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Killing the Dead Contest Entries

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OK, here we go...


Do YOU have a Skeleton problem in YOUR town?


Don't know what to do?


Then Skele-Go can help you!


Each Skele-Go unit is fully portable and can be delivered to you within a matter of days from our depot.

The Skele-Go unit is a fully compact self-contained Disintegrator cabinet. Simply insert your Skeleton inside the Skele-Go cabinet and close the door!


Activate the first of the two-stage Skele-Go disintegration process...


And watch as Skele-Go makes your problem disappear!


Phase two of the Skele-Go process sees the final disintegrator beams eradicate your pest forever!


And it is all over within minutes!


Well, whaddya think?

Go HERE for the full set of pix.

Dr. S.

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Hey, second poster! Cool, I finally get something done quickly! X-D


Throughout the lands the Crown nation rules over and has fought in for the last year, one distinct question continues to surface:

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Great job to both our contestants so far! They're bother very creative! Nice intro Dr S., is that skeleton urinating on those flowers? X-O :-P And Grevious, it's nice to see a reference to your reviews. *y* Anyway, here's my contraption, or rather, method of destroying skeletons. It appears the use of heat has a popular method so far, and if that extremely hot object were to crush the skeleton, well, I'd say he'd be pretty dead. X-D

Here's an overview of the vig. Sorry for the grainy pics, camera phone. :-| :-/


That meteor took me a while to make, in fact it was the part that took the longest to make! I had to borrow all my trans-orange pieces and flame pieces from my displays for this! >:-( :-P


A little foliage, some rocks, oh, and the chained down skellie, he ain't goin' no where! >:-)


A shot of the battlements I'm standing on, summoning a meteor from the heavens with my Flailing Flame Staff. :-D


A closer shot of the vig, giving more detail. Kind of. I need a new camera...



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Ok, so the question is "How do you kill a Skellie?"

To me it's only a matter of translation:

"How do you kill a Skellie?" = "How do you get rid of a bag of bones?"

Here's the answer:


Give them to your dog!

More pics here.


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Okie here's my entry !!

I wanted to stay in the Castle theme and wanted to have a sweet dismemberment so let the horses do their job >:-)




The skellie is nicely attached and ready to end up in pieces !!


Looks like our friend here couldn't wait to get a piece of him :-D


Enjoy !!

Kill a skellie On !!


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Another great contest idea, Hincks! ;-)

Anyway, here's my entry. I call it 'Heaven, Hell and Earth'.

The skeleton's mode of death is pretty simple really: stabbed by a mythological sword weilded by an orc/troll/goblin thing. :-P But after dying, the skeleton's ghost/spirit ascends to Heaven. There, the skeleton ghost meets the one and only, the Alpha and Omega: God! But God's not happy, so he smites the skeleton. From there, the skeleton will fall deep in Lucifer's firey pits of Hell! Muhahahaha! *skull*

The tree was really for support, but I still really like it. It looks cool, and can be interpeted symbolically. How? I don't know, that's up to you! ;-)








Minifigures: God, Satan, Skeleton Spirit, Skeletons, Goblins/Trolls/Orcs :-P


Thanks guys, good luck! Oh, and here's the MOC page, as usual: ;-)

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Hey Hinckley I do not know why you need to have this contest.... Beacause the answer is simple! Feed your skelli to a shark and all you problems go away (well aslong as the shark dont up chuck 8-| 8-

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Sinner was walking home to his Paddle Steamer one night after a long night of AD&D when he was attacked by four skeletons. Was he worried? Not a chance! He simply pulled out his AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (1979), turned to page 211, and started to explain to them the way it was. But he had barely started when they screamed and threw themselves over a nearby cliff, where they shattered into a thousand pieces. "But I haven't even started telling you about what's in the Monster Manual..." sighed the disappointed walrus.




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A man can tinker for years on a fancy disintegrat'n machine, or other "high-tech" mouse trap to kill a skeleton, but the most effective way around these parts is to simply throw a rope up over a tree and hang'em. Doesn't even waste a bullet!


Oh, and BTW: for those of you look'n for some other undead to put in your disintegrat'n machines and flame throwers, don't even think about it!

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Here's my entry. What better way is there to kill a skeleton than by flinging a boulder on it? :-P


Note: catapult is based off a design by Bruce n h.

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Okay heres mine. So how do you kill a skellie? They can put themselves back together, and can't die by getting shot or stabbed. The only way is.........(cue dramatic music)........The Process Of FOSSILISATION!

Yes, fossilisation, don't fight skellies, lead them into a tar pit or sinkhole! ;-)

Slowly, over millions of years the skellies will move to the Earth's core as earthquakes send them further! >:-)


At first, they are rather comfy, and enjoy their time away from the "ugly ole' gramps" (the dark wizard)

(yes, they are eating iamded's head! X-D )


But then, after a while, it gets uncomfortable, and whats left of their blood drains back into whats left of their head, making them lose whats left of the feeling in whats left of their toes!


After that, they can barely move at all, which kind of is annoying, since the only reason they took the "ugly ole' gramp's" job of "Army of the Dead" was to get out of those stinking cheap coffins! |-/


Until finally, they are burnt at the Earth's core, becoming one with the planet they so loved and ravaged!

Of course, there are exceptions, legend has it that the rare black skellies (the one who were black on the surface, not just burnt) have an immunity to fire, and so maybe not ALL skellies can die! *skull*

Or maybe they just do!


And now, the REALLY REALLY REALLY old remaining survivor, can take solace in the fact that he won! :'-)

Ten seconds before he died of old age! Oh, and Batbrick is there for some reason to! *wacko*


Brickshelf gallery:

Hoped you liked it! :-)

I AM FEAR Incarnate! *skull*

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Well, here's mine:

Sick and tired of skeleton invasions?

Then Why not hire the mafia? :-D

The mafia catch a skeleton and tie cement blocks to his feet, ready to throw him off the bridge...

"Tell Uncle Paulie.. dat dat skeleton.. will be sleepin' widda fishes tonight..."

Under the river lies the other victims of the mob..

Overlap, you say? You didn't see nutin' okay? Nutin'! >:-(

On the other hand, you could just tell the skellie that you don't like it and you'd like him to stop it.. :-$

:-D :-D :-D

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Here is my version of a skellie grinding-killing facility...courtesy of Jocko Industries. Hinckley had NOTHING to do with this...I didn't even let him look while I toiled away in his warehouse of LEGO. This is my first competitive vig! Hope you all like it. And don't worry, this won't happen again soon, so if I win, I will stop competing until the next time Hinckley has a birthday.


Note how difficult it is to get out once Jocko pushes you in!


Slip sliding away...


No bones about it, he's about to get ground up! Or down...


Oops. He's gone to pieces.


Let's just say we'll be patenting this skellie killing's that good!


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OK ladies, here is my first attempt on a vignette! It's a little bit bigger than I wanted it to be, but I had the idea of an assembly line, so... *skull*

Reaper Industries Inc.


Anyone could shred a skellie - even your grandma - but no one could turn it into such a highly profitable business as "The Boss" does.

Smaller: (for first pic)


Founder and chairman of Reaper Industries Inc.; Inventor, manufacturer and distributor for the new mage staffs called "Blasters". Reaper: "This is going to be a topseller! It enables everyone to use some magic... this will surely please our shareholders... harharhar!"


This assembly line is easy to operate. One of your minions just has to dump a skellie into the shredder and the production process will start automatically! Use protective wear: sawdust and shrapnels could hurt you or your eyes!


The white skellie material is beeing painted black during the process, other colors might be available at a later date. CEO Reaper: "People can have our advanced zap-conjurer's wand in any colour - so long as it's black."


Money makes the world go round - and The Boss still scares some of his employees as they keep on hunting down those poor skellies (or let's now speak of them as basic material).


The Boss, his staff and three of the basic materials. Some members of the staff look like they're having fun - others however seem to be a bit scared (sooner or later they'll all end up here!).

Hope you like it (and sorry for the bad photos, I had some lighting issues here).

Edited by zz-80

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Well I redid my entry,Here it is the revamped version!!


"Ok Target has been identified by my probe proceed with killing...I Mean rekilling of the skellie"


Target has been hit


Overall view

Deleted Scenes :-P


Getting whacked by a wampa!!!

Till Next Time


Edited by Piranha

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Ok Guys here we go !

How to kill a skellie? - Texas Chainsaw massacer :-D

Its called ,, The biggest little guy in the World" - short - *yoda* X-D

Hope you enjoy !

And i put *yoda* in it cause of the Title and because i don't have a sigfig :-( , but im looking for one :-)







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Some people might say that in order to kill a skellie, you need the latest new-fangled [good word, fangled] technology like a SKELE-GO, or a Skaezer. Others might say you need to push them into a pit full of gears, or set them on fire. You mught need to pull them apart, or sic a two-headed dog on them. But I disagree. I harken for a simpler time- when all you needed to kill a skeleton was to part it up and put it in boxes. Kind of like what some people do when they buy multiple LEGO sets. It's called SkeleSorting.


See? Not that hard.


Look- barrels upon chests upon barrels upon chests of heads upon bins. And a box for weapons. We confiscate them and just leave them there.killingthedead_004.jpg

Meet the people who make SkeleSorting possible. Stacy the Happy Temp, and Demented Bob. Demented Bob says the skeletons are making threats to him and freaking him out. We digress. The skeleton's disembodied heads [thanks to SkeleSort] are making threats to him and freaking him out. We had to fire him anyway, he had no friends.

And that's how we deal with Skellies. Safe, efficient, and easy. We don't know what will happen when we need to get more barrels.

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Ever get trapped by a group of skelies with your friends, ZCerberus and Mr. Phes?

And traditional weapons just ain't cutting it?!?


Well have no fear!

Just call in a UNSC Pelican Dropship to drop off the M12 Warthog LRV.


You'll prefer this weapon over anything you've ever used before.

Comes fully loaded with a M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun and a M19 SSM Rocket Launcher.


Also, if you don't want to shoot the skelies, the Warthogs rugged frames allows you to ram skelies right into boulders with very little harm to the Warthog itself.


Not only will skelies no longer be a problem.

You may even go searching for them for fun.

Just don't forget to bring your friends in on the fun. ;-)


Now we have room for one more picture.

Lets get a view of the evil skelies and the now much happier Mr. Phes, ZCerberus, and me. X-D


Just so ppl know, i did copy portions of another Warthog that i like A LOT from brickshelf. 8-|

The person's username is mikepsiaki and here's a link to their BS folder.

I changed mine a lot due to brick limitations and construction preferences.

Hopefully it's ok. :-$

Edited by phred

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Here's my entry, delayed because of camera problems (my batteries ran out 5 times when taking photos! :'-( )

I took "How do you kill a skellie?" literally. How do you kill something that's alive? You make it dead. How do you kill something that's dead? You make it alive.

Deep underground in a caring but mad king's torture chambers, new sounds ring out.


The sounds of a few very generous peasants willingly donating various body parts to a good cause.


All sorts of ointments are used to preserve the stripped flesh and, of course, replacement limbs are given.


The flesh, organs and fluids are passed on to another minion, who carefully attaches them to a captured, once rampant, skeleton.


Great dollops of flesh; spleens hanging from the rafters; cauldrons of blood - it's tough work.


Eventually you end up with a new human, ready to be put to labour in a deep pit to amend for its skeleton's wicked deeds. Also you get a lot of mutilated peasants and phsycologically insane soldiers. :-X



Edited by Cap'n SlyOwl

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Do you have a skellie problem?

The Dwarfs-Skellie-Killing Company can help you!

(Click on the images to enlarge)

"Thanks for killing the skellies"

P.S. That

Edited by MasterKenobi

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So, here's my entry for this very funny contest :-D

Skellies are not welcome in Bikini Bottom either, so our favourite sponge has to save the day X-D







Poor burned skellie.... well, not really. :-D

Edited by Lego-Freak

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Ok so just before the deadline i give you my vig:

So how do you get rid of a skelie? Well to me it's simple skelies belong in the ground, so here we have DR F. and his monster returning...err volunteer test subjects back to the earth.


The monster does the digging and the lifting.....


Whilst the good DR makes sure no life is left in the skelies.....


With all those skelies the DR has been very busy........


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How do you kill a skellie?

Sword? Nah, too old fashioned.

Blaster? Nah, too high-tech.

But, how do you kill something as evil as an undead skeleton?

Simple. Show it the only thing more evil than itself- a lego ice cube tray. :-D




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