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Final photos and video can be seen below, like:




I decided to make something for TC10 competition. My plan is an underground mining loader, like the ones from CAT, etc.

- pneumatic bucket tilting
- pneumatic bucket raising/lowering
- manual steering
- 2 cylinder fake piston engine
- 4x4 drivetrain

The progress looks like this, will be finished until deadline IRL, I think:



More progress and real life pictures coming soon. Comments, questions are appreciated, as always.

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Finally, I had some time to assemble and photograph this MOC. You can see the final result in the pictures. I'm glad I could find the required room for pneumatic tubing, works better, than I expected.

- pneumatic bucket tilting
- pneumatic bucket lifting
- 4x4 drivetrain
- 2 cylinder piston engine
- HOG steering

... and some suspension (can be seen in the video), but it's not an actual function, just comes from the little felxibility of the structure, sometimes it's good, when it drives on uneven surface. I cut a simple video, you can find below the photos. I modified a bit IRL, compared to the LDD model, as always in LDD builds. The pump (compressor) is in the rear axle, so there is no unvanted torque, bending, and torsion, when you pump the pneumatic system.

Bricksafe gallery:






I really like underground mining loaders, because they look huge, even when it's a 9 stud wide model, with nearly as high, as the wheels. I was happy, when I found this
yellow bucket, which fits perfectly in size and style. Maybe many of you recognized that I tried to use as many yellow parts, as possible, to give the "all yellow" look:












Piston engine with two cylinders in the back:



Universal joint for 4x4:




Turning radius:


Bucket raised:




At the end, compared with a PP wheel and 42056 Porsche set:




It's close to minifig scale:





Comments, questions are appreciated, as always. Hope you like it.:classic:


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This is really adorable! These mini builds fascinate even more than regular ones.


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Definitely one of the better entries. It's a great acheivement how you fitted the tubing in so neatly. Yes, I really, really like this one :)

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One of the best entry ! I just love those small models - it is not a challenge to build a MOC which is huge and has a lot functions, the challenge is to build something small with functions!

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Some people asked for building instructions in Youtube, so I uploaded to dropbox:
(download: click on the "..." in the upper right corner, then "download")

It contains:
- Step-by step building instructions with LDD renders and screenshots
- Photos for tubing
- Parts list
- 4k render
- LDD file

The tubing is a bit tricky, and soft ones are highly recommended. What do you think about these types (LDD screenshots) of building instructions? I think it's a good compromise between quality and required time to make it.

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Thanks. The wheel hubs are from a 2x2 round plate, covered with a 2x2 round tile (newer one, with "O" hole in the middle, not "X" - it's important). The round plate has an axle hole, so you can put into the technic axle. Now I see, it's in only one step in the instructions., Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole&category=[Plate, Round]#T=C

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