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It was a short ride to the quayside from the Arlinsport Inn Captain Mesabi was staying at. He was wealthy enough to rent a horse, bot not enough for a full hansom. He soon arrived at his destination.

33215286616_91078166b2_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

A soldier stood outside his door waiting for him.

"Sorry Gov, 'fraid I can't let you in 'ere." The Soldier said, in a heavy accent.

"You won't let me in my own building?" Captain Mesabi asked incredulously.

"Oh! 'ight then. If you own the place, you can go in then. Thought you're just a layman. Without a proper dress uniform and all all." The Soldier said apologetically.

Captain Mesabi said nothing.

33128137971_2f19eda6de_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

The Soldier moved aside and Captain Mesabi entered the building. It was an old fishing hut, and still smelled faintly of fish. Captain Mesabi had recently purchased it with a full years pay. The first part of his master plan.

32413068694_fc08468d2e_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

"Ah, Captain Mesabi. We've been waiting for you. We have some questions for you." The accountant asked pleasantly.

33256585905_447966276e_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

Captain Mesabi's eye twitched.

33256584665_b210f1c983_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

"We understand you're looking to set up a Joint Stock Company. But were not sure a person of your...  prestige... is up for the task." The accountant said apologetically.

Captain Mesabi Snapped.

"Listen here you little mega block. I was killing Oleonese when you were still in the mold. I have spent the last 8 years learning secrets, getting favors, and forming a plan. I know every dirty secret in the court. And It's high time I did something real for Corrington." Captain Mesabi said, full of malice

32442036573_883d02fb1c_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

"You think everyone is born into royal blood? Or rich enough for the academy? I watched my company die in the Juniper war and all I got out of it was a meager position in the Queen's guard. And there I have sat, making sure the royals don't fight each other drunk off of rum. Well that time is over. 8 long years I have sat idle, saving for this. And no lowly Accountant is going to tell me otherwise."

"Captain!" The Guard said Sternly.

33100766272_bb8ae5d91a_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

Captain Mesabi walked to his desk, an old crate covered in papers and sat down.

"You might not believe in me, but I have 25 DB scraped together and I'm going to put it to good use. And if I can get the crown to pay more, I will. I might have been a lowly Guard Captain, but I'm going to be a Sea Captain, whether you like it or not. Now get out of my headquarters!"

32413068154_4c71ccda45_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

The pair left in a huff. Captain Mesabi took a swig from his bottle of rum. He sighed.

"If there's one thing the Oleons know, it's how to make a stiff drink." He said to himself.

33128137541_c7ff284d65_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr


Thank you for reading! This is build is going to be my headquarters for a JSC hopefully. C&C appreciated


More Pictures


33215286526_85d04e15c1_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

32442038943_ec4072b332_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr

33128135441_82c69deb5b_z.jpgHeadquarters by North White, on Flickr






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Welcome to Corrington Mesabi!

A nice little MOC, I really like how you've made it look run down, especially the roof - just like an old fishing hut would be!

The yellow works really well, but if you wanted to improve the texture, maybe try breaking up the yellow bricks with some 1x1 round plates and add some dark tan highlights. A good example of this using yellow is @Elostirion's recent A Lovers' Tale: Part Two

You mentioned in your other thread you'd like to get started in the EGS. If you'd like to license this building, and haven't already done so, I'll talk you through the steps. If you have already done this, please ignore me! :pir_laugh2:

Firstly you need to choose a location. The settlement index shows all Corrish settlements in the new world. I'd probably suggest Arlinsport as your headquarters, but any of the more well developed islands in the Sea of Thieves would probably also work (Mooreton Bay, King's Harbour or Quinnsville.)

Then you need to fill in the Property License Form. Builder name and faction are self explanatory, then as this is your first property license it is free, so you can check the second "Yes, this is my first small property that is not a residence, mine, or fort." box. Don't worry about the next field about prizes, that is for challenge prizes - N/A. Then enter the URL for this page in the Eurobricks thread link. For size your free property must be small, which this fits, so check the small box, then property type for a JSC building would be Commerce. In property type scroll right to the bottom and check 'None of the above' (this section is for discovering potential bonuses on new islands.) the on the last page enter the name of the settlement you chose to place your building. Make sure you get the spelling right! Then you can ignore the last question regarding bonuses and hit submit. It gets pretty easy once you get used to it I promise!

Lastly, as a courtesy, you should post a link to this thread in the settlement thread you choose to put your building in. It lets the administrators of that settlement know so they can update the first post and check the progress of the settlement.

Anyway hope you enjoy BoBS! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Ayrlego has already given some great advice, so I will just be commenting on the build. I really like the way you created the office roof to be a bit run down. Some great part usage on that. I also like the closeups you use to tell the story. A couple of them are a little fuzzy so you might want to keep an eye on that in the future, but the theme of each shot really comes through. Originally I was unsure of how you had done the water on the right side of the build. The gap in blue plates seemed odd, but it has been growing on me each time I look at it. It looks almost as if you can see through the clear water to the rocks on the bottom of the bay. Good usage of that base plate as well. 

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Cool to see you setting up HQ already. It looks suitably weathered  for a seaside setup and the interior is nice. And who doesn't love the PotC minifigs? Good to see you getting started in BoBS. :thumbup:

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