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[SR - Ch:1 Cat:A] Casualties of the storm...

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Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion

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Ooc: Build is the 16x16 canoe with Tzomo and Wooqui....other shots just for story/update....


Log Entry

Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer

At sea, 7 hours SSE of Bastion, Day 157

Sailed South Southeast for several hours testing the new sail-plan and rigging....oh, and I got a new hat!


A fresh new bicorne by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

We brought along some of our new friends to discuss some business as well...though that mostly consisted of sampling rum...


Sampling Rum by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

Suddenly, Polly let out a tremendous squawk....


Colours of Bastion (fea. Polly) by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

There was a small craft coming towards us from the horizon....


Tzomo and Wooqui make their escape by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

As they approached, we could make out a rather fearsome warrior and some sort of holy man...


The Head of Keev, kept by Wooqui for it's strong medicine by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

The warrior's name was Tzomo, and his friend was called Wooqui....they told a frantic story of escape from their island, where their entire village had been slaughtered...Wooqui carried a sack of intricate dolls that apparently represent the souls of their lost tribesmen...


Wooqui's sacred dolls by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

Along with the dolls, Wooqui carried a staff adorned with the head of the tribes' former apparently has "strong medicine," whatever that is...

They also had a box of long sharp teeth....which they claimed come from a beast called "Oonguum" that swims these very seas.....


Sacred teeth of the Oonguum by Christopher Briggs, on Flickr

We helped them aboard and listened to their fascinating tales.....and set sail for this island to see what was going on for ourselves....


Thanks for visiting!

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This is a fine little build. I like the watery base and the angle of the canoe is nice. Those natives and their various effects make for a detailed scene and the story sounds interesting. Keep it up.

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Those sure look like some frightening natives - I am not too sure I would let them board my ship! pirate_tong.gif The story is nice, and I like all the things they have stuffed into that canoe. The base works well too.

Further, I like the detail shots from your ship. Well done!

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