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[Challenge 4] [Cat A] Labor Camp

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Challenge 4 (No Place Like Home)

Location: C03 (Torresta)

****** Forgot to put Cat A in the topic title ******

Admitting his own guilt of his crimes against humanity at the MANTIS High Court, former Supervising Accountant Laszlowe had to stand and face his sentencing.

Agent Raven of the Kawashita delegation offered several...unique...suggestions for the sentence, but the MANTIS judge insisted that the punishment fit the crime. The nature of Laszlowe's crimes had not been to inflict death, but suffering and enslavement. Therefore, he would not be sentenced to death, but rather a lifetime of hard labor.


He was transferred to a remote outpost in the Torrestan deserts, and set to work in the Awesomnium mines with an armed guard around the clock.


26175575084_b09a03d79c_q.jpg "Hey down there, Laszy, heard some rumors you've been up to more criminal activity. They say you even sold a secret pain formula to some terrorists."

26175575294_eb008e1c1f_q.jpg "I have already been committed to my sentence, Private Rannen, and confessed all my guilt! Why do you..."

26175575084_b09a03d79c_q.jpg "Eh, as for me I figure that's just giving you way too much credit. You ain't clever enough for anything like that."

26175575294_eb008e1c1f_q.jpg "..." :angry:


While MANTIS believes in uncompromised justice, it also believes in the supremacy of mercy; as such, Laszlowe's punishment was not merciless. Upon his arrival at the mines, Laszlowe was given a small syringe with a potent toxin specially formulated to his own DNA but inert to any other being. If he tires of the work, or of Private Rannen's particular brand of humor, Laszlowe holds his own life in his hands. Such an escape--a quick death--his victims would probably be grateful for if it were offered them.


It was agreed that this sentence was fair and just, while still offering a measure of mercy, even if the guilty scum deserved none.

50% of the proceeds from the Awesomnium mined by Laszlowe will be donated to Andy's Orphans, a non-profit charity in Andromeda which assists in the rehabilitation of former slaves or the otherwise oppressed, and to defray the costs of relocation and counseling services of the same.

Laszlowe's tiny cell is sparsely furnished, with only a bed and a sink inside. The sink is supplied by an external water tank. There also is space outside to hang his tools. The guard station towers over the small prison and surrounding dunes.



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That is a neat little camp. I'm glad MANTIS is so merciful. The checkered bed is neat. Great use of the elves key.

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Looks like a well equipped watchtower with those spotlights and megaphone :thumbup: Neat little jail cell, the lances used as support posts work nicely :classic:

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