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  1. Is that the one for kids? Because I don't think most of us are going to fit in the thing.
  2. A dark winged shadow is flying around the city above the rooftops. It's everyone's aaammm Demon Germ as he finally lands on a sturdy rooftop that can take his weight. Spotting "Heroica Hall" in the distance he starts to talk to himself. Making a moaning noise at first. Damage, my wings still hurt, maybe I should wait until I fly around like that again. And their is the "Hall" over there. I haven't been in their for a couple of weeks. I wonder if anyone is still their? I should throw a couple of Bombs in the chimney or this Human Repellent that would be funny. I can imagine it now, everyone running out scared and confused. At this point Germ sits down. But, maybe I should check out this "Eck-nock" temple and see if the rumors are true. It would help me out in the long run and I can finally get out of here. Or I can come back with and army and do some real damage...
  3. Since it has not been mentioned yet, I think the "printing" on Cole's shirt is spouse to be AC-DC.
  4. Batman movie series? I thought it was Ninjago. But I think the only ones I will get are the Garmadons & Lloyds.
  5. That is because you are supposed to put it on a picture hosting site (like brickshelf) and then deep link to here. As for the moving the thread to the appropriate section, I am sure a mod will get to it in a day or so.
  6. Well I ended up getting 75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack. A Walmart has it on clearance for $11.
  7. Probably not, but I was inspired by a Minecraft toy. The transforming pickaxe it would turn into a sword and back to a pickaxe. And their is the LEGO Minecraft sets with those two items, so I just put two and two together.
  8. Did you know there is a theory that camels developed in the Arctic region of North America. (I believe they found camel fossils on North America to support the theory.) So camels being in Australia is not the strangest thing. And I guess someone could of imported camels to Australia.
  9. Thinking about a little more I might have to change the wording on both of the items. I my head, I am imagining the items are going to get soldered on to the weapon / headwear at the Smith's shop. And they are going to charge you 50 Gold to do that, and if you want to take it off they charge you another 50 Gold, and so on and so on... Wouldn't a surprise encounter be a trap? For a bow their is a sighting system you can attach to a bow. Of course it looks more like colorful tip pegs. (I'm not sure exactly how to use it. And if you didn't know what it was you might be scratching your head.) I might as well ask this. Besides trap detection, what else does a "Magnifying Glass" get used for? (I had a little bit of trouble coming up with something for this one.) While I'm at it here is the other "tool upgrades" I came up with... Transforming Pickaxe (WP: 5; "tool" Allows the user to dig through a breakable wall or obstacle; Longsword / Axe) Transforming Shovel (WP: 5; "tool" Allows the user to dig the ground in search of a treasure; Spear / Halberd) Electrical Magic Compass (Accessory; user absorbs Lightning - Elemental; "tool" Allows the user to know the right direction to go.)
  10. How well would these items / upgrades work. (I am thinking I might have to edit the "magnifying glass" one a little bit.) Snipping Telescope (Can be attached to Bows, Crossbows, & hand-cannons like a Gem to make rolls of "four" become "three", user has to add *Snipping* to weapon description; "tool" Allows the user to see far.) Clip on Magnifying Glass ("tool" Allows the user to see trap triggers. Can be attached to headwear like a gem for automatic trap detection.)
  11. I think it is weird that Walmart already put this set on clearance. It just came out like a month or two ago. I figured it would be some older sets, that would be put on clearance.
  12. I wonder if I should ask this? But if you check out the "Archive" topic, you can see pictures of "retired heros". But when you try to fine them in the "stats topic" they are no where to be found. The only thing that I can think of is, that it's before the "stats topic" was created. And they disappeared before the topic was created, so they never made a post in the newer "stats topic".
  13. I found 75163 Kennic's Imperial Shuttle for $5 yesterday. (Along with a few other non Star Wars sets.)
  14. Spider-Man spoil-ish...
  15. My guess Toys'R'Us that is where I seen the Batman pod.