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  1. This was one of the first sets I bought after emerging from the Dark Ages. The Shelob set was the first LOTR, but it was not long before picking this one up. It was of course crucial for getting all of the Fellowship as Boromir and Pippin are still exclusive to this set. The build itself is OK. I was not as fond of the massive sticker sheet and the fact that the completed set was in several pieces, but the minifigs are great. It also recreates the scene in Balin's tomb very well.
  2. Nicely done, the various arch types work well in this building as do the colors used. Excellent minibuilds in the pharmacy and library. I also like how you did the curtains on the library level.
  3. Wow, that has a lot of detail and entertaining sections. Looks like Poison Ivy has some competition!
  4. Excellent work and a great way to fit it in with other modulars and the street scheme. I really like that fountain too.
  5. Very funny and creative scene. Not so funny for the musician though.
  6. I definitely think minifigs are a response to demand, especially in the licensed themes. In Star Wars, the minifigs are probably the biggest reason why many people purchase the set(s). For the most part, they sell the sets. The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and now the Ninjago Movie are very minifig centric, and each got their own collectible minifigure series. With Creator, Architecture, and other lines, there is plenty of opportunity to focus on the vehicle, building, etc. rather than minifigs. So, we can probably have the best of both worlds. Although making things out of bricks is my most favorite part of the Lego experience, I must confess that the minifigures are fun to have and they can enhance the builds.
  7. With all of the ice cream parts out there, it certainly could be possible. Then again, hot dogs seem to be the staple food in the world of Lego. Perhaps some type of hot dog establishment sharing space with the ice cream parlour could work.
  8. For someone who does not collect Ninjago, there are some surprisingly interesting minifigs here. I definitely have an interest in the Sushi Chef, perhaps the N-Pop girl, a couple of the Ninjas, and a few others. My boys are definitely interested in getting a bulk of the selection offered.
  9. Nice review! I was fortunate enough to get this on the May the Fourth as a discount and really appreciate both the ship design and the minifigure selection.
  10. Excellent display, and a real incentive to start looking for that "forever home" with enough space for a big layout like this.
  11. It would make sense since the last set was a train. Such a set will do well as long as the ability to buy the train remains. If it is a station, perhaps it is the North Pole Depot?
  12. I cannot remember if it is earlier in this thread, but there were several people, including myself, who had missing parts in the set when it was released. There does not seem to be a pattern regarding which parts are missing. Mine was a 1x4 brick, either bley or dark bley.
  13. Looks great! It is good you had the vertical space for it.
  14. Incredible! This is in a class by itself.