[COR - FB] Returning to the fiancee

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After the long trip of exploration, Micah was happy to be back in Arlinsport. He promptly dressed up and made his way over to the home of his fiancee's parents. Upon his announcement, Elizabeth quickly made her way to the door. He had much to tell her.

24577420319_2f88c914a0_c.jpgSAM_6914 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr

24314454664_5e85691c6f_c.jpgSAM_6918 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr

I attempted a technique for the house siding that I hadn't done before. I am not entirely thrilled with how it turned out, but it did give a semblance of a clapboard house. Advice and critique is welcome.

Previous Builds:

Intro: Silent Wolf

FB: "Flying Colt"

Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen!

FB: Back at the Ranch...

Ch1 CatB: Where only the strange men go

MRCA Jan: Attacked by Privateers

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Personally I think the siding is really good - might could use a few tweaks but the idea is there! :thumbup:

The red roof is very striking as well, in a good way!

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I think the siding turned out pretty good, and it looks well enough like clapboard to me. I also like the roof, and the arched windows are unique, although an actual frame or lattice would look even better if you could fit one. I also think a ground-floor window or two would be nice but it might be difficult to do without completely redoing the siding.

I really like the statue; I've been wanting to make one exactly like this (with the white wig) and still haven't done it. The pool/fountain is nice too.

Elizabeth is very sharply dressed, and Micah looks polished in that uniform. I don't usually like red & blue together, but the pants actually look decent along with the red epaulettes. It's a unique look for sure. Now that he's home, perhaps we'll hear more of this story, eh?

Keep it up.

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