Modular Ghostbusters Headquarters

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This Modular Ghostbusters Headquarters has been sized to fit in with the LEGO Modular Series.

(Developed for LEGO Ideas by OGELSBOB (formerly known as "LEGODT")

1411944361m_DISPLAY.jpg Only 16-studs wide.

Thanks to Sergio512 for the wonderful design of the LEGO Ideas submission: Ghostbusters HQ. I copied some of the build techniques and design elements of the Sergio512 design to inspire the creation of this modular-sized Ghostbusters Headquarters.


The garage door facade is made of dark brown 1x4 tiles that cover 1x5x8.5 stockade doors. In order to fit the Ecto-1 Cadillac inside the building with inward swinging doors, I had to extend the depth of the standard 32 stud baseplate by 16 studs. This creation is 16 studs by 48 studs. You can see from the photos that this creation fits in nicely with modular-proportioned buildings.

The interior features a pod for Dr.Egon, Dr. Peter, Dr. Raymond & Winston Zeddemore to perform their duties and to relax with some snacks. Little do they know that above their secure pod, Slimer, a ghastly apparition, is about to invade their inner sanctum.


What does everyone think about the playability of this MOC?

Please support on LEGO Ideas:

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It looks good. I think it needs the sidewalk on the side though. That would help out a bit.

I do think it is a downfall to have it so long. It would be a big hit if it fit within the current Modular standard. It'd blend right in. I think by making it longer (which I understand the necessity) it limits it's use outside of that. As in, I wouldn't be able to attach it. My shelves only fit 32 inch baseplates basically.

The interior looks neat. I can't see the details too well because it goes to a smaller picture. Unless I'm doing something wrong. But it looks good.

Keep up the good work.

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Looks quite nice though I'm wondering if it's a good idea to copy that many elements from an already existing Cuusoo/Ideas project and upload it there, too. Even if they refuse Sergio512's HQ (which is in the review stage) I don't think there is any chance to be successful with a similar building. (Btw. your link to Sergio512's project doesn't seem to work:

Concerning the proportions I completely agree with what the LegoDr says, especially regarding the fact that the GBHQ is a corner building. On the other hand there are rather narrow firehouses in a row of buildings (I've seen something like that in Brooklyn, I guess). Your last pic shows that it works quite well. But then there shouldn't be a gap between buildings in my opinion, plus you could omit the windows.

Anyhow looking forward to the future development of your town which indeed looks very nice.

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Nice work...I agree it needs the sidewalk detail to tie it together but I love what you have done to condense it into a narrow 16 plate.

Inspiration to get off my lazy megablocks and actually do some building :blush:

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I'm quite agree with previous posts :)

Ghostbusters HQ is a building with a road on both front and one side as you can see for example here:


You can modifyour MOC in a simple way building a sidewalk on one side and the narrow street between the other building on the other side (where there's the gate in the photo).

You can put there emergency stairs and other typical elements. :) :)

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