Adventure MRCA form MRCA II Adventure (incl. Expeditions and Exploration) Apart from the ordinary MRCA, in which you trade, patrol the seas, or go prey on the innocent, there is an alternative, the adventure MRCA! The adventure MRCA allows you a more story driven approach, but also requires more of you in the form of builds. (You can start your first adventure with any MRCA, but once you have started the first one you can only start a new one every 3 months, but only if you do not have any running adventures for which you are lead adventurer. They will have to be ended first. You can always join others in their Adventures.) The adventure MRCA allows you to go on a personal quest, to explore the world, seek treasures, find lost civilisations, make new allies, hunt down notorious pirates, arrange expeditions to unknown lands, or whatever your heart desires! During the course of your adventure, you will be faced with a number of choices and events from the gamemasters, which will affect the outcome. Some choices will require investment of influence points or dubloons, while others will be free. Similar to the other MRCA actions, you will receive a monetary reward for your efforts, and just like the other MRCA actions, you will face risks. Just like the regular MRCA, you wil need a vessel (or troops, if it is only a land adventure. You can also combine both), and just like the regular MRCA, you will incur upkeep, and of course, you can only use your vessel(or your troops) once every MRCA (Trade or adventure, or not at all, but not for both). Also note that troops used in the MRCA must be represented in a build, just like ships. (Does not need to be the full unit.) How it works First, the organiser (lead adventurer) must create a topic for the expedition with a build to kick off the mission (all following builds related to the adventure will be posted in this thread). Second, you (as lead adventurer) set up your mission with the Adventure MRCA set up form, and sign up the vessel(s) (and troops) for the mission. (For fleets more than 5 ships, the fleet rules apply) You may also bring along money, which may help you in your endeavours. (These will be deducted from the account of the lead adventurer, who will manage the treasury and profit of the expedition.) (NB: If you are continuing an existing adventure, some of the fields need not be filled again.) Depending on the resources committed, you will face different options (and challenges), and different levels of rewards. If you send a trade ship, you will be hard-pressed if under attack, while a warship will be unable to bring back much treasure. A rowboat might get you over dangerous shoals, but a Galleon will get you far across the seas. If you do not bring along money, bribes, purchases (supplies, mercenaries, etc.) and similar will not be possible. In short, stats matter. As the MRCA is rolled, you will recieve an outcome, and typically a choice of up to 4 different options. (In certain cases, the outcome might be secret, and you will receive it in a PM with only a headline or similar.) Break off mission
If you do not wish to continue the adventure, or have reached your goal, you can break off the mission. Safe choice
The prudent choice. Unlikely to lead to catastrophic failure, but also unlikely to yield significant success later. Risky choice
Make a bold move, take a chance. As the name suggests, this will be be risky, but the possible rewards are large too. Well-planned choice
Sometimes, taking the extra effort will allow you to combine the prudence of the safe choice, with the possible rewards of the risky choice. This comes with a cost, typically represented by an outlay in PIPs, higher building effort, or similar. Before you can cash in your reward, or progress to the next turn, you must post a MRCA build in the expedition topic continuing the story of the adventure, such as the outcome of the MRCA or making one of the options. If you continue your story, gamemasters will try to play along with the story you tell with your builds. It must be clear from the build what option you select. (All participants must submit a build each turn, and may take different options, although that may lead to very different outcomes, and the expedition being broken up) All builds related to an adventure is to be posted in a topic dedicated to that adventure (the expedition topic), rather than as separate topics. This is to make it easier for the gamemasters, and to help keep the story coherent. Each (MRCA) turn, each participant must submit a build for the mission. Otherwise, the story cannot progress, and you cannot cash in your reward. Rewards will go to the organiser, who may then divy them up. (If one participant does not submit a build, his contributions will be left out) Note: If your mission is one of exploration, you will need to do at least three consecutive missions to achieve successful outcome. And in any case, your vessels will need sufficient range and time to reach new lands, if there are any in the direction you are traveling. Most of all, though. you need persistence and good fortune. ___________________________________________________ MRCA II Adventure Setup form Lead adventurer: [Enter the Eurobricks name for the lead adventurer] Example 1: "Garmadon" Example 2: "Captain Genaro" Divergence: Wide/Narrow [Decide how far from your storyline the gamemasters can go. Pick narrow if you want a more straightforward experience, where your own story will progress faster. Pick wide if you are ready for an adventure] Link to Adventure topic: [Link to relevant topic in BoBS where all builds related to the adventure is posted] Adventure Selection: [Pick whether you are starting a new adventure or continuing an existing one.] Mission name: [Enter a name for your mission] Example 1: "Altonian Envoy" Example 2: "Northern Exploration" Route: [Write a description of the route, destination, or direction of your expedition. Where will it go?] Example 1: "Sailing from Terreli to the Altonian capital" Example 2: "North from Stormhaven" Purpose: [Write a story hook for the game masters to work with] Example 1: "Going to Altonia to discuss a trade-agreement" Example 2: "Explore the waters north of Stormhaven" Vessels: Troops: Commander: [If more than 5 vessels are joining in the expedition, normal fleet rules apply and you will need a commander. Put in his name.] Adventure treasury: [The amount of dbs taken along for the expedition. Please note that these may be lost partly or completely if the expedition goes awry! ] _____________________________________________ How the court will manage it: Entries to the adventure MRCA will be available in a public link (to all court members). Each month, a team of two court members sign up (preferably in advance) to game master the adventure MRCA's. Each mission will need a set of choices (general choices, to leave creative license) along the lines detailed above. Rewards should be balanced with the normal MRCA and depend on the choices made. The risk for adventure missions should be similar to the MRCA, but if the vessel is lost, it should happen in a way that the story can progress in some way. For exploration missions, monetary rewards should be rarer, as the discovery is a reward in itself. ___________________________________________ The end Question and comments in this thread are welcome.   FAQ: Can my MRCA builds be licensed?
If the build qualifies, it can be used as any other build. (property, build, duel, etc.) Can Trade Companies or Factions go on or contribute to adventures?
Yes, but the same rules apply that a build must be submitted for the faction or TC. I'm a little short on time but would like to continue my adventure this turn, what do I do?
If you already have at least one build posted, fill out the paperwork before the deadline and mention in the MRCA deadline topic that you'll be a little late with your builds. We may refuse this extension, so if you can, ask early!