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  1. Some people were able to order one from Walmart. As for Lego outlets, it appears that it will not be released in the US either at online S&H or at Lego Stores until June 1. So those of us who plan on spending/earning VIP points have to wait until then.
  2. Given how Vortech appears in the game, he appears to be a more complex than average minifigure. The semi-transparent aspect of him would be a challenge to produce, and he would require a mold for the mask. Since Dimensions is winding down, Lego has probably determined that it simply would not be worth the cost of production just to appease a relatively smaller group of fans like us who would like to see him.
  3. There have been some related threads regarding replacements and people being cut off for requesting too many. It would appear that Lego does somehow keep a record of how many times someone requests a replacement. It appears to be a certain number/pattern of parts requests that will get you flagged. Judging by those posts from Eurobricks and other sites, I am assuming Lego essentially looks at quantity rather than seeing it on a proportional basis to what you purchase. Consequently, that AFOL who buys hundreds of sets each year is more likely to encounter something than someone who just buys a few sets. As people collect, play, MOC, etc. and buy more sets, sooner or later a problem will be encountered. Sometimes it is a broken/defective part, and sometimes the part is simply missing. If the person who buys a ton of sets each year requests replacements for defects and missing parts, they will obviously hit that red flag number before the rest of us will and then they get the dreaded message from customer service that they have effectively been cut off. As a result, I have decided not to request replacements unless I there is no other choice. In January, a LBG 1x4 brick was missing from my Assembly Square. Thankfully, I had some and used one to fill it in. A parts request would better be used for a much rarer/unique part, which thankfully has not occurred in my set purchases. I guess you just have to pick your battles when it comes to this.
  4. Probably some police and fire sets.........
  5. No Vortech? What a shame, I probably would have bought one. With no advertising at the moment (at least not where I live), and the slowly shrinking shelf space the physical stores, I would say this is it. Might have to get Chase McCain for my kid.
  6. I am going to have to go with "Fun in the Courtroom" simply for the fact I have been slowly working on a courthouse MOC for a while now. A judge, bailiff, attorneys, press, angry jurists, plaintiff and defendant would all be appreciated.
  7. I was reading a thread on Brickset about some people hoping for an early VIP release. Apparently, someone was told by a Lego Store employee that they typically do one production run on Ideas sets, and consequently, a higher demand would only mean they sell out faster. Disclaimer: I am not saying that they will repeat this with Saturn V, but I really would not assume they will be restocked either if they go out of stock within minutes as we have seen with many sets in recent times. Although the set is above $100, that does not necessarily mean demand is going to be low. In fact, this is just the kind of set that will attract non-Lego fans as well due to the subject nature. Preliminary talk suggests that this is something a whole lot of people want. This is a case where I really, really wish Lego would consider allowing a pre-order option for its VIP members. It would allow peace of mind for those of us who know we want one, and it could also give Lego some important data on how strong demand is. I have a feeling that June 1 is going to be something of a mini-Black Friday both online and at the stores. There are other sets being released that day, which will compound the rush. I would bet that this is going to transition from "add to cart" to "backorders accepted" to "out of stock" in a very rapid sequence. The only unknown variable is: did they do one production run, or will they do another when they see the demand for this? Anyway, if you are like me, the only two options are: order when it hits midnight June 1 in your country of origin, or get to the Lego store about an hour before opening. There will be "x" number of sets available, and you surely do not want to be the (x+1)th or higher person. Welcome to the Hunger Games, Lego style
  8. Brilliant details! The modular aspect of it works well to make it the desired size.
  9. Ordered sets for the May the Fourth promotion around 6:30 central time this morning. Both Y Wing and Yoda starfighter already on backorder. That did not take long.
  10. One of the best Lego sets ever. This is the only one I have ever built just one time and have never taken apart.
  11. I have yet to find a set pattern. One order from Denmark made it to Texas in less than a week. I was truly stunned! One item was ordered from France back in 2014. It has yet to arrive. A Lithuanian order took a little over a month with the delay being attributed to US Customs. A few orders have been placed from Germany. The shortest shipping time was about 10 days. Currently, I am waiting on another order from Germany placed on April 14. If May 14 rolls around with no package, I will probably contact the seller for the tracking number to try and figure out what is going on with it.
  12. Yes, there are technically two command module representations. One of the photos has the rocket on its side with the stages. In the foreground, the Lunar lander and splashdown command module are visible. The one mounted on the rocket appears to be plain white with no printing while the splashdown one is grey with printing. It makes sense considering that reentry can be very hard on paint.
  13. It would not surprise me if they limited orders to one per customer/VIP number, at least at the beginning. When Assembly Square made its debut on January 1, there were lines at the Lego Store before it opened, and they did not even bother to put them on the shelves knowing they would sell out very quickly. They had them behind the counter and sold one to each customer in line until they ran out. Anyone who wants a Saturn V on Jun 1 should either place an online order as soon as it becomes available or plan on being in front of the Lego Store early before its opening. There is going to be a run on this thing, and we all know it. With that said, should someone be unable to purchase one before S&H goes to backorder or sold out and the Lego Store runs out, I have a feeling Lego is going to make more of these. I do not see a repeat of Research Institute or Mars Rover with this one. The outcry would be terrible indeed if they did only make one limited production run and this thing sold out before most people had a chance to eat breakfast. I suppose the Toys R Us inventory will last a little bit longer, because no doubt they will charge what we all thought this would cost
  14. I know in the US, tracking numbers are provided with most shipments. That can be very helpful in figuring out the location of your shipment. International shipments are much more tricky, at least for me. They range from getting here in 5 days from Denmark to never making it here at all. 2-3 weeks seems average, and some have been held up over a month thanks to US Customs. When ordering from overseas, I tend to make sure the shipments are insured as the chance of a package getting lost increases when more people have to be involved with it.
  15. June 1 happens to be my birthday-ha! I have a feeling S@H is going to crash at 11pm on the night of May 31--hopefully after I get my order in If that does not happen, then it is going to be a sick call to work the next morning to get to that Lego store when it opens up. I must have this. <<<-------Not something I say a whole lot Hard to tell whether or not these are printed parts or stickers, but it does appear they have avoided STAMPS either way. The presentation is excellent. You can display it in stages like they do at Johnson Space Center, or you can put the whole rocket together. Great also how they have two different capsules for display. The moon lander scene works well too. Not too crazy about not having full minifigs, but it is a minor thing. There is nothing I would change about that rocket. May is going to be a long month!