[WTC Minichallenge] Elementary, my dear Hudson...

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The mysteries connected to the Malto affair had roused many a detective in Terra Nova, and amongst those the renowned Corlander investigator, Herlock Sholmes and his assistant Dr. John Hudson. This had led to a month of investigations and they were now discussing their findings in the office in Miller Street 2b, Arlinsport

"First things first, Sholmes. The very heart of the mystery - the explosion." Dr. Hudson said. "I find myself stumped - who would do such a heinous thing?"

"Elementary, my dear Hudson. Do you remember what the informant in Fuerte Unido told us?"

"Of course - a group of merchants had met with a... contractor believed to be the saboteur... But he could not tell us of what they had spoken." Hudson exclaimed with a raised brow. "But what motive would those traders have? To stifle a competitor?"


"Ach, the WTC hardly represents a threat to the Eslandian TC's." Sholmes interjected. "Remember the Eslandian reaction: It was the perfect excuse for them to send in troops."

"Are you suggesting that Eslandola would cause such a tragedy for mere geopolitical gain?" Hudson protested.

"It was most convienient, was it not? But no, there is no evidence whatsoever for an official act of subterfuge." Sholmes said, shaking his head. "But consider the nationalist zealotry of ambitious individuals, who understood enough to know that the official response would be to march in troops."

"But they would surely have predicted that Bradley's troops would deny them access? I must confess that I am most sceptical, Herlock."

"It is the only explanation that fits the evidence, dr. Hudson, and when you have excluded the impossible, what is left, however implausible, must be the truth!" He said with great conviction. "As to Bradley's reaction, the Eslandians are a sadly pragmatical bunch, very unaccustomed to the firmness of principle typical for Corlanders. I doubt they ever anticipated the insistence of our troops."

"So Eslandians blew up the Wolf's Blood?"

"It must be so."

Hudson pondered for a moment, turning over the evidence in his head. It would seem that no other chain of event would explain the meeting between the saboteur and the Eslandian merchants. And who else had a motive for the explosion? It really was all too convenient for the Eslandians...

Looking back at Sholmes, Hudson said triumphantly: "But why should the Eslandians knock Lorenzini on the head and prevent his escape? Haha!"

"Well, to ensure his prosecution, surely." Sholmes retorted dryly, taking down Hudson's mood significantly. "However, nothing points to that - as you may remember, they aided his escape. In fact, we know very well they were not behind the assault!"


"May I remind you of our findings in Arlinsport?"


"Yeeeeeesssss?..." The doctor said, recollecting himself. "The drunken guard, you mean?"

"The drunken guard who told us of Pennington's agent indeed! Recount, please."

"I must have forgotten. An agent purportedly in Viscount Pennington's service is to have met with a mercenary." Hudson remembered. "A mercenary which was to go to Malto to thwart Consul Montoya's efforts with any means possible, I believe."


"Indeed - and what better way than to assault Lorenzini, the uniting figure of the populace? It could easily have led to unrest, and discontent with the negotiations, undermining Montoya. And further, it was likely to lead to Lorenzini being incarcerated and prosecuted by the Eslandians, another stain on Montoya's name. And all this while appointing Captain Mesabi, a known thorn in the side of the Consul, count."

Hudson frowned once more, rubbing his forehead. This was more complex than he cared for. "But what about the group of Priests and Monks we found to have been conspiring in Breshaun...It was my theory that they were hiring a saboteur?"


"Our sources could never confirm any of this, you might remember." Sholmes interjected. "But consider the escape and capture of the Lorenzini impersonator. Does it not strike you as rather remarkable how swiftly the impersonator was apprehended? There is no concievable way the Consul's letter could possibly have reached Oleander authorities in time of the capture..."

"However, as you may remember, he WAS captured!"

"So he was - it was almost as if it was planned in advance..."


"Now, Sholmes... You are certainly contradicting yourself..."

"Imagine this: The Order of the Faith, or elements within, wishes to confound and confuse Corlander and Eslandian relations. Afterall, Corrington and Eslandola at conflict, perhaps even war, might be construed as advantageous to Olean interests."  Sholmes explained. "Giving the impression of 'rescueing' Lorenzini and then having him 'disappear', while in fact abducting and torturing him for information about Corlander plans and strategies, would serve that purpose wonderfully."

"Another case of convenient coincidence, perhaps?"

"Convenient coincidence, indeed, Hudson, particularly when the Consul's letter arrived. Certainly, as it arrived they already knew that the man was not Lorenzini, having tortured him. But now they had an excuse and could publicly admit to having captured the man."

"But who was he, then?"

"We cannot know. But they claim he has admitted to be the saboteur, which is by no means implausible."


"You have got me quite confounded, Sholmes. Care to explain again?"

"Certainly. Eslandian merchants arranged the explosion on the Wolf's Blood to give Eslandian troops an excuse to enter the city. Shortly afterwards, Viscount Pennington's agent attacked Lorenzini, and appointed Mesabi Count, to sabotage Consul Montoya's efforts and sow discontent in the city. And then, the Order of the Faith lifted a man thought to be Lorenzini off the island, tortured him, and used the Consul's letter as a convenient explanation for their torture."

"And you are quite certain this is what transpired?" Hudson asked sceptically.

"Elementary, my dear Hudson. There is no other possibly explanation."

"Although unlikely..."

"When you have excluded the impossible, what ever is left, no matter how...." Sholmes said, before being interrupted by Hudson finishing the sentence in a slightly irritated tone: " matter how implausible, must be the truth... I know, I know!"


Ended up being longer than I had planned, but it was fun to build - sorry for the wall of text - C&C is, as always welcome. :)

I would like to donate the Temple build (a small cultural, Breshaun) to the Order of the Faith ( @Phred?), while the Arlinsport city gate will be licensed by Arlinsport.

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Wow! You're story is fantastic! Your builds are great as well. I can't even begin to list all the things I like about them. The Arlinsport gate is fantastic, and the Temple scene looks like a real scene I think I saw somewhere. Is it based off of something?

Thanks for your participation, and good luck in the contest!

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For all his aspersions, I take note that Mr. Sholmes doesn't even contemplate that the Crahaish neh Triuri could be involved. He does see duplicity in the actions of the Order of the Faith, though. Interesting.

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Ooh, I like it. :excited: Extraordinarily good story - my head is spinning trying to piece all that together - and a lovely collection of builds to go with it. They're all good, but the temple scene in particular is superb. And the details of the final, interior scene are fantastic, especially the curved fence piece as a firewood rack (ingenious in its simplicity), the clock (even if it's reused), and that beautiful chair. And the pipe, of course. Naturally I approve of the gold elements :grin: and I'm glad to see someone use the One Ring Many Rings in a decorative manner. But I think the white temple would look better with an all-white front, instead of the decorated gold bricks halfway up.

Oh, and Herlock Sholmes... hahaha!! :pir-laugh: He should be a recurring character!

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Awesome story and great builds Bregir! I love how the multiple parts of the story are all linked back to different parties. The builds themselves are all very good and I especially like the Oleon temple scene. I think this will be a very competitive entry!

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This is a really great entry, as many others have said the temple looks great and your story is really good. Oh and Herlock Sholmes, I love it. A very original name. ;)

Edited by Lord Buckethead

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11 hours ago, Captain Dee said:

Extraordinarily good story - my head is spinning trying to piece all that together

This! :laugh: :grin:  Very nicely done, Bregir, those builds are excellent, and the story - though somewhat mindboggling - may have managed to connect all the complicated loose ends of the affair after all :pir-grin:  Lots of great stuff here build-wise, but I think my favorite would have to be the last one - the logs and their holder, the smoke in the fireplace (that one's brilliant! :wub:), and the other furniture like the clock and chair: all fantastic details.  Looking forward to more from Herlock Sholmes too; lots of potential for awesome mystery storylines there! :grin:

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Great series of builds, Bregir!  I particularly like the Oleon scene, but the last one of Herlock and Hudson is also very nice! :thumbup:  Good work picking up the loose threads of a very complicated series of events, too!

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OMG! You sir are a plotter of the utmost degree!!! :laugh: :grin: :tongue: I can't stress enough the energy needed to link all those events along with writing a relevant story AND building those nice scenes!!! GZ!

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Excellent story ! Really in the style of real Sherlock Holmes ones !

And fun fact : Herlock Sholmes is the name Maurice Leblanc, the original french author of Arsene Lupin, used to create a Nemesis to the Gentleman Thief. Really a good character choice ! 

Great job !

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Excellent builds and a fun story (although my head is still spinning trying to keep up with Sholmes's logic). Great characters! Well done!

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Great entry, Bregir! The details of your buildings are great, and the story is wonderful! I especially like how more or less every nation is somehow implicated but only partly guilty (except the ones who blowed up the ship, obviously! :grin:).

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