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Hi again!

Finally, the Base is finished. Yes, completely finished. Not a WIP anymore!

These pictures are from ALEBRICK2015, a Lego fan event that took place in May 2015 in Madrid, Spain.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Feel free to ask anything you want. More pics will be published later!

These are the general pictures. The base is 1.6 x 1.6 meters, 16 baseplates (yes, very big, I had to visit the physiotherapist after this event, my back suffered much of loading and carrying heavy boxes)

The Base has a 180-strong staff: 109 snowtroopers, 24 shadowtroopers 12 SpecOps stormtroopers, 12 AT-ST pilots, 5 officers, 15 administrative-service staff, 1 mechanic, 1 cook, 1 medic.





The buildings in the Base are the following:

MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING: DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, PANTRIES, ARMORY, GYM, LAUNDRY, BAR-CINEMA (hey, a bar is something essential if you are from Spain)

This post will only show the multipurpose building.


This is the dining room. More than 50 seats for the staff.


A very greedy snowtrooper has an extra-stuffed pizza. Fat!


This one...better not to say anything. Should anybody inspect the kitchen to prevent this?



These ones want to have a kiwi. Too much food for too few!


Training with simulated weapons is a good idea.



Lobster day!!!



The Imperial Navy takes care of its troops. a Gym with a sauna, jacuzzi and cold water pool is necessary to keep high the morale of our troops.

State-of-the-art running machines and boxing bags


Cold water pool


Sauna (better without armour)


Sometimes the Imperial Navy´s cheerleader team leader comes by!


More fun!



Keep your uniform clean or the Commander will have you clean the reactor with your tongue!



The armory has two levels, and this is what you will find:

This is the upper level. You can see extra missiles and grenade launchers. There are boxes with explosives and 6 sniper rifles.


Lower level, general view.

The kitchen can be seen, too.


The weapons specialist having a piece of brownie! Is that serious?


That container has some of the mines and detectors for the UAV.


Extra blasters, heavy cannons, and land mines.


Close up on the mines and detectors for the UAV


The elevator to the upper level.


The "doomsday weapon". Have you watched the film Beneath the Planet of the Apes?



This is the kitchen. The Chef prepares ultra frosted pizzas. Are they healthy? :)

The kitchen has two ultra-fast ovens and a tray cleaner. Two sinks and a small BBQ complete the equipment.


This is the dry food storage. Bananas, olive oil, water, trays and more trays.


Cold storage and freezer. Pizza bases, bananas, Spanish omelettes, carrot cakes and other foodstuffs. The small cupboards keep more brownies.


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It's been years since mocpages stopped being reliable for storing images :/ It seems their image server is down this time - the page itself works. Anyway, looking forward to see this imaged back :D I'm very teased!

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Honestly, the main aspect for me to admire is the size. And if it was just some generic military base, I'd call it pretty cool. Yet since you call it Imperial base and bind it with SW theme, I have to say that it doesn't really look like something from Star Wars universe. The only things that point out that it is SW are the figures, vehicles and those death star like turrets. Everything else - fence, buildings, hangars, interiors, weapons, missiles(!!), fighters - look like classic military.

Don't take me wrong, it's great moc and it must have required a lot of effort to put this together - I have never built anything close to it's size. It's just not designed in SW style at all.

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I like all the detail in this MOC, especially inside the building. All the things to keep the troops busy when they're not out hunting rebels are also very well done. Lobster Day made me laugh!

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Man, that is just awesome work. Very detailed and well done. The scenes are great, I laughed at a few of them.

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Hi again!

Thanks for your comments. Keep in mind that this is only the first building. The remaining will have more things to admire (I expect so).

Maybe the Base is like a classical military one. There are few images of a "real" SW base in Episode VI and in books that I don´t have. So I decided to "adapt" a real-time design to a Star Wars building. The reactor building is inspired on Lego set 8038; the missiles don´t appear in the movies as "real" missiles, but if you go to some videogames (Tie Fighter) you can carry missiles, heavy rockets...that look like real missiles. I must accept that the missile launchers are too from the 70s and 80s (check an ASROC 8-cell launcher and you will see...).

Other facilities...there is no book or movie portraying the mess hall, the kitchen or the barracks of the Rebels or the Empire (or the toilets). But I think they should look like something in our world.

Wait for the remaining buildings, they will look more SW realistic.

Anyway, thanks for the comments, and another post will come soon!


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I think you did a great job, with your MOC. It's quite creative, and even if all the details aren't in the books or movies, the base is fun to look at.

When it comes to be an Imperial base, you may want to consider adding details that all SW fans are familiar with. Like the vertical light panels on the walls, or the greebling seen in the hangars and command rooms. This would give a lot more depth to an already detailed MOC.

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Hi again!

I love that room! A museum in my house...that´s something very SW-like for home...

Well, returning to our world, let me show you more pics. This is the time for the sleeping quarters.

You can see the 4-pad landing platform and the roof shared with the MULTIPURPOSE BUILDING. As you see, there are 4 tractor beams to make landings easier, an 8-cell SSM launcher, another 8-cell SAM launcher, a small water deposit, a tatami, 4 small targets and a training obstacle. Ah! Don´t forget a small solar energy panel. The Empire is much concerned about the global warming, even in frozen planets. The green party opposition in the Parliament in Coruscant should not complain anymore!!!



40 beds, 8 showers and 8 WCs. Better than a 5-star resort! There is a small locker for everybody in the Base. You can also see that there is a hook for the personal weapon. Ah! High tech cleaning equipment: a broomstick and a small automatic vacuum cleaner.

The landing platform is the old model, with 5 landing pads.






You can see the lower floor with the landing platform on it (2 pictures), and the complete lower floor. The bathroom is similar, with 8 showers and 8 WCs. 108 beds for the Snowtrooper Company, with lockers and weapons. There is a small cleaning room under the stair.



The shame of the Navy!!! A drunk soldier while his mates are training!!! To the salt mines of Kessel!

Soon I will post the next batch of pictures. Enjoy!

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Hi again.

Today I will post pics of the hospital of the Imperial Base. Like other big military bases, a place to take care of the wounded is necessary. And instead of having a good team of surgeons, we only have a doctor and a droid which can make anybody think twice before trying to say "I am sick" without being really sick. You will see...

The hospital is between the sleeping quarters and the command building, in the opposite side of the main (and only) gate. It has a small landing platform for the MEDEVAC dropship.


You can see some tanks for medical gas and the array of lights to make landings easier. There is also a tractor beam. This picture is BEFORE the exhibition, and the tractor beam was changed.

This is the current tractor beam as exposed months ago.


Doctor´s deskroom, with a small table, a bed, a blaster (doctors must defend themselves too) and lockers. What is he visiting on the IMPERIALNET?


This is the operating room / surgery. Does the doctor want the droid to fix his armpits? There is also a bacta tank and some lockers with blood, in case a transfusion is needed.


Hospital rest area, with a toilet and a big water tank, so people can drink.


And how does the hospital work? Simple...

A ground team picks up the wounded on a comfortable stretcher.



The wounded is taken to the platform while his mate rushes to give his severed leg to the doctor and prepare the operation


The operation finishes...


Hope you like it!!!

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Another batch of pictures!

Here we have the command building. As you can see in this pictures, it is beside the Hospital (forget my feet, please).


This is another view for you to see the antenna and other devices.


However, it is better to see it with the rest of the buildings.


As you see, there are fences to prevent snowies from falling from the roof. There are also two backup solar panels. Remember the CO2 path…


This is the ground floor.


There is a large desk room for the Base staff (3 NCOs –Sergeants-). Each of them has a laptop (not very Star Wars? I don´t care). There are two meeting rooms (the large one has the holographic projector on the floor, I should send somebody to the Rancor´s pit). Both rooms have a laptop and wall screens; state-of-the-art technology to prepare operations to smash the rebel scum! There is a small toilet and a back-up generator. And, of course, safety at work. There are warning lights in all the rooms (I don´t remember if there is any in the toilet, forgive me) and the evacuation route is clearly marked.

Working in this base is a reward for every member in the Navy. Look at the Sergeants. They are happy!!!


The small meeting room. For easy operations, such as hunting a Taun Taun, for example


Large meeting room. For operations that are more important (for example, the visit of the Imperial Navy´s cheerleader team leader).


Detail of the evacuation route. Safety, safety, safety!!!


Back-up generator. Looks like an old V8-cylinder engine??? There is a classic fire extinguisher and an automatic halon one.


Ok, let´s go now to the upper floor. This is the main control room. Where the whereabouts of the Imperial Base are directed. There are always three members of the staff and two security droids. Wall mounted monitors, computer displays, control systems…with the exception of the pizza ovens and the treadmills, everything is controlled from this room.


Another view. Don´t forget the protocol droid. Extremely useful to avoid a war by using diplomacy, but useless when the blasters start spitting….


Commander´s bedroom and desk room. With the exception of the doctor, the only one with a single bedroom.


Aisle to the officer´s rooms and bathroom.2 officers per room.



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Hi again.

Now it´s time for the prison and the physical education lessons.

Snowtroopers must be fit. If not...they are not able to fight the Rebel scum across the Universe. How do they train?


AS you see, there is a tatami and some mobile targets to practice. The gym is the main building and you can see the treadmills and the boxing bags.

For the exhibition at Madbrick 2015, I added the pull-ups bar and a climbing obstacle.


There is a instructor with the morning star in case one of them is unable to give one more...

More hard training, this time over the prison.


And now, the prison.

There are 6 cells with 2 beds each, so 12 prisoners at the same time.


Details on the furniture. There´s even a tap to drink!!!


Cells are good to keep snowies that suffered a transformation after eating a bad meal.


That´s all. More soon and enjoy!

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I admire the scale of this thing. Looks like it was fun to put together, though a little greebling can do a lot to break up the monotony of an ostensibly endless supply of 2x2 tiles and grey bricks. I think you should replace those fighter jets with some imperial craft. Nevertheless, some good humor is even better. Keep up the great work!

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Hi and thanks for the comments and positive feedback.

Of course it was fun (specially for the doctor who had to take care of my back after the Lego event) and has taken "only" 7 years from its inception. I agree that there is monotony on the floor, but, how to avoid it? I accept that the walls have the Large Grey Wall disease, and I don´t know if I will ever remodel them. My 36-old brain is drained so far...

The fighter jets...well, taking into consideration that the standard dropship (lego 7667) is clearly unsuitable for carrying troops (no protection against enemy fire or cold weather), I tried to design a kind of SW dropship. If you see the Lambda class shuttle or the ILC from set 7659, I think I did a good job (of course it can be improved, but building such a small starship able to carry 6+1 troops is not easy). Size, in this case, matters.

Best regards.

Edited by sigpro

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This topic has been very inactive so far, but last April a new Lego exhibition took place again in Madrid and I exhibited my Imperial Base again.

This pictures are in my flickr gallery, so here´s the link.

And this is the overall view of the exhibition in 2016.

26805749631_4be5654133_c.jpgIMG_20160424_143859 by green helmet spanish AFOL

This time the base was able to show just a bit of its inner content, such as the laundry, the gym, the barracks, the armory or the bar.


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