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  1. I was so surprised they had the sets and I stumbled upon them completely by accident. I fancied an Easter Egg, so searched for that. Couldn't find one I wanted, ideally like a Caramel one or a Galaxy one. So then I was like "I'll just grab a Salted Caramel Galaxy bar then", so I searched for Galaxy...saw them at the bottom of the page and was delighted!
  2. Yeah! I asked my wife to pick it up for me, thinking they wouldn't have it. She came home and pretended she forgot to go in....then handed me the bag! :D
  3. LOVE the accessory pack. Here is my review.
  4. Here's the others.
  5. I've just filmed a video comparing all of them, and it will be up shortly. In the meantime here is one of just Groots.
  6. I did a comparison video of the new and old Milanos...bottom line is...I love both. :) Available in the UK from Ocado. I actually got mine from Amazon but I can't even find it on there now.
  7. LegoShroom, LEGO upped their UK prices on January 1st because of the weak pound. We of course wouldn't have "noticed" it on new sets, but on the older ones.... Disney Castle went from £275 (I think it was that amount) to now £299.99, as an example.
  8. Totally agree with the above. In fact, I'm hoping there is another element borrowed from Power Rangers, in a combination of their vehicles. I touch upon it in this trailer analysis I made. Absolutely LOVE the vehicle designs. Zane's tank is incredible.
  9. Loved the movie! Here is my video review.
  10. Picked up the Tartan Batman book in WHSmith. They also had lots of boxes of the CMF.
  11. Love Riddlers car. Very nice build and superb minifigures. Desert lightning is okay. Great crisp fine detail printing on the Vermillions. Supes/Bizarro micro fighter is pretty boring. Iron Man/Thanos is the best micro fighter I've built. The gauntlet car is absolutely superb. Detroit Steel set is great. Love the minifigures, mech build is cool, Lola is great with an awesome printed LOLA number plate curved piece and the new handheld laser plasma thing piece is EXCELLENT, looks great on other figures too like custom Iceman. TLBM Minifigures series - LOVE them. They're all great. Best I've got is Harley.
  12. Should be mentioned that the rumoured price hike is confirmed now (wasn't aware of it before today myself), £2.99 for the minifigures now. 50% hike in three years right? I went to MK for opening, and it was similarly busy (maybe not "rammed") but certainly a free-for-all. People were being selfish at the minifigures section though. A gentleman in a mobility scooter blocked up half of the access, and a mother blocked the remaining room as her and her two children (along with the man) were all there feeling up. Myself and a dad were having trouble simply grabbing a handful of randoms. Picked up Arkham, Scuttler, Riddlers Chase and eleven packs. :D
  13. In the next issue of the magazine you get Jay with his dual-blue mask which is pretty good as only comes in larger sets?
  14. I'm afraid I don't have either of those. My thoughts on the Ruina's Lock & Roller set...
  15. I've now built Battle Suit Macy too - big fan of these.