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[M - F02] Returning To Where We First Met

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Date: 7 Febrarali 3816

Location: Lesser Dringo (F02)

Tags: Engineering (Military Building), Spying, Land Vehicle (Hover Boat)

Mission: Locate/Jam Octan Signal, Install Listening Device

Engineers Log: We have arrived on Lesser Dringo......

"The Flying MANTIS has sighted it's target and approaches sleek and fast, lining up for the attack"


Engineers Log: We have arrived......

"Picking up speed, almost there"


24518290519_78ac0f921b_s.jpg ORB, what are you doing?

24767998162_4895eda1e4_s.jpg Well, the Flying MANTIS was just getting ready to attack this alien city...

24518290519_78ac0f921b_s.jpg That is very funny ORB, but we need to place these signal transmitter units in there so we can just sit back and listen to whoever has been broadcasting from this location. Strange, there are no readings from looking structure. I don't see that it really does anything at all, except just look like an alien city.


24767998162_4895eda1e4_s.jpg My Lady, there have been no signs of life here since you came here and rescued me from the Octan W.E.R. Lab and then it was shut down and dismantled. I have no idea who could have set the signals we intercepted.


24518290519_78ac0f921b_s.jpg Hmm, well it is strange, come on we can have some fun driving back to the landing site in the new M.A.N.T.I.S Sand Skimmer. You can fly your ship from long as you man the rudder so we stay on course.

24767998162_4895eda1e4_s.jpg Yipee......


Meanwhile, just a short distance away........


24518287359_0a4dfc8dd1_s.jpg Hey, George.....any luck getting that signal out? Robert ,make some new coffee will ya?


24257741464_f3169b60ab_s.jpg No....the signal still isn't working, Frank. It was working just a little while ago...really it was.

24859606776_63fce2d1d4_s.jpg Frank, we are almost out of coffee! What are we going to do? We aren't scheduled for supplies for another six months!

24518287359_0a4dfc8dd1_s.jpg Robert, you just need to cut back your portion....or figure out how to grow more.

24257741464_f3169b60ab_s.jpg At least we still have our coffee maker,...and the couch out of the office cubicle and the radio equipment and one chair....

24518287359_0a4dfc8dd1_s.jpg Good job being positive, George, and we have a well for fresh water and we can grow some of our food and we have this really cool old weapon from Earth. And I can be look out for that M.A.N.T.I.S woman and make sure nothing else disappears from under our watch.

24859606776_63fce2d1d4_s.jpg That Obsolete Rusting Bot was never a good worker for us.....wish we didn't get blamed for him leaving like that....still we did really see that woman in this desert.

And the final shot with all three builds.....


This was my build based off of #6266 Cannon Cove. Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome. :classic:

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I sense a Pirate theme at MANTIS this week. Well done!

Thank you Orange Leader. You are correct, it is a MANTIS/pirate theme week. This was a really fun build. :laugh:

That MANTIS boat is pretty cute! :grin: So is the OcFort! :thumbup:

Thanks Kai. :sweet: I wasn't sure what to do with the boat at first but then realized it could skim sand vs floating on water. :laugh: I always wanted to bring back Frank, George, and Robert to tell their story after ORB left Octan. Cannon Cove was perfect for their punishment remote fort.

Ha, I liked the perspective joke at the start :grin:

Three really great builds!

Thaks Big Sal. ORB has been watching too many Sci-Fi movies lately. :grin:

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