Island Reports:

A boat carrying crates of sand, soil, and desiccated animal specimens, boxes filled with insects, rocks with odd markings, and two live lizards washed ashore on Alexport, and the news has spread swiftly through the great nations. Within this boat was the journal of famed and well-loved Garvian Author, Naturalist and Explorer, Quintos Alexander the Traveler, and in his mysterious journal were carefully written-out descriptions of some of the Islands of the Prio Seas. Unfortunately, Quintos himself was not to be found, but his belongings were left to the Coringtonian museums, and his books and journal shall usher in a great new wave of exploration.

All of these islands have some sort of advantage that is hidden from the public. The first listing is a sample island with its whole listing. When your nation claims an island through the challenge, it won’t be given a list of the advantages, and those will have to be figured out through trial and error. Some are building advantages, some are mineral deposits, others are strategic, and even more are a little more obscure or mystical than that.

Island Sample (has many of the features that you could find)
Nickname: Cobra Island
Geographical Features: Shaped like a snake, this island has a small mountain chain through the middle. It has some natural bays, but limited fresh water due to the salty content of the soil.
Rumors: It is said that there is a hostile tribe on this island. It said that it is haunted by the serpent god. It is said that it has naturally fertile soil when growing tree fruit, like apples. It is said that copper is abundant. The island is said to be infested by rabits.
Reality: +3DBs for every level of a Apple and Pear plantation. 30% chance to find copper when mining. -10% settlement value due to poisonous snakes raiding towns. +2dbs per level for every ranch rabbit property. +6 crew to defense roll per fortress because the island is very defensible due to high cliffs.

  Updated Political Map showing current claims
Island #:1
Nickname: Fever Island
Map: Geographical Features: Fever Island owes its name to the fate of the first exploration crew that landed here. Attempting to claim the rainy Island for Carno, the whole crew slowly succumbed to a virulent fever. Their now-wrecked vessel still clings to the rocky cliff face near where they dropped anchor, and their abandoned and decrepit lodgings linger, ghost like, in a clearing near the bay. Despite the fear of sickness, this island has excellent mineral rich soil, moist but well drained, perfect for growing tobacco and other cash crops, and blue gemstones (apatite) have been observed embedded in the rocks.
Rumors: It is rumored that the natives who live on this island know of a cure to its pestilence, or else are immune somehow. It is also said that the sickness is not a conventional illness, but rather a curse sent down by the wrathful gods.

Island #: 2 Claimed by the Sea-Rats
Name: Sabre Island
Nickname: The Hilt and the Blade
Map: Geographical Features: Featuring blunt cliffs on several sides, the Hilt (the eastern-most Island in this chain) features a tall, dormant volcano. The Blade (The Westernmost Island) also features a more eroded dormant volcano on the east side, but gradually slides into the waves going west. The archipelago rests in the thick of a coral reef, whose unpredictable depth has already been the grounding of more than one large vessel. The Island itself is fertile and could grow sugar cane quite well.
Rumors: A roguish band of ship scavengers has been operating out of "The Hilt", preying on the ships that wreck in the reef. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Precious little remains of those ships that did ground in the waters surrounding "The Hilt and the Blade"

Island #: 3 Claimed by Oleon
Name: Stéphanique
Nickname: The Old Man's Beard, The Woeful Miser
Map: Geographical Features: The Island's bright white beaches cut by light grey limestone rock lend the island its first nickname. A well-weathered mountain makes up the middle of the Island, on the western slopes of which tropical forests grow. The Eastern coast is quite rocky, and there exists a natural harbour. Quarries may do well here.
Rumors: The earliest report stated that this Island held a vast supply of gold. The adventurer who reported this claim retired early with great sums of wealth, but no further claims have arisen. The original claim was never substantiated, and the adventurer cannot be located for comment.

Island #: 4 Claimed by Altonia
Name: New Altonia
Map: Geographical Features: The Natives of this Island worship its many fruit bats. The cave-riddled island hosts a vast diversity of the flighty creatures. As a result, fruiting trees flourish here, and the jungle is flush with bananas and juicy tropical fruit. The natives who live deeper in the Island are very protective of their forest, but otherwise quite friendly. There are sandy beaches around most of it, but also some areas that could make a suitable bay, but no perfect port location.
Rumors: While the natives may appear friendly, it is rumoured that they take captives with whom they conduct strange blood rituals to appease their gods.

Island #: 5 Claimed by Corrington
Name: Fiorentia
Nickname: Island of Flowers
Map: Geographical Features: This Island gradually slopes out from the ocean to form a hilly ridge at its highest elevation. All along the slopes are vibrant, colorful wildflowers. The Island is sparsely populated by trees, allowing a great diversity of sun-loving underbrush flowers and grasses. Nestled between two hills is a fresh-water lake deposited there by rain. Many butterflies and insects found on this island appear nowhere else in the Prio Seas.
Rumors: There are large beetles on this island that appear to be made of solid gemstones. Whether this is true or not is dubious, but naturalists are clamoring to catalog the diversity of entomological specimens.

Island #: 6 Claimed by Namere
Name: Verona
Map: Geographical Features: The Bubbling Island rises up from the sea in a gradual dome, betraying its volcanic nature. On this island can be found Bubbling natural mineral springs well known by the natives who mix it with other minerals to make their facepaint for war and ceremonies. They perform many ceremonies with their bodies half submerged in the frothing waters.
Rumors: It is said that the springs have healing powers.

Island #: 7 Claimed by Oleon
Name: Île Sous le Vent
Nickname: The Island of Clay
Map: Geographical Features: Less humid than many islands in the seas of Prio, this Island's soil is comprised of hard clay. The surrounding sea is deep, and the beaches are sandy, with a few clay cliffs. This island lacks any tall peaks, but hosts a small forested area to the southwest. The north experiences large gusts of cooler wind. Mediterranean growing conditions exist here, and it has suitable grassland for grazing animals.
Rumors: Grapes may grow well here.

Island #:8 Claimed by Eslandola
Name: Otoño
Nickname: The Autumn Isle
Map: Geographical Features: This forested Island earned its nickname from a unique species of tree only found here that has dark red foliage year-round, resembling a deciduous tree in fall. It is an old volcano, long since dormant.
Rumors: The tree colour may indicate strange metals in the soil. It is suspected that this island may hold rare earth elements.

Island #:9
Nickname: Garden of Hades
Map: Geographical Features: The shores of this Island are crowded densely with a strange shrub-like tree, caustic to the touch, which bears poisoned fruit. The natives avoid this island. The southern coast is rocky and free of the poisonous tree. Its interior is well protected from wind and has potential for pastoral endeavors.
Rumors: This Island may also grow Pineapples well.

Island #: 10 Claimed by the Sea-Rats
Name: Tortuga
Nickname: Turtle Island, The Disappearing Island
Map: Geographical Features: Much of the coast of this Island disappears completely below the waves at high tide, and the surrounding sea is very shallow, allowing only smaller ships to near the island, with exception to a small rocky portion to the northern side. The Island interior--that which stays above water at all times--is dominated by coconut palms and other salt-tollerant species. The small island is the hatching site for innumeral sea turtles, multiple times per year.
Rumors: The natives to the Prio Seas do not live on this island. They believe it is, in fact, a massive sea turtle, and the mother of all sea turtles. Occasionally they will bring tribute and offerings to the island. These offerings disappear at high tide.

Island #: 11 Claimed by Mardier Conquered by Eslandola
Name: Isla de Medio
Nickname: Skaford Heights
Geographical Features: Mostly jungle on the inside, this larger island boasts an excellent natural bay on its south side at the Island's thinnest point. The north-east coast, however is very shallow, and rife with sandbars. The south-west coasts are rocky, but host naturally occurring groves of citrus fruit. In the center of the island towers a tall volcano that occasionally shakes the Island.
Rumors: The Natives of this Island fear the deeper waters to the south. While they are more than happy to sail their catamarans in the northern shallow water, they refuse to do so on the southern coast.

Island #: 12 Claimed by the Sea-Rats
Name: The Rock
Nickname: The Crag
Map: Geographical Features: A rocky Island jutting abruptly up out of the sea "The Crag" defiantly beetles over the waves. The water surrounding the Crag is very deep. Low tide reveals several seaside caves with tunnels that ascend and converge on a subterranean lake of fresh water. The surface of the crag is mostly grassy with some deep rooted trees.
Rumors: The Crag's lake is inhabited by strange blind fish, and the final resting place of an old Corrington naturalist turned privateer... and perhaps also, her treasure.

Island #: 13 Claimed by Eslandola
Name: La Sombra
Nickname: The Shadow
Map: Geographical Features: This Island has a natural bay ideal for a trading post. The island is well guarded by steep rocky coasts on most sides, and the water is deep.
Rumors: More than one sailor has independently reported seeing a massive black shadow in the sea circling around the island. The more suspicious of sailors suspect this is a sea monster, or sea monsters, lurking beneath the foam to swallow their ships whole, while the more academic postulate this could be a school of fish, indicating good fishing waters, or even a pod of whales, drawn to this island for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, sailors, and the natives, have avoided this island.

Island #: 14 Claimed by Corrington
Nickname: Keep-Yer-Boots-On
Map: Geographical Features: This Island is drier than nearby Cascadia, and therefor does not sustain the same moisture loving plants. Instead the island is a haven for cacti and succulents of all types. The soil is sandy and rocky throughout the island, and the tallest trees are the palms on the coast. Many fibrous grasses and spiked prickly plants do well here.
Rumors: It is rumoured that one of the succulents introduced to this island from further east bears sap ten times sweeter than sugar cane.

Island #: 15 Claimed by Corrington
Name: Cascadia
Map: Geographical Features: This large island is home to the largest mountain range in the Prio Seas, and covered in verdant, fertile jungle. There is plentiful fresh water, cascading from the mountains in beautiful waterfalls. The south side of this island is drier while on the part of the island north of the mountain it is nearly always raining.
Rumors: This island is home to large carnivorous wild cats, which are a constant threat to the natives of the Island.

Island #: 16
Nickname: Gunpower
Map: Geographical Features: An active volcanic Island, Gunpowder earned its name for its black sandy beaches. The interior of the island is dominated by the volcano, but hosts a wide variety of edible plants.
Rumors: The island is inhabited by a very warlike people, hostile to outsiders. That said, it is rumoured that there are rich veins of copper to be exploited by those brave enough to settle this land.

Island #: 17
Nickname: The Island of the Stilt People
Map: Geographical Features: A shallow sea surrounds this island, which sports a colourful coral reef, visible from the surface through the crystal clear sea. The coast is dotted with the intriguing dwellings of the natives. Dubbed "The Stilt People" for their architecture, the natives of this island live on the shallow seas in elevated houses and platforms made from the sturdy sturdy wood found inland.
Rumors: The sea surrounding the island has rich fishing potential, and may hold many other bounties the sea has to offer.

Island #: 18 Claimed by Corrington
Name: Celestia
Map: Geographical Features: Much of this beautiful island is comprised of tall, thick jungle, which becomes swampy in places. All of the trees in the heart of this island are host to at least one species of epiphytic plant, many of which are orchids. Not only is vanilla plentiful on this island, but so are many plants used medicinally by the natives.
Rumors: Somewhere in the deepest, darkest part of the jungle grows the most beautiful orchid in the world, and that the botanist capable of finding and cultivating this orchid would bring themself and their nation great glory.

Island #: 19 Claimed by Corrington
Nickname: Garma's Key
Map: Geographical Features: This low-lying island resides in a strategic point between Celestia and Cascadia, in that it overlooks the strait between them. The sea directly around the key is shallow and hosts a coral reef, but the south eastern coast is deep enough to harbour larger ships. The Key benefits from the rain that falls on its nearby islands, but does not maintain much fresh water of its own.
Rumors: It is said by the natives that the island was built by crabs, and it is true that the coastline is practically crawling with them.

Island #: 20 Claimed by Carno
Name: Gernia
Map: Geographical Features: This volcanic archipelago rests between shallow reefs to the north, extending from the larger islands nearby, and deeper waters to the south, perfect for larger ships. The Island chain derives its name from one phenomenon that occurs twice per year. In the fall and spring, the seas sparkle radiantly as migrating stingrays swim incredibly close to the southern coast. The Islands themselves enjoy plenty of rain, but offer little in the way of cropland.
Rumors: The native people are seafaring, and are said to craft the fastest boats in the Prio Seas, launching raids on the nearby tribes.

Island #: 21
Nickname: Blond Beach, Mud Beach Island
Map: Geographical Features: Just a finger's depth beneath the soil of this island is a foul-smelling yellow loam, for which it is named. The island's beaches are stained yellow as the soil is eroded into the sea. On the interior of the island, amidst great tropical trees, can be found mudpits of the self-same yellow earth, dug out by boars, or other beasts. The Island's southern side has several fresh-water lakes.
Rumors: It is said that the natives wear this mud to prevent getting bitten by the island's insects.

Island #: 22
Nickname: The Screeching Isle
Map: Geographical Features: The noise from this island can be heard for miles on the sea. The island is characterized by thick rainforest at its center, and a mostly rocky coast. The heart of the island is full of noisy life. Many species of Monkey and songbirds are unique to this island, and their mating calls, or shouts of danger, fill the air, day and night. To the East lies a fantastic natural harbour.
Rumors: The natives eat the monkeys of the island, and believe this to grant them inhuman strength.

Island #: 23 Claimed by Oleon
Name: Île d'Or
Nickname: The Crown
Map: Geographical Features: This island's coasts are white sand, and the surrounding sea is deep, but a small ridge of coral does exist to the west. The natives of this island dive for pearls in the reef ridge, where they also cast nets for fish. The Island's soil is rocky, and not great for crop growing.
Rumors: It is rumoured that there may be gold on this island. It is also suspected that the natives of this island are related to those from the glimmering archipelago.