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After all my castle builds for the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, I decided to take a little break from the theme and do a little more with some good old Pirates. The windmill was quite fun to make, especially the windows.

Pirates need food too, so when they spotted a small windmill located near the coast, a few were sent to loot it for flour. However, one of the imperial soldiers stationed in the nearby village caught sight of the thieves, and proceeded to chase them back from whence they came. Albeit, somewhat more heavily loaded with the bags of grain they had pilfered.




More pictures on Brickbuilt.
Thanks for looking, C&C welcome :classic:

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I love the trees! There aren't a lot of trees in lego, so this is fantastic! I LOVE the details to the house! Well done and keep at it :pir_laugh2:

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This looks good.

The ground is really nice and the vegetation is even better.

At first I thought that you used cheese slopes at the sides of the mill, but those are tiles.

What parts did you use for the windows of the mill?

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