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der seb

5571 Black Cat + Power Functions

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a few months ago, I fulfilled a childhood's dream and bought the awesome set 5571 - Black Cat!

I built it, looked at it and was happy. But then I got the Volvo L350F and was fascinated by the RC possibilities. I wondered if this would be possible with the Black Cat as well. I did a quick research but did not found someone who built it yet. So I definately HAD to do it :laugh:

The truck itself is very big, so there would be enough space for all components. A big hood, large free spaces in the chassis, ... But I wanted to integrate all Power Functions WITHOUT notice from outside. So there should be no modifications to the driver cabin or the Lego-built motor.

The PF-Reciever needs visual contact. I don't like that and I couldn't find a suitable space where the reciever could fit as well. Therefore I switched to SBrick, which also workes burried deep inside the truck.

All PF:
1 Servo
1 XL-Motor
1 battery box
1 SBrick
1 PF extension cable

After a lot of trial and error I finally fit all PF inside the chasis!

The servo sits directly on the steering. The full lock is a bit higher than on the original, so I had to remove the blue tiles. The XL-motor is located vertically beneath the bed. So between servo and XL there is a gap of less than 9 bricks which just enough for battery box and all cables. The SBrick sits on the battery box's top (1 plate beneath the truck's seats). It's ultra tight but works!

I also added twin wheels on both rear axles.

Have a look at the video here:

A look inside:



And the complete set on Flickr

- Sebastian

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