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  1. If the Lego S&H is an indication of things to come, it does not look good. How would a potential year 3 do well if the starter packs for PS4 and XBox are shown to be sold out on the website? Many of the level, team, and fun packs are also not available on line or in the Lego Stores either. We have had to rely on Toys R Us and sometimes the 99 Cent store to find stuff. Other than the new Batman Movie level pack, I have not seen Lego itself do anything to promote the game.
  2. Kind of surprised to see that James Bond would be considered as it has so much similarity with Mission Impossible. Not saying that it would not be great to have it, just seems like the abilities/missions might seem redundant between the two. With Bond action taking place worldwide, I wonder how the Adventure World would turn out. Perhaps like Doctor Who, where they have bits and pieces of different locations fused into one world?
  3. This is an amazing work! There is some very innovative detail going on, especially on the roofline. I really like the colors as well.
  4. It appears that a lot of the wave 1 sets were overproduced. Rumor has it that the stock for the 99 cent stores originated in other big box stores like Walmart, therefore it did not come directly from Lego. In three of the area stores, the common factor was an army of Krusty the clowns. Why so many of those were produced is beyond me. He is sort of an unessential character as the Bart or Homer packs can access the world. Krusty does not really have any unique abilities either. He does not make a particularly good parts pack with the unique character mold and the hodgepodge of colored parts, so even resellers are not gathering this one up. There were also a smaller number of Portal 2 packs in each store. We also saw Nya and I finally found Scooby. With the cost of production, labor, and packaging, I would have to think that $1 would be a loss for Lego to have to sell at that. It would appear that someone took a loss on these in order for them to end up at those stores. Oddly enough, there is no overlap with the Five Below store, who is trying to sell the three Chima packs as well as Gimli for $5. If Gimli were in the 99 Cent store, I strongly suspect he would sell quicker due to the army building potential.
  5. Both are nice, but I prefer the Parisian Restaurant. It looks great inside and out on all sides. PR happens to be the older one, so it could retire sooner than the bank.
  6. A very visually appealing structure. The blue and gold accents work very well on this. Excellent work!
  7. Well done! The outdoor extension blends in well with the structure. The expanded blue section with the barber shop is also nice.
  8. Fantastic design! The scale reminds me of the Star Wars Super Star Destroyer flanked by the other ships in the fleet.
  9. Also having two cats, I can tell you that one solution would be to have the collection in a room that is closed to the cats. Perhaps the bedroom should be closed to them? For the most part, my cats do not mess with Lego, however if they manage to knock a minifigure or small part off of something, they might take interest in it when it lands on the floor. I once had to reorder parts because the younger cat did exactly that and chewed on the separated part of the MOC. If the builds are fairly large and bulky, like a building MOC, they tend not to bother with it. With what you just described, the real fear should be the part about chewing on electrical cables. A long time ago, my friend nearly had their house burn down because a pet chewed on electrical stuff. I remember seeing the fireman coming out with the adult dog and four puppies, all of them dead.
  10. FYI for those trying to get some of the earlier packs---if you live near a 99 cent only store, it might be worth your time to check it out. They are selling some fun packs, team packs, and level packs for $1. I read about this on Brickset, so decided to drive a few miles to where one was located. Inside were a handful of Portal 2's, Nya's, and an army of Krusty packs. Was hoping to find Scooby Doo, but will hopefully be able to check another store this weekend. To those of you who live in California, be warned that someone has been apparently been hitting all of the stores in their area and buying literally everything on the shelf in the hundreds. Some stores now have a limit on how many packs you can buy, so be aware of all of this if it is a far drive for you.
  11. My son will be upset of Lego City does not happen. He was looking forward to that the most. I would be surprised to see something like Beetlejuice make it in at the expense of Lego City. Beetlejuice was a fun 80's movie, but other than AFOLs and some nostalgia fans, who would be interested? We know Lego City has a definite fanbase as it is an evergreen line. You never know which themes will come up or be cancelled, but you can always count on a bunch of fire and police sets every year. Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go should do well as they are on the cartoon channels on a daily basis.
  12. Amazing station! The curved roof really works well with it.
  13. Glad to see the Goonies pack will be coming soon. The pirate ship and bone organ builds like great! The choice of Sloth is also a sound one. I just hope we do not get the "Hey you guys!" line too often in game play. We do not often play Batman and Superman together anymore because of the coffee and tea remark about every two minutes With that said, if the Cyndi Lauper song is part of the adventure world soundtrack, I will give the pack an automatic five stars.
  14. There are several websites out there which categorize the characters and abilities. We bought the game in December, so like you, we feel like we are kind of late to the party. Our strategy has been to try and get the Year 1 stuff first. On the game, that is all of the stuff in the "Vortron" world. We have a couple of packs where the gateways are in the "Shard", but those are relatively newer. With that said, I would focus on getting the level packs you really want as well as to try and get a representative from each world other than the three default ones. Cragger works best for Chima since he is the only one who can tackle underwater Chi situations. If you are planning on being a completionist, then you will definitely need a character from each world and every ability. Hire a hero can help with some situations. If a Portal 2 device need is encountered, you have to have that level pack. I do not think every character is needed, but it looks like the majority are. Check the Five Below stores, big box stores like Walmart, and Toys R Us online. We have not had much luck with Lego S&H since they seem to be sold out of a significant number of sets, some of which are year 2.
  15. Very nice house! The perimeter fence works really well with it too.