Star Wars; first round selling off the bulk of my collection.

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NOTE FOR PEOPLE IN THE ALTANTA AREA: we can arrange for pick up/delivery in the N.E. Atlanta area - by Sugerloaf Mills, Gwinnett Place, etc.

For various reasons I have decided to sell off the bulk of my LEGO collection. I've been into LEGO, as an Adult, for about 16 or 17 years now, and I've continued buying the sets I wanted all those years despite the fact I have no place to show them off after I've built them. I had always hoped I'd eventually have room to build out city displays, Harry Potter displays, castle displays, Star Wars displays... I also bought extras a few sets because they were army builders, or I thought they'd make great presents (which some of them have). I can't bring myself to sell it all, but I'm starting with my new sets because I obviously was preferring the ones I actually opened and built.

Some of the sets have been de-boxed and stored in plastic "shoe" boxes (or larger plastic boxes). It's a vast minority, and ANYTHING unusual about the set - if it's been opened, de-boxed, or otherwise will be noted in the list.

I'm basing my asking prices on the Bricklink North American six months sale average, and then taking a percentage off that. I will try to keep shipping low, but shipping is on the buyer - I can de-box to keep shipping lower, if desired. Some of these sets are quite large and heavy, and I may need packaging. I will NOT EVER ask for more than it costs to package and ship, and I have a great deal of boxes and packaging material already that I won't charge for (IOW, I won't ask you for anything I can't show a receipt for).

The collection has grown so large that I am going to go by themes; I'm starting with Star Wars, as I'm hoping is the most desirable and the fastest way to get rid of the bulk of my collection.

Pictures available on request; I'll try to get some up anyway at some point.

Other/non-Star Wars stuff: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=139031


  • 10212 Imperial Shuttle $500
  • 10198 Tantive IV (opened to see if it was smooth-hair Leia) $250
  • 10227 B-Wing $250
  • 10186 General Grievous $180
  • 10174 AT-ST $400

Battle Packs:

  • 7667 Imperial Drop Ship (x3) $25
  • 7668 Rebel Scout Speeder $22
  • 8014 Clone Walker BP $25
  • 8015 Assassin Droid BP (x5) $7
  • 8084 Snow Trooper BP $15
  • 9489 Endor Rebel and Imperial Trooper BP $18

Advent Calendars:

  • 7958 Advent 2011 $35
  • 9509 Advent 2012 $25


  • 4504 Millennium Falcon Original Trilogy Edition $225
  • 6212 X-Wing (x2) $90
  • 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser $75
  • 7956 Ewok Attack $40
  • 8087 TIE Defender $55
  • 7672 Rogue Shadow $125
  • 8016 Hyena Droid Bomber $20
  • 8017 Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (x2) $115
  • 8038 Battle of Endor (new, de-boxed, stored in plastic box) $100
  • 8099 Midi-scale Star Destroyer $35
  • 9496 Dessert Skiff $35
  • 9516 Jabba's Palace $125


  • LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, complete with Luke w/ Medal $8.00

Magnet Sets (before glue!):

  • 852715 Darth Vader, Snow Trooper, Shadow Trooper $15.00
  • 852554 Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan $15.00
  • 852551 Anakin, Naboo Pilot, Darth Maul $17.50
  • 852555 Yoda, Mace, Dooku $15.00
  • 852845 Han, Paploo, Scout Trooper $15.00
  • 852843 C-3PO, Leia, Ackbar $14.00

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