What to Buy Based on Availability (Buy before its gone recommendations)

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Hey Guys,

I have a list of things I want to buy over the next year (18 months) but don't want to miss out anything.

My questions is what is the best order to buy things in (essentially what do I need to buy sooner rather than later). I am also included released and unreleased sets -

I am new to this so I am playing some catch up!

Here is the list of the planned purchases -

  • Palace Cinema (Modular)
  • Brink Bank (Modular)
  • Assembly Square (Modular)
  • Detective's Office (Modular)
  • Big Ben
  • Tower Bridge
  • Friend's Catamaran (Inside joke for a friend)
  • Old Fishing Hut (Fall)
  • Birmingham Palace (Architecture)
  • Potential New Architecture Sets
  • Winter Village Addition -

What order would you buy in? I want to pick up one big (Big Ben or Tower Bridge) or 2 Modular soon and then probably the same in May and then the Winter Village in the fall and maybe one more. I don't think I will be able to get them all this year but don't want to miss out (barely got Pet Shop before it was gone).

So thoughts?

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My take is that the Palace Cinema, Tower Bridge and Detective's office are the three at risk of retiring in the next 18 months in that order.  You're good on Assembly Square, Detective's Office might be pushing it and the ones not yet released are good to go.

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If you aren't going to be able to buy them all, then it is down to personal choice. Go for ones you really want, rather than ones about to retire. Plus I'd wait for promos on the exclusive ones, rather than buying when ready to afford them.


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Quick question - What do you mean by wait for promos - Like wait for April and the VW free mini set? Or is there something else I am missing.... :)

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I think the Cinema and Tower Bridge are due for retirement. Also freshly retired sets sell on the secondary market for pretty close to retail for a little while (not as a rule, but usually). So theres not a massive hurry unless you plan to drag this list out over several years.


I'm not an expert though, I buy most of my stuff used these days.



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