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Review: 71203 Level Pack - Portal 2

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Hello, and, welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center Eurobricks LEGO Media and Gaming Forum. You will be reading a review of 71203 Level Pack: Portal 2.

I am authorised to inform you that there will be cake at the end. The Cake is a Lie!

First we'll take a look at the LEGO Shop blurb.


Front of the trapezoid box/carton/swing pack we have our figure and the two re-build-able vehicles. As with the other packs, it is an iconic pair. One sentry turrent and a weighted companion cube. Though, I would have loved a core of some kind.


The side on view is an action shot of Chell. The opposite side has warning information on the "tags"; avoid getting them wet, magnets etc. These were murder to photograph, the angle of the box made it next to impossible for a good shot!


The back of the box shows off the three things your "vehicles" can become alongside the warning information and age ratings. Plus the now very familiar Dimensions graphic.


Inside the box, two bags of parts and the most pointless instruction manual (MPIM) It tells you how to build Chell and then directs you to the game. The extra pages are adverts and ticksheets of what to collect, much like all the others. Of course, this is the aim of LEGO Dimensions so I can't fault it too much. Just be warned that you'll need to look online if you want to have any of the level or character packs simply for the builds.

Onwards then, to the builds themselves.

Here we have what is probably the biggest attraction for gamers and AFOLs alike; Chell herself in official LEGO Minifigure form.


Aperture vest, long fall boots, portal gun and all. She's about as talkative as the real deal too! One whole new figure, a printed tag and the lovely portal gun.

The gun is a two parter, a rubber weapon with the siren popped in. The rubber makes it a little awkward to get into a figure hand and to pose it once it is in there. Though it is a lovely crisply moulded part, well designed and printed too.


Yes, it is a render, but it shows off the part better than my camera can!

Chell is fun to play as. Bringing along the Portal Gun that can be used, of course, to create portals. In the regular game environment there are white surfaces not dissimilar to the Aperture Test Chamber walls. They are dotted around the levels or can be built from revealed LEGO parts when you smash things. As expected, they help you access areas of the game to find gold bricks and mini-kits.

Here is the official video.

Companion Cube


The Companion cube in its basic form. The cube itself is made up of printed tiles, five of them, no sixth, so you'll have to pick one more up for a more detailed version of the cube. It would have been great to have something more like the actual cube or some of the fan efforts out there, but of course the designers had to make it into two other things too. Hence all the extra goings-on underneath. Not the worst offender of the vehicles in Dimesions though.

Aren't the printed tiles great!


Laser Deflector Cube

The "Laser Deflector" mode Cube uses all the parts from the regular cube and looks a little nifty. It can't help but look a little odd, but so did the first basic mode. As can be inferred from the name, it deflects lasers. Useful to solve certain puzzles.


The Gold Heart Emitter

This is the weirdest of the builds, but there is little one can do with a cube isn't there? Again, it does what it says on the can.

The Turret

Sentry Turret

The regular turret is rather spiffy. Looking pretty much like the video game source but rendered in our favourite blocky medium. The turret provides lasers, which in LEGO games are used to damage gold obstacles in levels. Also useful when there are a lot of foes to battle.


Turret Striker

The turret provides a lot more to work with. So this variation looks much better than the companion cube remixes. More hefty and speedier than the Sentry Turret. Also, more "dakka" to play with in the game is always fun.


Flying Turret Carrier

This version of the turret is wider than the others, extra width for menacing placement of weapon's systems. It flies, this is helpful in games of course, allowing non-flying characters to fly.

The Game

It was a joy to play Portal in LEGO game form. Just too much fun for nerdy me! All the expected jokes and original voice casting. There's even a song! I don't want to spoil much more really. Just be assured: If you are a gaming fan, a Portal fan and a LEGO fan this is worth it. :grin:


So, if a visit to a LEGO version of the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Lab is exactly your cup of tea, this is excellent. If you have a Portal fan in your life, the LEGO figures and models are great novelty items in their out-of-box form (you can find instructions online, most helpfully). The game and the toy justify the price point, though it might be a little pricey if you just want the LEGO. However that is to be expected, you can't exactly compare this to regular LEGO sets. Also merchandise for games (like figures and vehicles) do have a similar price when cost of three items are added together.

Thanks to TLG for giving me the opportunity to play with and review their exciting new product. :sweet:



Set Supplied by The LEGO Group.

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This is one of the best Dimensions packs out there. I was lucky enough to get it for $19.99 on Amazon and it's fantastic. The minifigure is excellent and the mini-builds are surprisingly decent, which is more than can be said for some of the others. (I'm looking at you, Winged Monkey :hmpf_bad:) The level plays just like one of the Portal games. It's fantastic. Go buy it. :laugh:

Thanks for the review Peppermint_M!

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Certainly the most exciting level pack since it's the closest thing we'll every get to a Portal 3 most likely...

Anyways great review of a really good pack!

Edited by Forresto

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