[MOC] Space Transporter TRN-C0N

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Since first time I saw brick no. 27255 (Plate, Modified 6 x 6 Hexagonal with Pin Hole) I knew I need to build something sci-fi with it. Nexogon (part named after Nexo Knighs theme where it appears and heaxgon shape) was used here to make pilot's cockpit, massive engines and some greebling on the top of the spaceship. Read more »


TRN-C0N-Space-Transporter-02.jpg TRN-C0N-Space-Transporter-03.jpg TRN-C0N-Space-Transporter-04.jpg TRN-C0N-Space-Transporter-05.jpg TRN-C0N-Space-Transporter-06.jpg 

Bigger photos and full story here:
LEGO Gallery - [MOC] SpaceTransporter TRN-C0N

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Impressive ship! I just see this thread now and it seems I really missed something. Very cool, 70s inspired design. Very industrial and blocky, with a lot structural details - just as it should be! :classic:

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