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  1. I think you are on the right track about reintroducing it in a Creator series, however most people are going to find $300-$500 for a megaset to be prohibitively expensive. It would be nice to have some kind of parts pack where you have those blues, greys, some logo parts, transparent yellows, and a minifig or two. Then, you could either do a 3 in 1 build with instructions or simply create something on your own. I do believe there is a market there. Not every spaceship has to be Star Wars either. If I remember correctly, Benny's spaceship set from the Lego Movie sold really well.
  2. I agree that it will probably follow more of the basic design since there are 800 fewer parts in it than the deluxe version. If the rumored prices are even near accurate, then I doubt they included the fuel tanks. If they are trying to cut down on piece count, they could also eliminate or make the stand very basic. Instead of having the rocket placed on the stand as in the presentation, it could be something like a small plate with room for a couple of astronaut minifigs, the Lunar Lander, and maybe a flag.
  3. It does appear noticeably different from the original design so far in both the lunar lander and the top portion of the rocket, especially the command module. Whether or not the changes are a good or bad thing depends on the final design reveal. Why they did the partial reveals is kind of puzzling to me as I do not remember any other Ideas project getting this type of tease, especially as we get close to the supposed launch date (pun intended). It would seem like it will be between $100-$200.
  4. Highly visually appealing! The geometry works well with that clock. Lots of interest detail to go over--well done!
  5. Lego just uploaded a video about the modular series. It looks like a solid future for now. Also, there are some details about the evolution of modulars.
  6. Wow, you managed to nail this famous scene in Lego! Nice work!
  7. So they took out the Lego aspect of Unikitty? Yeah, I can see why Brickset is convinced that this is April Fools related. When people think your announcement is an April Fool's joke, and it is not, that does not bode well.
  8. Thanks for the links! That is truly a great technique for creating roller coaster track.
  9. This is very nice. I would love to see a closeup of how you did the tracks as we have entertained the idea of making a continuous loop, functioning roller coaster.
  10. Minifigs sure could come to life in the same sense as Woody and Buzz, with the added bonus that they could swap parts. I suppose the "hive mind" could work, although it is hard to imagine a single brick being able to spontaneously move without a little help.
  11. I use plastic bins that can be purchased in Walmart. Each set is bagged in normal plastic bags ranging from sandwich bags for the smaller ones up to ziploc freezer bags for the larger ones. If the instructions can fit inside the bags, they will be included.
  12. Excellent detail! The grey and tan go well on the cathedral.
  13. Looking forward to the Glittering Caves!
  14. That is a long time to wait for a reveal, and of course there would be a time gap between the reveal and the actual release of the set. The Apollo 11 command module had been on display in the Smithsonian in Washington for many years. Only its location is really changing, perhaps for the anniversary. My guess for the silence and possible delay would be that Lego knows it will be a big seller (no pun intended) and are busy on big production runs in order to avoid a repeat of the Mars Rover and any other set that lasted about as long as a snowball in Florida. The design on the rocket surely would be resolved by now, so hopefully they are getting ready to release it in late Spring or early Summer. Now if Lego did want to create some more press around the project, they could have a special release at Johnson Space Center on July 20 right in front of the real Saturn V. Just saying.......
  15. That is a lot of detail and good work in the cathedral. Nice techniques, especially with the rose window