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  1. Ohhh young Bruce Wayne wouldn't need new pieces That would be a cool SDCC exclusive
  2. 1. Assembly Square 2. Ninjago City 3. Carousel 4. The Scuttler
  3. Thanks for your interest I'm going to post Series H soon. I hope it won't disappoint
  4. Both bowls, the hood and all the weapons Even some of the hairpieces: Kai's hairpiece would be useful for someone hanging upside down. Maybe a prisioner being tortured in a dungeon or something
  5. Agree That's why I'm against the themed series, like Series 14. But I'm pretty sure they'll try to include something for everyone, even if they are all costumes Like an alien suit for the Sci-fi fans or maybe a dragon costume for castle fans They did it in S14. A Gargoyle is not a monster, but it was there to appeal Castle fans. They even made up some characters like the Zombie Pirate for the pirates fans
  6. That makes me think. Did they really need 20 minifigures on this series? Sadly, it seems now LEGO thinks an exclusive face print is worth a spot in the CMF line, like Sensei Wu and Ninja Lloyd I would have liked to see more unique minifigures in the series ....... Also, it seems the Hot Dog suit mold is returning once again in the Shark Mech set. Did the braces girl appear in the trailer? It's interesting to see they weren't given proper names like The LEGO Movie (like Cardio Carrie and such)
  7. Well.... this is not good. I think I'll get Sushi Chef and N Pop Girl. And that's it. For me, one of the worst CMFs series
  8. It is the same hairpiece, IMO That's just a recolor of the Zombie Businessman hairpiece
  9. I expect more normal CMFs sneaked into the series, like the Sushi Chef
  10. It would make sense if this is Harley Quinn's hair, because that hairpiece looks inspired in japasene/anime girls I never thought that hairpiece would be reused out of that theme
  11. Just bringing the pictures here: August/September
  12. There were 2 Barbara Gordons in the Batman Movie CMFs And a lot of Batmans
  13. I see they are doing the same they did with The LEGO Movie Series: They included characters from the show but they are also included "regular" CMFs, like the Sushi Chef From what I've seen I'll get the Sushi Chef and the Gong & Guitar Rocker
  14. We'll never know why they chose to make a second series. But there a still a lot villains left so I bet they wanted to include them all This whole Batman Movie began because they literally said that "everyone loves Batman" so I think they just went with that. That's why they are giving Batman Movie a second series of CMFs. Something that even LEGO Movie didn't have. About how Batman Series 1 is doing..... it's hard to tell. I think it's doing ok here where I live. Nothing out of normal.