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  1. I have a question Is this series going to be released on May or September? I hope it will be May, because a September release would mean a 16-month hiatus between Series 17 and Series 18
  2. Amazing Yooha! Mob Moss, Hunter God, Merman Soldier and Forest Fairy are my favs
  3. just2good is reporting about this now So.... You know what that means
  4. Hi I have a question. How can we edit our vote in a poll? After the update, it seems a vote can't be changed once it was cast Thanks for any help
  5. I know 2 things about this series 1. It won't be licensed 2. It will be themed Rumor has it this will be a "Costume Party" themed series That's what we know so far
  6. Island Warrior for sure!
  7. Is that a new sword mold?
  8. Thanks I hope they'll make something like that in the next Castle line. Something similar to skeleton faction in Fantasy Era but with undead knights from different factions: wolfpack, black falcons, lions from Castle 2013, dragon knights from Kingdoms, setc.... I hope you'll post your designs soon! I've been looking forward to see those since you first mentioned them
  9. I'm surprised that they didn't release Jockerville as a D2C. And yeah, there is already a wishlist thread, as VaderFan2187 pointed out
  10. It seems we are getting closer to the official confirmation I wonder if LEGO will try something like the Dimensions packs in the future, without the game of course. It's like a mixed licensed CMF series with more accessories