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It was the talk of the town the last couple of weeks. Princess Sofiana, a niece of King Alphonso of Mardier, was about to marry with Captain Emilson. Captain Emilson was a son of a wealthy family in Mardier and owner of a private fleet. By giving the hand of Lady Sofiana, King Alphonso hoped to led Captain Emilson join his war against Eslandola. As a wedding gift, the Emilson Family received no less than 1000 doubloons from Mardier!

The wedding itself was a big succes. All noblemen from KP were invited, even the rebels.

After a long day, the newly wed couple went to their suit in the Royal Horse Inn in KP.


It was a very quiet night. A few strangers walking on the street, minding their own business or trying to arrive at home on time in order to avoid an unhappy wife.

The doors of the Royal Horse already closed.


And inside, only the barman and a musician were spotted.


A very quiet night indeed. The couple slept very well, knowing a royal Mardierian Guard was well erm guarding the balcony.


What no-one knew, was that an assassin prepared the perfect murder for weeks...

Very smoothly he managed to remove some wooden planks he made loose in the past so he had access to the room without anyone noticing him.



Once arriving at the bed, he choked the unfortunate lady. Smooth, quickly and without any sound.


A bit later, Captain Emilson woke up, discovering his wife to be dead. He yielded, drawing the attention of the Royal Guard.


As there was no way someone could have entered the room. The guard quickly determined 1 and 1 should be 2 and he arrested Captain Emilson for the murder on his wife. The fact that Captain Emilson had a reputation of liking SM, wasn't helping the poor guy...



Captain Emilson was found guilty of murder. His last words were: "it wasn't me". His brother took command over his fleet and sailed away from KP under a Pirate Flag, having sworn to avenge his brother. Mardierian traders are his favourite prey.



Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!

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A really great house, I love the dark red highlights. The guard's uniform is quite unique! I hope it works for them on the battlefield! :pir_laugh2: Great entry!

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Interesting story and nicely looking inn, Maxim. I like the way he makes his way to his victim, and both inside and out the inn is well built, particularly the furniture and the creeping vines. I am not too much of a fan of the bee-guard, but I suppose it works! :pir-tongue:

Good work!

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The exterior of this inn is excellent and the inside is also well done. The entryway to the inn is one of my favorite parts. I like the piano downstairs and the clothes in the corner are a nice touch. Though they might be over starched. :pir-laugh:


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Nice build. The white and dark red go well together and the interior is well detailed. I like the climbing plants and the arch piece makes a neat entry, albeit a bit short for the minifigs. The story is certainly unique, perhaps a bit far-fetched with the execution of "justice" but interesting all the same. But I find the Mardierian guard's attire to be more silly than anything... Good work overall.

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