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LDD MOD: Emerald Knight x5

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I have created five versions of the Emerald Night. There are other options, such as Blue and Sand Green, but I want someone else to come up with their own versions (and names!) using Superkalle's LDD manager to check if it's buildable. Link Here to the topic.

My pictures and engine backstory:


The engine names are, from left to right, Emerald Knight, Ebony Avenger, Crimson Crusader, Ivory Angel, & Great West. The engine on the right, Great West, is named after the train it pulls, so it's name does not follow the color coded pattern of all the others. Many more engines exist than these five, but they are all standard Black w/ red stripes, somewhat like the Ebony Avenger.


The tenders are all exactly the same, except for one: Emerald Knight was involved in a accident early in it's career. The tender was mangled, and so a replacement was made with several updates to it. (The lower tail-light is an example.) Unfortunatly, this tender design was never repeated, but the one example was preserved for unknown reasons.


Engine Type: Steam, Passenger

Configuration: 4-6-2

Engine Class: A7

Designer: Sir Nigel Gregory

Build Date: 1922 - 1935

Total produced: 52

Builder: Panther Locomotive Works

Current Owner: Brick Railway

Length: 50 studs (with tender)

Width: 8 studs

Height: 11 bricks

Top Speed: 98 MPH

Lego Digital Designer file is in this link.

Comments, Questions & Criticism is welcome!

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UPDATE: I have finished whast I started.

Here are the new pictures with Blue, Ligh Bluish Grey & Sand Green engines added.


Names for the engines are as follows from left to right: Emerald Knight, Ebony Avenger, Crimson Crusader, Ivory Angel, Blue Battalion, Grey Ghost, Sands of Time, & Great West. I couldn't think of a better names for the Sand Green engine, and besides, the color is SAND green!


I removed the trans-orange drills (the fire for the firebox) and a bunch of other non-avalible parts.


The LXF is in the Link.


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I love the different colors, although the names are a little...aggressive, I guess, for steam engines. Eh, to each their own. Overall, it's nice to see different colors. How many of them can (theoretically) be built in real life?

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I've created black and red. There are a couple sand green pieces that are missing but I think that would look great, even with some substitutions.

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Them names were selected because I liked Emerald Knight better than Emerald Night, so I needed simmilar sounding names, such as Crimson Crusader, Ebony Avenger, & Ivory Angel. Then, when I made the Blue, Sand Green, and Light Grey engines, I needed more names. So I came up with Blue Battalion along the same lines as before, but Sand Green and Lt. Grey were problems. I couldn't think of a term that sounded good enough for Sand Green, so I just did Sands of Time as a joke. Grey Ghost was this way as well, buyt it's just random, not a joke. If you want to suggest other names, please do so, as I don't like these ones very much. Suggestions are especially welcome with the Emerald Knight, as I would like something unique, not something everday and common.

...As to the parts list, here it is:

Missing, Mistaken & Not real parts

BL ItemID / BL Item NameBL / Color / Qty / Notes

3673 / Technic, Pin without Friction Ridges Lengthwise / Dark Bluish Gray / 42 (Should be Black, my mistake)

43093 / Technic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise / Light Bluish Gray / 2 (Should be Blue, my mistake)

60592 / Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front / Sand Green / 4 (Doen't exist... yet)

60592 / Window 1 x 2 x 2 Flat Front / Light Bluish Gray / 4 (Doen't exist... yet)

32073 / Technic, Axle 5 / Dark Bluish Gray / 6 (Should be this part., but it wasn't working in LDD)

Sorry for not posting this sooner, I've been working on my Dark Green Engine.

Oh, could a mod please change the title to Emerald Knight MOD x7 instead of x5 please?

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Well, I did this a while ago :)

While I don't know exactly how much your version differs from the original Emerald Night, a lime version should be possible.

Edited by L@go

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True, it is a little hard to think of names. Sorry if I was being hypercritical. I suppose names like this depend on location-based information. Where are they going, what nationality, what are they carrying, et cetera. After all, a British steamer pulling passengers won't have the same name as an American engine hauling lumber.

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