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  1. I kind of thought it was referring to architecture sets. Big Ben is an interesting theory though. Steve
  2. What does imagine you can fly refer to? Steve
  3. I want to see it in real bricks. Steve
  4. I wonder if you could put a motor in it to make the ships spin? Steve
  5. I think Astrid did a good job on both. I don't like the limo, but the rest of the Cinema is very nice. My only complaint about the town hall is that it is a little too tall next to some of the other ones. I am not sure it is fair to blame her for the stickers... Steve
  6. So the horses buck? Steve
  7. Do you have any pictures of the mechanism you used to make the Knights move? Steve
  8. A couple of wedge plates might work for a flat or delta kite. Or maybe some of those triangle road signs clipped on the tubing? Steve
  9. Vikings are a great project. I can tell you what I did. Decide to write a [url=""]Johnny Thunder adventure involving a lost tribe of vikings[/url]. Start with a building or two. Fiddle with [url=""]expanding it[/url] to a large set. Decide your photography/photoshop skills aren't up to the task. Scrap the whole project. Dabble in other stuff for a couple of years. Decide to restart again with a large display piece. Build a bunch of buildings. Decide you don't have enough bricks to do what you have in mind and put all of the buildings aside for later. Get interested in [url=""]building Egypt[/url] and start playing with that. Then get really obsessed with Egypt and cannibalize all your viking buildings for tan to build Egypt, all while promising to get back to the original Viking story someday. Anyhow, I would advise that you just start building. Then supplement that with a [url=""]flickr search[/url] or a [url=""]brickshelf search[/url] for inspiration... I also would suggest to do a google image search of viking houses for more inspiration. Maybe netflix that history channel Vikings show to watch while you build? I am a shameless copier of other people's designs, though I do try to put my own spin on them. I am not sure what you mean by construction manual, but I don't think utilizing the resources available is a bad thing. I'd also gather a lot of brown, dark brown and tan. You're going to need a lot more than 100 to really get anything of size. I don't think you need to buy the sets, to be honest, apart from the figures (and the ship), there isn't much to them that would be useful for MOCing a village. I think t[url=""]his would be a good set[/url] to get brown at a reasonable price. I look forward to seeing what you come up with... Steve
  10. Here is a [url=""]box kite[/url] that I did and [url=""]another[/url] and [url=""]another[/url]. Steve
  11. Well that is one $#%& of an introduction. Love the serpent. Steve
  12. You are off to a solid start. I'd to add more detailing (or castle greebling, if you will). On the official models there is hardly any uninterrupted color bricks. The magic shop upper right, however, is pretty dull. Maybe a protruding window, would help? Similar problem on the other building too. Its a hard line to walk, too far on the one side you'll get a pretty flat wall, on the other you'll get a busy mess. Steve
  13. It looks like a red brick Isengard. Steve
  14. Those are all really good. I'm going to try to make some similar ones and use power functions to make the props spin. I was going to say that I really like the first one, but after looking again, I cannot decide which one is my favorite... Steve