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A project by Courleciel, Papacharly and Ssorg

We’d like to present you our new project based on the huge RMS Titanic built by Ssorg in 2012 (project has just reached the 10k supporters on Lego Ideas!).

Dock, tugs and iceberg have been built by me in LDD, then transfered in LDraw.

We optimized the model by adding all the portholes on the hull (not really an easy deal, but it was worthwhile!), the lights on the masts, the flag and the letterings (bow and stern).

All renders have been made by Papacharly.

Click here for high resolution images.

First post will be edited with a new render each day up to April 15th. So don’t forget to come back there to take a look on other amazing renders !

We hope you will enjoy our work.


Wednesday 10th April 1912 :

Early morning, Titanic was docked. Passengers had not embark yet.


Titanic_Southampton by papacharly24, on Flickr

Inspired by this painting


Titanic_Southampton_BW by papacharly24, on Flickr

Four hours after leaving Southampton the ship arrived at Cherbourg (France) to pick up new passengers.


Titanic_Bow by papacharly24, on Flickr

Thursday 11th April 1912 :

Titanic was going to reach Queenstown (now Cobh, South Ireland) and tenders brang some passengers aboard.

At early afternoon, Titanic departed on her westward journey across the Atlantic.


Titanic_Stern by papacharly24, on Flickr

Friday 12th April 1912 :

The ship steamed at full speed in the direction of New-York.


Titanic_Bow_Side by papacharly24, on Flickr

Saturday 13th April 1912 :

Titanic sailed through calm waters. The temperature was getting colder as the ship came more and more closer to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.


Titanic_Sunset by papacharly24, on Flickr

Sunday 14th April 1912 :

Weather is clear, calm and very cold by this evening. Despite a serie of messages from other ships (such as SS Californian) warning of drifting ice, the ship struck an iceberg on starboard and the impact produced a huge opening in the hull.


Titanic_Iceberg by papacharly24, on Flickr

Monday 15th April 1912 :

Water was pouring into the lowest levels of the ship. The first lifeboats were lowered into the freezing water. At 02 :20, Titanic disappeared from view.


Titanic_Sinking by papacharly24, on Flickr

Edited by Courleciel

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OMG......AWESOME digital artwork there 'Courleciel & Co.'......I look forward to the daily updates till......Brick On ! :grin:

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Awesome renders of the Titanic. I also like that the ship is very detailed with rescue boats (I guess there are some) and so on. :thumbup:

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The journey is over...

Thanks for all your compliments, we've highly appreciated them.

Courleciel, Papacharly & Ssorg

Edited by Courleciel

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Thanks for bringing us along (in a safe way). It's easy to see you put a lot of effort into these images, they're beautiful! Well done :)

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Hello Courleciel, Papacharly and Ssorg

I'm very interested in your Titanic and wonder how I can build the 4000 pieces? If you have already a list or something.

I will happy to contribute for your help :-)

So wonderful. I cannot send you a message for instance, because I was in other forum.

Thank you for your response.

Nino (French speaker if you want)

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Thanks a lot for your interest, Nino! Glad you like it. But I'm sorry:There are no instructions available so far.

kind regards


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