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Hello Friends!
I study 3D modeling and can make a person head in miniature to become a LEGO minifigure. It can be 3D printed to get something like on the photo below (see 3D preview here: https://skfb.ly/6tUnN )! 



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Removed references to a service offer.

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Hello, Pix3D, and welcome to Eurobricks.

Upon joining, you agreed to our Site Guidelines, including this part about self-promotion:


Selling, self promotion and promoting: New members are not allowed to sell/trade on this site, but we do allow long term members to do so in the Buy/Sell/Trade/Finds forum; be sure to read the rules to this forum before posting there. We occasionally allow exclusions to this rule but you need to contact the staff first. We NEVER allow the personal message system to be used to spam or contact members to make sales offers. If you engage in this practice, you will be subject to an immediate ban. The only time the personal message system should be used is when both parties have previously agreed to that form of communication. We take no responsibility for any transaction that takes place as a result of contact made on this site. If you have a problem with a transaction, you should discuss it with the other party, not us. Quite simply, know who you are dealing with and act accordingly. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Please don't use Eurobricks as a billboard. You may certainly post links to your site in your signature, but don't join just to advertise your site. This includes reviews/MOCs/contests posted on off-site forums.

I highlighted in red the most relevant part.

So, take this as a warning: you can create topics to shocase your project, but not to promote or advertise your commercial activity. To this end, I removed from your post the parts asking for members to use the PM system for what looks like a commercial purpose.

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