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[Review]LEGO Dimensions Level Pack - Back to the Future

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Time to power up to 1.21 gigawatts, hit that 88mph mark and lets go Back to the Future! Far out man.

The official LEGO set blurb from the Shop@Home website says:

Now on to the review. The box, like all the other dimensions sets, is more of a swing tag carton kind of thing. The level packs have an extra fold of cardboard on the front that creates a tab to add a little extra front space. This advertises the fact that the Level Pack unlocks a whole new game level.


Displayed quite nicely are the character and the two vehicles, both iconic to Back to the Future.


The side graphic, the trapezoid design of the carton makes the sides pretty hard to capture well on camera, the angle causes all sorts of issues! Though the unusual shape makes it stand out on the rails in shops. Here, like all the other boxes, there is a picture of the character with some action going on.


The back of the box show cases the three in one nature of the vehicles. A little picture of each "mode" and an in-game shot of them in action. We also get the Dimensions graphic and the regular blurb and ratings information that is legally required.


Inside the box are two polybags and the most pointless instruction manual you ever did see. The booklet only shows you how to build your minifigure and then directs you on to the game. Of course, this is part of the nature, the point, of LEGO Dimensions. Building real LEGO that then plays onscreen is what sets the game apart from other toy/gaming products. This does make it a little frustrating if you see the mini set and characters as display pieces and a nice gift for a Back to the Future fan. Though it is not impossible to track down the instructions online.



We've got the many layers that makes a Marty outift and the nifty printed game tag. I love the use of the Back to the Future font for his name. This is the same figure as the one that appeared in 21103 The DeLorian Time Machine, now with the guitar, unprinted. It is listed as a new part in Bricklink, but it looks a little like a number of other guitars that have appeared in varied printed designs. A decent way for a collector to pick up a Marty figure if they missed the limited set. Though, like all Dimensions, pricey from a purely bricks point of view.

Here from the official LEGO Dimensions youtube channel: The character video for Marty.

DeLorean Time Machine


This one has a snazzy mini-kit style design with moving gull-wing doors. A very clever use of parts and great for display.

Electric Time Machine


The Electric Time Machine, it's electric! With the usual re-jigging of parts used to make the original flavour time machine, this one is a lot more sparkly with the trans-lite-blue parts. Like in a lot of LEGO games, lightning/electrical powers are needed to neutralise or power-up obstacles and puzzles in game.

Ultimate Time Machine


The Ultimate Time Machine: Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads! The flying DeLorean (and many other flying cars) are the second most desired dohicky that featured in the far off year of 2015 in Back to the Future part Two. Again, kudos to the designers for making such a tidy little model using all the parts in two other builds. A neat looking car, matching the look from the movie at this scale. It is honestly competing with the original flavour DeLorean Time Machine for the spot of display vehicle.



It is 2016, we have a hoverboard. Okay, so it is a LEGO one and it only hovers if we swoosh, but still. Hoverboard! The most desirable part being the actual hoverboard piece. The correct shape, colour and print (barring the rival toymaker's logo!) this was what was sorely missing from the original minifig scaled DeLorean set. Of course, it has a lot of extra "goings on" to fulfil the three vehicle mode requirement. They aren't too bad in this "mode" but still a little odd considering the sleek appearance of an "actual" hoverboard in the film.


Ultimate Hover Jet - Now this one is the nicer of the designs if you're planning on keeping the hoveboard with all the extras. Though it looks like this is a board tooled up for a trans-atlantic flight instead of future style skateboard shenanigans.


The Cyclone board for whirl-ey cyclone-ey powerups. This design is one of the more odd. I also feel like the clip arm should be holding something, so kept on searching in case there was something missing!

Well, again a great set for the big Back to the Future fan in your life. Everyone loves a LEGO figure of a character they like and the mini-kit style DeLorean is an excellent design with two equally great alternates to build.

A printed hoverboard is great fun for collectors and fans alike.

Game wise, it is more of the same for a LEGO Game. With the gimmicks brought in by Dimensions and the game pad.

Thanks to TLG and Eurobricks for providing me these sets to play with! Sorry it takes so long for me to play them!

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