Since 2011, our large fully automated train layout will be displayed at Lego World 2017. In several subtopics, you could have read about the building of the delta crane, the train controlled by a Mindstorms EV3 and much more. A video of our layout in 2016 has been watched almost 30.000 times.   For 2017, the train layout consists of 12 Mindstorms EV3 bricks and 1 Mindstorms NXT: 1x Train (EV3)
1x Delta Crane (EV3)
1x Wheel of Fortune (EV3)
1x Ticket Dispenser (EV3)
4x Delivery station (EV3)
1x Ticket reader (EV3)
1x Delta crane (EV3)
2x Container and Candy dispenser (EV3)
1x Air compressor (NXT)

All the EV3 bricks are controlled by a Microsoft .NET application, written in C#.

We are now in the phase of integrating the Lego builds and fine-tuning the software. Click on the picture below to surf to our Flickr page and you can watch a video on Youtube to see a full test run.     The layout will be displayed at Lego World 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands from Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 October 2017. Regards,