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  1. I got five set today. Target still have some Mixels but for $3.50 each so I got 41560 Jamzy, 41561 Tapsy & 41562 Trumpsy. Then at Walmart I got 75145 Eclipse Fighter for $20 and 70366 Battle Suit Lance for $8.
  2. I found 75145 Eclipse Fighter for $20 at a Walmart.
  3. Take this with a "grain of salt" but I found the Battle Suits at a Walmart on a roll back. They now have them for $8. (Plus, their is other stuff on roll back to boot. So it could be just clearing out stuff for new stuff. Or they are just getting rid of things.)
  4. Determin to take one of them Germ charges. Kappa Chi Monk A with Gaia Blade from the front Kappa Chi Monk A with Kobold Sharp Wings from the back
  5. How many kids does he have?
  6. If the "first party" change sides Germ drinks a Potion before following the others.
  7. This feeling again, no way I can keep going at this rate. I think I might have to get out of Heroica... From the back drinks a Grand Potion and then a Potion
  8. At this rate I am going to have stolen everyones stuff. First attack Kappa Chi Monk A from the back with Gaia Blade Second attack Master Giorgione from the back with Kobold Sharp Wings OoC:
  9. OoC: Throlar and Lippi noticing that one of the assassin is about to go down decided to gain up on him. Throlar at Kappa Shadow Assassin E (or D) from the back Lippi at Kappa Shadow Assassin E (or D) from the back
  10. I think they expect you to buy "Battle of Scariff". Since it has another orange container just laying around.
  11. Maybe we should do that again. First attack Kappa Chi Monk a with Gaia Blade from the back Second attack Kappa Claw Fighter with Kobold Sharp Wings from the back
  12. Apparently their is a Nexo Knights version of this set.
  13. If you think about it, it could be a couple of reasons. First one get the kids excited (you know since it is a toy). Second one the figure is not that bright (or colorful) let's just make it a mystery figure (or put him in the shadow). Third let's build some hype for the series.
  14. I got the AT-ST. (I did get it on little bit of a discount.) Plus the AT-ST is more of an iconic vehicle, so it could be put in more variety of places.
  15. I kinda in the same boat. I seen the movie last Monday at a second run theater.