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Officer: "General sir, Grand Admiral Thrawn requests your presence."

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General: "You called me Grand Admiral?"

Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Ah General, how nice of you to join me. You're familiar with the rogue Sith Kumutodo?"

General: "Of course Grand Admiral, every Imperial officer in the galaxy is keeping watch for him."

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Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Good. If I may draw your attention over to this carving..."

General: "Goodness! That looks like one of the carvings from Korriban."

Grand Admiral Thrawn: "Indeed, it is carved in the likeness of those statues. However, this was made from rock not found on Korriban nor anywhere else in the galaxy besides..."

General: "Is it from another galaxy?"

Grand Admiral Thrawn:"No General, it is from this one. This rock is found only on Utapau in the bottom of its sink holes. This tells us, General, that Kumutodo and his forces are hiding on Utapau at the bottom of a sink hole."

General: "I will send our best forces to arrest him immediately Grand Admiral."

Grand Admiral Thrawn: "No General, not yet. You see, the actual carving has significance as well."

General: "How so?"

Grand Admiral Thrawn: "The carving is of an ancient Sith. That's the key."

General: "I don't understand."

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Grand Admiral Thrawn: “If you would direct yourself over to this holocron, I will explain. You see, this holocron tells us that a tactic used by the ancient Sith was to creep through the shadows and attack their enemy’s rear flank.”

General: “I see.”

34526612163_97d9cd247f_c.jpgIMG_7890, on Flickr

Grand Admiral Thrawn: “Thus, we can expect him to act in this way.”

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Grand Admiral Thrawn: “Lord Vader shall join you in capturing this rogue Sith on Utapau.”

General: “Yes sir.”




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"I have you now Kumutodo"

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"Drop your weapon. It is of no use to resist the Empire." 



Additional pictures of my first MOC (BTW the sliding doors is sadly not my design).

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Unfortunately I was not able to take additional pictures of the second MOC before it got disassembled.


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