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Just played around with some ideas for a new hexagonal part you could use for tabletop-games like "Settlers of Catan" etc.


By the way:

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--- UPDATE 01 ---


Some more experiments with my hexagonal building bricks...


As you see above you can easily extend the distance between the "bases" by inserting plates or bricks inbetween them (so you could easily place a 4x4 round plate or brick on top of them). By using bricks with side-studs (as the green one in the bottom-left corner) you could also add extra playfields you could step or build on.

The spacing betwen the hexagonal bricks would also allow to make "impassable gaps" (as you can see at the blue brick on the right side).

--- UPDATE 02 ---


Slightly updated my design by "drilling" holes in the side-studs and changing the connection on top of the brick (1 stud instead of 4, so the 2x2 round plates can rotate freely). As Eurobricks-user Philo mentioned there might be a little problem in connectiong the pieces directly, but if you build "bridges" between them, the connection should work just fine - and you can also place different bricks on the inside of the triangular spaces (in this example a 2x2 round brick with plate on top).

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Cool! Are you planning to put this on Shapeways or some other 3d-printing site? If you do, I might end up using it to finish a concept for a Rock Raiders boardgame I came up with once. Little pieces like this would be perfect for modular adventure-type boards, since they're easier to break off at the end of the gameboard you're not using and reattach at the other end than conventional LEGO board pieces.

Also, it might be useful to adapt the dimensions in such a way that a 4x4 round piece can fit on top, for maximum usability. A larger variant (with 4-studs or antistuds on each side) could also be nice.

Off-topic, but it might be better to put your project in your signature.

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Mmhhh... interesting idea, but I don't think it would work, at least not as represented. Assembling 3 bricks needs to assemble in 3 different directions, and the studs would block on the tubes.

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