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[SoNE Freebuild] (0.1) Intro

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(This is my re-introduction into SoNE! Hope you enjoy the build. I'd like it to be judged.)

Windusky entered the meeting room, after taking a deep breath. He had just finished his training

last week, and already he had a well known officer recruiting him for his regiment.



25548099106_9ce0bae6a3_s.jpg "Reporting for duty, sir."

Officer Crux:

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "Stand at attention, rookie."

25548099106_9ce0bae6a3_s.jpg "Yes sir!"


24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "Your strategy skill is quite impressive. Your test statistics show high scores."

25548099106_9ce0bae6a3_s.jpg "I've been the best at holochess and battle-starship since i was a kid."

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "I see. Now, before i test your strategy skill for myself, i have your first mission. I need you to over see

the mining operation on Kessel. Make sure the miners are doing their jobs right."

25548099106_9ce0bae6a3_s.jpg "When should i head out?"

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "ASAP. Oh, and sergeant Thast here will be accompanying you."

Sarg. Thast:

25481515791_fc1d1c84f0_s.jpg "Your sending me with this rookie?"

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "Yes, to teach him the ropes. Now, you two get going. I want a report on the mining progress tomorrow."

25548099106_9ce0bae6a3_s.jpg-25481515791_fc1d1c84f0_s.jpg "Yes sir!"


Officer Rand:

25278612960_75087850eb_s.jpg "You seem awfully sure of Windu's skills. Are you sure of him?"

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "I am. Weren't you paying attention during his strategy challenges?"

25278612960_75087850eb_s.jpg "I was, until i fell asleep because he kept winning."

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "That's what i mean. He's good. He could even possibly take your place soon."

25278612960_75087850eb_s.jpg "All i know is that you better have a good explanation to Lord Vader if Windu fails to fill his expectations."

24947538103_78760a6e0b_s.jpg "Understood."

To be Continued...

Let me know what you think! CC is welcome, and i hope you enjoyed my re-introduction! I'll be working on the next freebuild soon! More pics of the build on my flickr page.

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Cool build! I like all the greebling on the bottom floor. The upper floor feels like it misses a back wall. I think that would finish it up more. Also adding tiles on the upper floor and on top of the side walls would make it feel more clean.

Overall a good job!

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Very nice build, very nice story! I would suggest replacing your background with some newer pieces of poster-board or two to get rid of the wrinkles. And maybe add another light or two. Overall your pictures look okay, but those things could help make it better.

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