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  1. This review might help you A lot of members have shared their opinion about the set there
  2. Thanks for the review The set itself is lackluster overall but useful for pieces, just like Mixels. Actually Clayface looks like a mixel on steroids. So, if I buy this, I don't think I'll ever build it. The mayor torso looks really simple for a licensed minifigure, especially compared to the Gordons. But I love the hairpiece. Hope we will get it in black Again, thanks for this insightful review. Good job
  3. Thanks for you comments guys :) It might actually happen, because there is one in the Alexandre Boudon designs The design is different but the idea behind it is the same: an undead knight.
  4. It was posted on their facebook page
  5. I scored a solid 0,5 I think that's my highest score so far Thanks for the game Itaria! Thanks
  6. Source: The Brick Show
  7. Hey, what's going on here with the Queen?
  8. There has to something we don't know about the surfers. Maybe people keep asking to LEGO for more. Because they are relasing one in CMF S17 and another one in the City line, which looks very similar
  9. Wow that Lloyd dragon will be an expensive set. All the mechs look very expensive actually. They are obviously going to downsize them but how much? Do you think they will be like the Ideas Exo-Suit?
  10. Then what did you hear? I mean, if you are allowed to share (and want to)
  11. Well.... here are my guesses 1. Evil Genie 2. Android Woman 3. Giraffe Suit Guy 4. Scarecrow Lady 5. Gondolier 6. Piper 7. Pixie 8. Grim Reaper 9. Teacher 10. Mime Girl 11. Ming Dynasty Warrior 12. Toddler 13. Sandboarder 14. Dragon Trainer 15. Sensei 16. Alien Leader
  12. According to what Itaria said in the Future Series Thread, Batman Movie 2 is more than likely to happen next January So, here are my guesses
  13. It's almost imposible to guess these because we don't know what characters/variations will appear in the movie
  14. So it seems the 2018 line up will be Jan - Batman Movie 2 May - S18 or Disney 2 Sep - S18 or Disney 2