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Maxim I

[ESL - Chal 5D] Captain Rijsk's Unfortunate Day Part 2 - Misleaded

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After losing his big flagship, Captain Rijsk adapted to a new plan. Some small fishing vessels who were easily manouvrable.

Captain Rijsks Unfortunate Day Part Two

The Mardierians came once a day in the afternoon with a bigger vessel to exchange the Tuna for instant cash.

So after some succesfull hours catching fish, he was very happy to see the Tuna King on the horizon. He gave orders to his second vessel to put the caught tuna in the baskets of his vessel and he waited till the Tuna King arrived.

Captain Rijsks Unfortunate Day Part TwoCaptain Rijsks Unfortunate Day Part TwoCaptain Rijsks Unfortunate Day Part Two

Once the captain of the Tuna King examined the Tuna and all that delicious fish was transferred, Captain Rijsk dared to ask for his money.

Catching Tuna

"De Money? Ofcourse! My soldiers will bring de money to u! Guards!"

The excitement of Captain Rijsk quickly ebbed away when he noticed the purple uniforms of Prio Soldiers, green uniforms of Eslandola soldiers and red uniforms of the Garvey soldiers.

Catching Tuna

The well-trained guards quickly surrounded everyone, forcing them to swim back home.

Catching Tuna

It is said that Captain Rijsk, after loosing his second hand in the previous encounter, lost his second leg in this encounter. Still he was eager to buy a new vessel to keep fishing. What a hero/idiot!

The Tuna King, a captured Mardier vessel that belongs to MAESTRO and which was lent out to a Garvey Privateer, returned back to Trador to sell their wares.

The first steps of the Trador Tuna Imperium was taken :) 

Some overal pictures are forgotten, I'll take some in one hour and post it here. I already removed the waves and water as it is part of a Pirate lay-out at Brickmania Wetteren :)

Tuna KingTuna King


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Lost both hands and both legs, are we expecting to see captain Rijsk transformed in mecha-Rijsk in part 4?:laugh:

The Tuna King is a fine ship, and the Mardierian catamaran is very original.

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