it as a development goal! The hat ridges are supposed to be gold, and I think I just painted it with a brush and some hobby paint, but that was back when I still primarily used my legos to play with. Photos should be public now, I'm still trying to figure out how everything works but I'm getting there. Thanks again! I thought something new should be added to the post, and I'm glad at least somebody enjoyed my little story!
  13. Monthly Free Build Registration Thread

    [COR - FB] Last Service on the HMS Redoubtable - Flavius Gratian - Corrington [COR - FB] The Office of Lavendwood Commersial Tradning Agricultural and Manufacturing Enterprise Limited - Flavius Gratian - Corrington
  14. Thank you very much! I plan to post the ship before the MRCA starts so it will probably be in a day or two. Thank you!
  15. Lawliet serving on the HMS Redoubtable by Daniel Åkerman, on Flickr HMS Redoubtable was leading a squadron of Corlander ship maneuverers outside of Belson. First Lieutenant Lawliet Lavendwood had been given the chance to command this exercise by Rear Admiral Hood. "Since this is your last real service in the Home Navy I thought it fitting that I'd l see you lead a squadron for the first time", said Admiral Hood. "I'd hate to let Fletcher have that pleasure. I'll never forgive him for stealing you like this!" Lawliet knew the Admiral wasn't actually angry, but appreciated the sentiment. Admiral Hood had looked after him ever since Lawliet joined the Navy 8 years ago, a close friend of the family he had almost become a second father. "You know very well that I requested the transfer myself", Lawliet replied. "Indeed, is this how you thank me? Betrayal! disloyalty! if you had been my son you'd be disenherited!" A letter from Rear Admiral Fletcher, approving Lawliet's transfer to the Royal New Terran Fleet, had arrived yesterday. Although he would miss old Hood, Lawliet knew it was finally time to come into his own and the wind in his sails was blowing East. "It's growing late", Lawliet noted, "we should return to Belson" "A wise decision, lead us home safely so you can show those colonials how true Corlanders sail!" Admiral Hood said with a grin as the squadron turned toward the setting sun.