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  1. I like the fence design a lot. And the plowed dirt is a nice touch too. Steve
  2. I always enjoy the background scenery too. How many entries did you get this year? Steve
  3. I was so excited about the game part of it and checking out the entries, I had forgotten we didn't know what the prizes are yet. Steve
  4. Great use of color. I like how it all stands out so clearly but does not overwhelm the MOC. I'm definitely going to steal some of your building designs for some MOCs I've got planned. And the back is even better than the front. That boat looks like Sinner the Walrus should be captaining it. Steve
  5. I am not sure it is an ideal snow, but Batman seems to be enjoying it: Steve
  6. The tracks covered with white plates looks really good. The white teeth plates on the wall do as well. Steve
  7. Thanks for the tips. I have been (kind of) enjoying learning about the mechanics of this stuff. Steve
  8. Since everyone was so helpful with my last movement question, I have another. I am trying to work up another movement feature in a MOC, where it will have a werewolf on one side of a wall and a regular person on the other. What I'd like to do is have the figures turn around at an interval, so for one period there is the regular guy and then for the other the werewolf, so it looks like he has transformed. I have no idea how to make this work with just a regular motor though (maybe some kind of a timing chain?). If that is too confusing: basically, what I'd like to have is a gear make a 180 degree turn and then stop for a few minutes and then do it again. Steve
  9. Thanks. It does help. Steve
  10. Got any pictures? Steve
  11. Has anyone redone the Emerald Night in different colors? I'm trying to build one from spare parts and am thinking about swapping out the green for dark grey... Maybe call it the Stormy Night... Before I order all the brick I need, I was wondering if anyone else has done it and how it looks. Steve
  12. I really need to up my game to compete with your shots. Steve
  13. BricksCascade is in March in Portland, Oregon, USA. Any EB'rs going? Steve
  14. Missed it this year (and last). Did go in 2013 and 2014 though. Steve
  15. These mega-figures are starting to get popular. Someday when I get a lot of green I'm going to add him to my collection of them. Steve