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Hello everyone and regards from Finland,

I am a new member on this forum and I thought I'd like to sharearrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png some of my recent

MOCs. I am Star Wars fan to the ultimatum and here you go,

as my first MOC here:

Lego MOC Probe Droid

Features two Lego-battlepack blasters, the other hidden into the core structure,

and the other lurking between the legs.

The head also rotates as in the movies.

This MOC will also make a small part of the Kessel diorama we are setting up for the ModelExpo 2015

in Helsinkiarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png (10.-12.4.) with Hereticae and a couple of other builders.


Those dark grey clips on the core that hold together those black control sticks

on a tube I will change to black ones when I happen find/buy more of them.


Those red 1 x 1 plates are the bolts of the blasters that are not very easily seen

from this angle.



Challenge: take Lego-pictures without cat megablocks in the picture. So far success rate 50 % for Legos.


Apparently the Imperial Viper Droid was no match against the mighty Krayt Dragon...



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Hi Samppu, and welcome to Eurobricks!

That's a very impressive model, and one of the best I've seen of that scale. To be honest, I didn't expect to see the cat but perhaps that's another secret Imperial weapon! :wink: I don't know if you're aware of the forum guidelines, but for future reference photos should be a maximum of 1024 x 768 (and ideally around 800 x 600). If you don't know how to re-size images there's a really useful tutorial here that uses MS Paint: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=20787

Cheers, Robin :classic:

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Welcome to Eurobricks. Nice job on the probe droid and cat photo bombs. :laugh:

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hi samppu =)

great to meet fellow star wars lego fans....and especially cool to met fellow probe droid fans!

great work at the scale you working with! =)


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