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Character Development Skill Trees / Achievement System

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[This system is part of a near expansion to BoBS, and is out of play for the first month]

Character Development Skill Trees / Achievement System

This system serves two roles: It is an achievement system for all players, even those who do not play in the Economic Game System (EGS). These are building challenges where you earn ranks in different fields. It will probably take most builders over a year to conquer every field. Part of the BoBS project is to help hone and improve builder’s talents, and this system is designed to do that. The lower levels of each tier are more thematic, while the higher levels require more advanced building techniques.

Giving credit where credit is due, many of the building technique ideas have been borrowed from the Guilds of Historica University of Petraea Program.

Each MOC for each part of each tree requires a certain amount of approvals. Approvals may come from any member of the BoBS community. A member gives approval through posting to the MOCs thread a “I approve” or a thumbs up to the MOC. Remember, if you are going to give an approval, make sure the MOC meets the requirements of the task the builder is completing.

Each MOC that is built for a task in the Achievement System can also be used for free build points.

The thread should clearly state what task you are attempting to fulfill, the requirements, and then the pictures and story behind the MOC. You should also put somewhere in the beginning of your text that you are seeking approval votes from the community so that people reading your post will know what is required of them.

Once enough tasks are completed to earn a rank, you can start calling yourself by that rank! Please record your progress in the Achievement Recording thread. Also, Please only use one post in that thread, just edit it with your new achievements. If you are playing in the EGS, remember some of these achievements carry bonuses, such as the ability to build more revenue generating property per month, better combat skills, or more luck!

Note: Unless your sig fig is Leonardo DiVinci and a renaissance man, most likely your sig fig is not the one working through every one of these achievement trees. It is ok to have “side characters” that work through the trees for story purposes. You still get any benefits from completing these achievements, even if you are using multiple characters to tell your story.

Here is an index of the possible achievement trees. Some are not completed yet, and more may be added later.

The Trees:















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