Greetings from Poland!

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Hi, guys.

My name is Wojtek (you spell it 'Voyteck'), I'm from Poland, born in the late '80s. Writer, game designer, text designer, enthusiast of various things like video games, speculative fiction, classic cars, bass guitars, music... I work at a game development company as that guy who creates various text related stuff ('Oh, you make games? So you must be a programmer!' 'No, ma'am, I write story and characters.' 'Oh, ok... Mighty fine weather, now isn't it?'), while at home I create a big S-F project containing novels, stories and a tabletop games.

I'm also an AFoL that was rescued from the Dark Age by his girlfriend who started to gift some nice sets to him. My love for Lego was reborn and never was stronger (man, I need to un-dig the old sets!). When it comes to Lego, I won't shy away from neither building nor brooming and swooshing. My thing are mostly Creator and Technic sets and I build mostly vehicles of different kinds. I also like LDD, but I use it mostly to generate building guides for my more successful MOCs and to visualize stuff from my private project since my 3D soft skills are absolute zero, while my Lego-building skills are at least decent (I hope).


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