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"Be glad! The joy that we bring goes beyond mere sensory happiness. Yours is the privilege of assisting the Ssi-ruuk in liberating the other worlds of the galaxy."

―Standard greeting broadcast to planets prior to a Ssi-Ruuk invasion.


“Hello There..!”

Sh’tk’ith was an Elder Male Blue Ssi-Ruuk who held much Power in Ssi-Ruuk Society

Book: The Truce at Bakura

By: Kathy Tyers

For the sake of my fingers, I will refer to him as Bluescale

:laugh: Bluescale was a Ssi-Ruuk who along with Firwirrung (I didn’t build him, but I may in the future…) was responsible to study the captive human, Dev Sibwarra. Bluescale was a hypnotists, so he was able to keep Dev inline during his captivity. Bluescale, of course, has blue scales as part of one of the upper classes of the Ssi-Ruuk society. The nickname Bluescale came from Dev. Sibwarra killed Bluescale aboard the Shiwirr during the Bakuran Incident with a ‘paddle gun’.


Main Front




Without the ‘Paddle Gun’


Detail Picture 1

More pics in the spoiler!


Bluescale’s ‘paddle gun’. Not much to show here as I couldn’t really get the shape right…


Close-Up 2/NoGun


Back Detail2


Overview 2


Overview 3

Wookiepedia Link:

Here! (No, I totally didn’t copy some of the text in the first paragraph. :look: )

I really do hope someone else enters Category C…I mean other than that ship that’s in the wrong place of course… I think if no one enters category C, someone should move this out of the contest area or something, I just feel like an insta-win isn’t exactly fair but I'd gladly take a prize! I just contradicted myself, oops..., etc… Building Notes: The nose took ages, I went through about 10 different styles and ways of doing it till I settled on this one. I took various inspiration from various builders who build at this size for just a general idea of how to build at this scale. (And because I considered making a Dev too…) Also, I really wish those binocular parts came in blue, but they were the only way I could get 2 claws without making it super thick. The ‘Paddle’ Gun isn’t exactly the best, as I didn’t put too much thought into it, so please look past that fact.

:laugh: and I thought it’d work either way. Anyways, hope you liked this build! C and C welcome as always! Oh, wait, Bluescale wants to tell you something, I’ll let him say that at the end.



“Good Bye!”

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I've said it before, but the shaping of the Ssi Ruuk is perfect. Every little detail from the face to the curved tail looks great. I hope you DO win, whether by being the only contestant, or by being the best. (Sorry haven't, checked the sub-forum to see if anyone else entered. There is another entry but I think yours is better! )

Edited by Lord Tyrus

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