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2000AD Lego builds

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Hey all,

My two sons (seven and eight) are accumulating insane amounts of Lego these days and now and again they agree to share with me…  Anything I get to build is just from whatever bricks are lying around; a fun challenge but involves some compromises between what I want to do and what I’m able to achieve with what we have.  Nothing I’ve made has been perfect but we all have fun with these, which is what really counts.

Anyway, I’ve focused on builds relating to the classic UK comic 2000AD, which I’ve read since I was a kid.  Lego is a great way to introduce the characters and stories involved and to the boys and we sit and build and tell stories along the way.  I’m definitely not a hard-core builder; this is first and foremost a fun activity and some of the things I do are extremely simple and stupid (and these are often the most satisfying).

I’ll share a few things we’ve made over the past four years - starting with my take on Mick McMahon’s classic Pat Wagon design from the Judge Dredd Block Mania story…

suiIFJ2.jpg     ilc3Cod.jpg

t6X4DvB.jpg     Xh0yDZP.jpg

The original inspiration:

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One of the boys was given a Brickheadz figure for his birthday recently and it got me thinking...  I had a quick go at Mean Machine a couple of days later then turned my attention to Rogue Trooper.  Next up was Kano from the Future War classic Bad Company (Pete Milligan, Brett Ewins and Jim McCarthy).  I've also done Judge Fear and Slaine so far; I've got a few more to try and get done as and when the boys let me have the bricks I need - given an infinite supply of Lego I'd do these all day long.  Of all the 2000AD-related Lego things I've done these are definitely among the most enjoyable.  Probably my favourite 2000AD Lego thing so far...  


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