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  1. Interesting I never thought about the hands being upside down in that position. I'll take it in consideration for Series G I think you meant Series G Danm you have a very good source
  2. Spider Suit Guy??? That's crazy
  3. I love the printed microfigures About the lack of minifigures, the CMF S15 Astronaut could be useful here
  4. Thank you. You always have kind words for my work And yeah, she is the Dark Ballerina
  5. I don't really get why Batman movie didn't get a D2C From all the 3 movies, I thought Batman was the most likely to get a D2C set
  6. This round is kind of weak but I'll go with the Cyborg
  7. A new unicorn crest would be amazing Also, I would like them to do a King Arthur theme, and each of the 12 knights could have a different animal crest, that way they would be collectible
  8. This one is amazing A piece of art I love the animals and the minifigures. A nice bunch of hairpieces and torsos. This will probably be the best 2017 set
  9. She needs a green short skirt, like the one Lisa Simpson had
  10. But remember what they did with CMF S14. It was a horror/monsters themed series, but there were minifigures for fans from other themes like the Gargoyle (Castle), Zombie Pirate (Pirates), Tiger Woman (Costumes), Zombie Businessman (City)..... So, I don't think all the costumes will be animals and food. I expect maybe something like....... an alien costume for Sci-Fi fans, sports team mascot, etc. So the series will appealing for everyone