[BH - Cerean] Commotion on Commenor

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[Unknown Bounty Hunter] "...long story short, he had a thermal detonator in his pants the whole time..."


[Cerean] "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I didn't do it I swear..."

[Trooper] "Don't let that sick S.O.B. get away!"


[Zaz Sikari] "Please excuse me for a moment, my appointment has arrived..."


[Trooper] "Target is down! Who gave the order to fire! Troopers, secure the scene!"


[Trooper] "Who the hell did the shooting! We were 'posed to bring 'em in fr questioning. Damnit, this is going to be a mess."


[Imperial Officer] "Nice shooting, bounty hunter. Step away from the table and pay your friend's tab; he can leave. Squad! I've got an assassin. Move in to apprehend."


[Imperial Officer] "This is for Naboo, Zaz Sikari."







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Neat build man! Really liking the details on the curved wall and the shade tent is a very nice touch. All the background figures also bring out that SW feel.  

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I like it! The walls are indeed impressive. The blood stains on the wall after the shooting are a great touch! Also, the chairs with the inverted ladder pieces are genious. Gotta try to match your overall style in my next build on Commenor!

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The wall are amazing! I also like the way you've mixed and matched all the Star Wras figures. 

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Nice action shots!

The wall is very nice as well, but for me the best part is the waiter carrying the drink, very clever

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You have Passed. The comments are below:

Pass: That wall immediately reminds me of the Tatooine map from Battlefront. The impressiveness of the wall combined with a great story makes this a wonderful build!

Pass.  The street looks a little empty, but the wall looks amazing and the action / minifig posing are spot on.

Pass: it is huge and has a great setting, I am also curious of how is this wall made, and the action/story goes along with it, yet I still feel  it needs some more elements to arround.

Pass: Such a nice and different build! It's refreshing to see something so big and clean instead of all of the convoluted greebles we're used to. At first I was going to say your build is a bit bare, but that's exactly the point of it and it is exactly what makes this build unique. Also, you did a great job giving the wall just enough detail to make it interesting without doing away with its hugeness and bareness, not just with the windows and the base, but also with the used of two-high bricks. Just the fact that the piece of cloth is connected in that way to the wall seems a bit strange, since it makes the wall less untouchable, and you might have given the wall an even more monumental look by letting it cast a looming shadow over a part of the scene. But still really impressive scenery with impressive minifig action!

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