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Kodan Black

[O - F03] A Most Marvelous Mantis Meeting

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Location: F03 Forring

Tags: Land Vehicle, Space Vehicle



As I was conversing with Professor Fizzlebottom on one of the above ground landing platforms the Farr-tes use I received quite the shock when a Mantis pilot stepped out of a spacecraft and began talking to Dr. Grenouille-Cheveux. As it turns out Octan wasn't the only corporation to have interaction with the Farr-tes. Apparently Mantis was providing fuel to the Farr-tes at barely above cost to help them with all the people they take in. Despite being such a militaristic corporation, Mantis apparently saw the benefits the Farr-tes and their more peaceful, inclusive society offered.


I was introduced to the pilot, Raylan Givens, and he seemed very nice. I asked about his spaceship since it hardly seemed standard Mantis issue. Apparently it was his personal ship and he had recently completed an engine upgrade. Where before his ship was a comfortable cruiser, he had removed the original engine and fitted it with a Mantis Class B cargo hauler engine which more than tripled the power. He said it made getting around a rather fun ordeal now. I was surprised that a logistical supply officer would personally oversee the transfer of the fuel canisters, but he said that it gave him a break from sitting behind a desk.


The Farr-tes hover truck was sleek looking and I was surprised that it looked so sporty. Professor Fizzlebottom explained that they based a lot of their vehicles around a common design and altered it based on need. This one was made narrow to allow for use underground where space was an issue and that it could either be used to carry heavier loads as it was currently, or if it was lightly loaded it could achieve high speeds as a speeder. An impressive solution to the need for different purposes in their vehicle fleet. Raylan summed it up when he said: "They are a most clever bunch, we learn from them constantly." Dr. Grenouille-Cheveux then suggested we all go have a meal together and continue to learn more about each other.

Extra Pics:





Hover truck and hover cargo mover


Raylan's Ship


Functional Landing Gear!


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I love how non-combative your builds are! Showing the good side of everyone, Mantis, and Alien, and Octan alike all in your own funny (but not ostentatious) way! It's peaceful. :grin: can't help but think your character wears rose-coloured contacts... or maybe he's just a nice guy and therefor the world around him is nice.

It's certainly a departure from Dr. Long's world of science. :tongue:

Lovely build this week! The platform is interesting to look at and the ships are quite nive. Not sure how I feel about the bright white piece on the Mantis ship, but hey, he did say it was nonstandard. :laugh:

~Insectoid Aristocrat

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