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25. Kid Cash's Caster Cube

Kid Cash has been brought out of retirement, after a successful career racing for Shell in the 80's, to compete in the Wackiest race this year.

The vehicle is of lightweight construction and has been designed to out-race rather than smash the opposition.

  • HOG steering and flight.
  • Fan propulsion.
  • Slicks for street racing as well as a separate set of all terrain tires.
  • The wheels are caster mounted for better manoeuvrability.
  • Always up driver's seat with front & rear lights.
  • Can flip the fans from back to top (flight) or front (rapid reversing) by rolling the entire vehicle.


The video below shows how the Wacky features allow it to fly over obstacles and up cliff faces. There is space in the cube for a trusty backup vehicle.

It is built from the LEGO Technic pocket money sets 42010, 42011, 42020, 42026, 42033 & 42044-47. 


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